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The Hana Hana no Mi (ハナハナの実 Flower-Flower Fruit) is a Paramecia type of Devil Fruit which allows its user to produce and replicate any of their body parts into any surface. The name reflects the fact that the user sprouts their body parts and also alluding to the fact that many flower petals form or swirl around whenever the fruit is used. The user is known as a Blooming Human (開花人間 Kaika Ningen), the fruit having been eaten by Draco D. Damon.







To name his techniques, Damon first uses an Spanish word for the number of limbs, followed by the word "Blume", which is German for "Flower".[1]


  • Seis Blumes (セイスブルメス Seisu Burumesu lit. Six Flowers):


  • Hana (花) means Flower or Bloom in japanese.


  • Ironically, Damon isn't fond of flowers' scent.
  • Hana can also refer to "Edgy" (端) or "Nasal Mucus" (洟), leading to many misconceptions about the fruit's power.


  1. Stronghold of Justice: For the first time in the battle against Mengis, Damon names his techniques.

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