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"A fearsome girl, she is, our captain. She once took out a group of pirates on her own, without so much as taking her hands out of her pockets. She demolished them! Took them down like they were toys for her to play with and then, get this, she laughed when she was done. Like it was a game. She is truly terrifying, and she is the youngest member of our crew. Monsters are being born younger and younger every day..."
—A marine about Heili

Harlequin W. Heili is a young Marine Officer, taking up the position of Captain, Tailor and Rigger upon her assigned ship, The Shooting Star. Thanks to her leadership skills and capabilities and combat Heili rose to the rank of Captain of the Shooting Star within the span of a short year. A master of several physical combat styles, Heili's combination of martial arts, Haki and her Devil Fruit's abilities have earned her the Moniker of The Widowmaker. While her current standing is strong and centered in the Marines, Heili's history is one shrouded with mystery and only truly known by a select few people.

Born Fukuoka W. Hailey to a rather infamous Yonko, one of four powerful pirates who rule over the second half of the Grand Line, the New World, known as the Black Widow Daddy L. Legs. Raised by the Pirate Empress on the seas, a young Hailey quickly figured how to fend for herself by delving into the expansive world of martial arts. Surrounded by notorious pirates and powerful Devil Fruit users without such abilities her own, she had little choice but to be the best at what she could do in order to be considered one of the "big boys". This had built a minor resentment within her for anyone lucky enough to have discovered one of those precious Fruits early on in life, which blossomed into a full on rebellion against the most influential person in her life that just so happened to possess such a power: her mother. They fought and bickered like no one could believe, but Hailey would still do anything to please her mother, as she was the only parent she had in her life. As such, when she was asked by Legs to become an informant from within the Marines due to not possessing a Bounty, Hailey accepted.

Taking a new name, Heili applied and was soon accepted into the Marines, being placed upon the ship that she would one day run. Starting as a lowly Rigger and at times filling in for the Tailor when they were sick, Heili trained in order to hone her body and her mind more than ever, due to her lack of many powers. During this training, she managed to unlock her Busoshoku Haki, boosting the power of her attacks several levels and making her an even more dangerous combatant. Using her skills and working diligently, Heili rose to the rank of Lieutenant in record time, making her the second-in-command to the former Captain, a woman known simply as Argent, of her ship. Argent saw Heili as her partner and a person she could depend on, and therefore took the young girl with her more than any other of her crew. However Argent was simply the means to an end to Heili. Upon a mission to retrieve a Pirate group hiding out in a jungle island, Heili made her move and killed Argent with deadly efficiency. She did the same to the Pirates, while purposely sustaining injuries in order to make it appear as though the Pirates they had been hunting were responsible for the death of the captain. Within the base of the group, Heili found an uneaten Devil Fruit and resolved to take it for herself, consuming it at some point later and becoming the user of the powerful Himo Himo no Mi, a fruit that allows the user to manipulate "threads", both physical threads used for making clothing and fabrics and metaphysical threads. After returning to her ship, and the crew discussing the matter with Headquarters, Heili was named the new Captain of the Shooting Star, and granted a higher level of influence and power that would enable her to fulfill her true purpose in the organization all the better.


Heili Full

Heili's usual attire.

The Widowmaker Heili Harlequin is a petite woman in her mid twenties with an athletic build and a rather appealing body, one that has been honed by years of training in the martial arts. She is short for someone her age, with many people several years her junior towering over her small frame. Her beauty is something that is mystifying and terrifying at the same time, much akin to something that is both enchanting and horrific at the same time. She has a slim build, and while this can usually be attributed to someone being less physically imposing, especially with Heili's height, however the definition of her muscles proves that is not the case. Heili's skin tone is pale, much like porcelain, with several small blemishes and imperfection, mostly cuts from mistakes and mishaps whilst training, and light callouses on her hands and feet due to her martial training. Depite her small stature, she possesses a rather appealing form. She possesses a smaller bust, a shapely body, elegantly mischievous features. Her eyes are a rather shocking shade of violet, with a look that appears as though she is always sizing someone up for a fight or a prank of some sort. Her face is always schooled into a look of mischievous intent, looking as though she is forever ready to fight or to start some trouble, even when she has appeared to end trouble. When she smiles, it is usually a smirk or a grin, entailing some devious deeds to come. A genuine smile is rare for her to display, but when she does it is a gorgeous thing in a chilling way, both sending a person's heart soaring as well as sinking it to the soles of their shoes. Heili's look is one of a criminal or ne'er-do-well in most respects, albeit a very enchanting ne'er-do-well. Her hair is as black as sin and as smooth as silk, falling in a long wave down her back whenever she decides to actually let it down. Usually, however, she stylizes her hair into two horn-like shapes, kept in place by violet rings. What isn't pulled into the "horns" is cut into a straight bang that covers her forehead, as well as two locks that fall to her collarbone.

Heili's choice of clothing is a mixture of martial arts attire and edgy punk-rock clothing, granting her a look of a criminal element while also enabling a wide range of movement when she is in battle. She wears a dark purple halter-top like garment known as a dudou, that flows from a full collar upon her neck to a shirt that covers the front and most of the sides of her breasts, with eight straps that extend back across her shoulders and ribs to connect at the back in a spider-like pattern, while there is a lighter pink design on the front of the garment. She wears pink tights with a black waist band below baggy off-white sweat pants that open to expose the crotch and hind-quarter area of the tights, as well as black taekwondo wrappings on her feet. She wears fingerless gloves that extend to her elbows, and pink padded gloves atop her hands. She routinely paints her nails a dark purple color, and her lips black. When on official Marine business, she dons a white overcoat with violet embroidery that she wraps around her shoulders, clasped with a violet rope. All of Heili's attire are either tight fitting in order to not impede her movements and actions, or loose in order to allow a freer range of movement, with the main focus of the looser clothing being her legs, as she uses them the most in battle. This choice of attire ensures that she is capable of kicking ass and looking good while doing it.


  • Heili's appearance is that of Juri Han from the Street Fighter franchise.
  • Heili's main fighting style and signature moves are also inspired by how Juri Han fights, as well as her own signature moves.
  • The names of Heili's fighting styles are based on different breeds of spider, as well as different forms of dance.