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Those people disgust me. If the Captain gives me the order, I'll shoot each and every one of them down where they stand.
— Lucas to Thatch Vincent

"Trigger Finger Lucas", or Hatchcock Lucas (ハッチコック ルーカス, Hatchikokku Lucas) is a renowned and feared marksman marksman throughout the world. His family is the leading producer of nearly all guns used by the Marines and Pirates. Lucas serves a the First Mate of Daddy L. Legs within the Black Widow Pirates. He is also the sole user of the Black Bullets which only work on the Golden Wing model guns, developed by Crickett Mary.

Appearance Edit

Lucas Appearance

Lucas's attire.

Lucas is a slim and from first glance fragile looking man. Norris Royce was surprised he was able to even take an attack from a Lieutenant. He stands at about six foot five, give or take a few inches. Lucas's pitch black hair lays downward, and stops right over his forehead, halting so that it doesn't get in the way of his eyes. For as long as he could remember, he'd always been wearing glasses. His glasses are a thing frame and in height aren't very large. In fact they sometimes don't cover his entire eye which often messes up his vision. From time to time (mostly only in serious situations) his glasses tend to slide down his face onto his nose, forcing him to push them back up. When he was younger he would wear tinted glasses to protect his beautiful blue eyes.

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