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Haruka is an Inspector within the Marines that works directly under Fleet Admiral Kurama. Because of her position, she serves as the personal attendant of Kurama and often accompanies him on his various off-site missions. While a capable warrior in her own right, to which she could have easily achieved the rank of Vice Admiral, if not higher, her role within the organization is to investigate possible instances of mutiny and corruption within the Marines. Haruka serves as the Fleet Admiral's "eyes" and watches over the entire World Government in this capacity. She was granted the Ito Ito no Mi by Kurama.


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Haruka possesses the power of the Ito Ito no Mi, meaning "strings" (糸), which is a Paramecia-type Devil Fruit that was once held over fifty years ago by the former world noble, Donquixote Doflamingo. As its name suggests, the power of this fruit allows Haruka to create and manipulate strings of various properties depending on their intended usage. With a mere thought, it becomes possible for her to manifest strings of varying size, shape, and even thickness; ranging from threads to ropes, capable of such sharpness that no blade exists that would be capable of cutting them apart. They are so sharp that they have been shown to even be capable of refracting light, causing strings to take on different coloration as a result, meaning that it isn't impossible that the strings Haruka can create are able to even influence on the atomic level. While there are a medley of methods in which to utilize these abilities in battle, in reference to the kitsune theme that has been carried far with Haruka on multiple occasions, she is most often shown forming nine long fox tails forged from gathered strings that can be used directly in combat and can be used as additional limbs in close-quarters combat; in particular, Haruka is known to use his tails to strangle her victims or to hold them in place while she delivers a point-blank finishing blow.

Similar to her predecessor, Haruka has shown the most common use of her strings to be utilizing them as makeshift blades that follow the arc of her hand strikes. Almost as if she were attacking her adversaries with the claws of a fox, multiple sharpened strings move with her hands and strike opponents at almost any range; they can be used close-up during a confrontation or even fired outwards as projectiles that move in wave-like formations. This is by no means limited only to her hands as the motion of any part of her is enough to trigger the motion and action of her strings. However, there should be no mistaking it that physical movement is by no means a necessity when making use of the Ito Ito no Mi, at least in Haruka's case. With a mere thought, she can surround herself in her strings, protecting her against vicious assaults and slashing them apart with a subtle gaze. They can fly off to harpoon opponents, skewering them from afar, and even serve as additional limbs on her behalf.

What makes Haruka's method of using the Ito Ito no Mi unique to her is an ability aptly known as "Framework" (齣設計 (フレームワーク), Furēmuwāku; literally meaning "Frame Layout"). She is known for creating intricate structures and constructs from her strings to be used for various purposes. The main difference between Haruka and the previous owner, Doflamingo, was the degree to which they each possessed the calm minds necessary for precise creation. So vast is the gap between them that Haruka could perform far more intricate designs with her strings than even Doflamingo could. In doing so, this gave birth to the Framework technique. Haruka can create, from the simplistic designs to the most convoluted works, anything that she can think of so long as she has a firm concept of it orchestrated in her mind. By then breathing life into the string model with Haki, it is almost as if Haruka is able to "create anything from nothing" (万物創造, Banbutsu Sōzō; literally "Creation of All Things"). She has displayed the ability to recreate weapons from memory, such as the infamous Yoru blade, or even others from the Saijo O Wazamono series. Because they are put together using the absurdly sharp strings of the Ito Ito no Mi, one can say it is possible that their sharpness is quite close to even the originals. Haruka would not even need to wield them but rather control them remotely using her strings attached to the hilts to swing them around. But this power is not without its limits. Due to the remarkable degree of concentration needed to first design and then create using the strings, designs that are complex of a certain degree cannot last long from Haruka's person. If they should be outside of a range of at least one kilometer, then they lose their form, returning to a mass of strings. However, that being said, once created and cemented with Haki, Haruka no longer needs to pay much attention to them in order to maintain their existence; though, the degree to which this is true depends mainly on how many of her creations are active at any given time.


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