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The Hana Hana no Mi (ハナハナの実 Flower-Flower Fruit) is a Paramecia type of Devil Fruit which allows its user to produce and replicate any of their body parts into any surface.[2] The name reflects the fact that the user sprouts their body parts and also alluding to the fact that many flower petals form or swirl around whenever the fruit is used. The user is known as a Blooming Human (開花人間 Kaika Ningen), the fruit having been eaten by Draco D. Damon.[1]


The Hana Hana no Mi takes the appearance of a purple cherry with the typical swirl patterns through it, similar to S'es, some being big and some small. Its stalk sprouts from the top and is green. It almost doesn't fit into a young Damon's hand, despite its cherry appearance.[3]



Unknowingly given to him by his childhood friend, Damon ate an entire bowl of fruits which contained the Hana Hana no Mi.[4]

Stronghold of JusticeEdit

As Damon and Apu fight off Carter Pine, the Fishman notices Damon's usage of powers and asks him about being a User. Damon confirms it and says that the fruit tasted like shit.[4]



The main strength of the fruit's powers is the ability to replicate about any body part of the user, doing so in any surface, aside from Seastone. Each of these arms act like their original versions, allowing for some great versatility with their usage.[5] As only the user knows where their limbs will sprout, this gives them another advantage over a non-cautious opponent, which is that of surprise.[6]

The limbs possess strength similar to their original counterparts, allowing for a dozen of them to subdue many enemies at once. Their sheer number also allows for defensive capabilities, as joining into structures allows them to be sturdier.[7] Parts generated on the user's very body are much closer, if not the same, to their actual strength.[8]


The user of the Hana Hana possesses several weaknesses, most of which are unique. As his limbs are extensions of his own body, Damon will get affected by whatever affects them, be it them getting wounded or suffering effects from another Devil Fruit.[5] Damon also needs some level of concentration to keep some limbs active, which is why he crosses his real arms to make it easier. When Veno abruptly assassinated Milton, Damon got taken by surprise and his limbs disappeared.[9]

Other than this, the user suffers the standard Devil Fruit weaknesses.



Damon's pose for concentration.

Damon uses his powers for a variety of things, specially to implement his combat prowess. He focuses on sprouting limbs at his very own body, making himself capable of executing crazy and varied techniques, and giving support to existing ones. Said limbs also work like supports.[5][7] By concentrating himself, Damon, at will, can sprout limbs anywhere he wishes. In order to further increase his focus, he can cross his forearms like an "X".[10]

Out of all limbs, Damon replicates his arms the most, his two main techniques revolving around the usage of his arms. Those are his trademark "Cuatro Blumes: Asura", assuming his signature form, and "Un Blume: Brahmastra".[11] This is quite effective, as limbs sprouted at the user's body or close to it, are naturally more resilient.[8] With his many additional hands, Damon can multi-task, and even, effectively, command an entire Marine ship. He can also use them to carry around many objects, sprouting several hands to pick the fruits in Milton's house and carry many objects in said ship.[12][10]

Being capable of replicating his other limbs, Damon can employ many tasks. He can eavesdrop the activity in a city by sprouting eyes and ears.[13]

To name his techniques, Damon first uses an Spanish word for the number of limbs, followed by the word "Blume", which is German for "Flower".[14] He uses this pattern even when sprouting limbs other than arms.


  • Un Blume (ウンブルメ Un Burume lit. One Flower): Damon sprouts one limb. It is first used in the fight with Mengis.[11]
    • Brahmastra (ブラムアストラ Buramuasutora): One of Damon's signature techniques. This is first used against a recovered Mengis. By combining the sprouting powers of the Hana Hana and the energy aura of Haki, Damon can fire a pink blast in the form of a punch, fast enough to fly large distances in seconds and strong enough to pierce through stone easily. By punching rapidly, Damon can fire several of these.[11]
  • Cuatro Blumes (クワトロブルメス Kuwatoro Burumesu lit. Four Flowers): Damon produces four limbs. He first uses this in his fight with Mengis, as the latter buffs himself up.[11]
    • Asura (阿修羅 Ashura): Another of Damon's signature techniques and his main one. He reveals this technique when fighting against Mengis. By sprouting four additional arms above his normal ones, while surrounded by his aura, Damon enters his signature appearance of "Asura", which greatly enhances his fighting prowess. A pink Halo generally appears behind him as he first uses it in a fight.[11]
  • Seis Blumes (セイスブルメス Seisu Burumesu lit. Six Flowers): Damon sprouts six limbs. This was first used when Damon prepared to use Veal Roulade against Mengis, producing one arm over the other, like a whip, from his ribs.[15]
    • Veal Roulade (調理螺旋 (ヴェールルーラーデ) Buēru Rūrāde (Chōrirasen) lit. Cooked Spiral): With his six arms, each on top of another, sprouting his rib cage and enveloping along his torso, while covered in armament haki. Damon rubs his palms over his numerous limbs and produces friction from it, also using different applications of the Rokushiki to further boost it. Afterwards, Damon rotates downwards, similar to a wheel while encased on fire, ready to hit his enemy with a devastating blow.[15] It has enough strength to break through Mengis' Tekkai and send him flying quite some distance through a building.
  • Diez Blumes (ディエズブルメス Diezu Burumesu lit. Ten Flowers): Damon produces ten limbs. This was first used when Damon tried to escape from Carter Pine's assault.[6]
    • Cage (ケージ Kēji): A technique which uses ten arms sprouted. By surrounding his opponent with these, Damon can trap and hold them in place. This was first used in his fight with Pine.[6]
  • Veinte Blumes (ベインテブルメス Beinte Burumesu lit. Twenty Flowers): Damon sprouts twenty limbs. This was first used to take Mengis away from Damon and Apu's fight with Pine.[16]
    • Snatch (スナッチ Sunatchi): Using the twenty arms he sprouted, Damon shapes them into a whip. This whip can do many things, such as picking someone up and transporting them a large distance in an instant. This was first used to help Mengis.[16]
    • Circle (サークル Sākuru): .[17] It was first used in Damon and Tabart's fight with Najeem.
    • Chains (チェーン Chēn): .[18] It was first shown to support Tabart and Foxpack in the fight against Reach.
  • Armado Blume (アルマドブルメ Arumado Burume lit. Strengthened Flower): .[19]


  • Hana (花) means Flower or Bloom in japanese.


  • Ironically, Damon isn't fond of flowers' scent.
  • Hana can also refer to "Edgy" (端) or "Nasal Mucus" (洟), leading to many misconceptions about the fruit's power.
  • The fruit's appearance of a cherry is a reference to how some real-life cherries bloom from flowers themselves.
  • Damon's particular usage of this fruit sometimes makes it get mistaken for a Human Zoan.


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