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"Did weaklings like you even think twice about the rumors of the New World being true? Seems not, given the fact that you're lying here almost unconscious. Leave, and return with a modicum of strength if you guys have even that much resolve."
—Hazir to a group of Pirates.
"Letting others learn from his mistakes."

Hazir (ハジル Hajiru?) is a Fishman-Human hybrid who was born in Sabaody Archipelago. Hazir was soon taken to Fishman Island following the death of his mother by overexertion during pregnancy. Hazir was a rambunctious youth who, due to often being ostracized, made it a point to prove to others that he was a worthy Fishman as well. Eventually his power and ego grew to the point where he willingly traveled to the surface on his lonesome to challenge the New World. However, the experience was traumatic, if not humbling. Hazir was faced with a berserk Sea King that ripped apart his left arm, permanently dismembering it. However, with the power left within him, Hazir managed to narrowly avoid being killed by the Sea King, before being rescued by the army. As-of-now, Hazir has stationed on a small isle on the route to the New World, actively testing their abilities and experience to ensure that they have the qualifications needed to enter the treacherous region. Consequently, the man is often regarded as The New World's Wall (新世界の壁 Shinsekai no Kabe?).

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