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I have to stop disappointing the others...and more importanyly, disappointing myself!!!
— Leo reassures himself.[1]
"Hercules in the form of a lion."
Mr. Draco

Herculean Leo (ヘラクレス・レオ Herakurean Reo), also known as Kinshi (金子 Golden Lion),[3] is a Marine, who possesses the rank of Commander and works under Vice-Admiral Kanto.[2]

Appearance Edit

Leo is a tall, young man with white skin and prominent green eyes. Said eyes are fierce and sharp, often filled with determination, while his hair is both wavy and spiky, almost reaching down to his jaw. His face is sharp and has a symmetrical shape, specifically a triangular one.[2][5]


Leo always carries his shinai sword, Eva, around, attaching it to a special belt around his hips.[2]

At Isvan, Leo took to wearing many clothes over one another, keeping the large ones at the top. The exterior clothing consists of a brown, sleeved coat which has white fur at its wrists and collar, a pair of dark baggy pants, and brown boots. At his face, Leo wears dark goggles to keep his eyes safe from the blizzard.[2]

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Personality Edit


Leo's usual smile.

Leo is shown to be a good person at heart, worrying about those around him and making sure to check them, so that they stay happy.[6][7] He is seen smiling most of the time, a smile so bright that it cheers up those near him,[8] yet, this is mostly a way to cope with his self-degradation, as he thinks he learns too slowly.[8][4] This smile is also used as means to reassure those around him.[7]

As stated, Leo constantly tries to hide his doubts and depreciation. However, upon seeing that he is indeed not making much progress, Leo may ooze away in his thoughts.[8] When he sees that his attack did nothing against the notorious Isvan Blizzard, Leo goes as far as to almost give up, mentally and physically.[9]

However, after seeing how much his Soldiers support him and remembering that Carter and Ernest truly believe in him, Leo could find a glint of hope and rekindle his determination.[1]

Relationships Edit

Ivan: Ivan is the closest soldier to Leo in Ernest's squad, knowing him much more than the others. Unlike most people, Ivan can sometimes read Leo, keeping an eye out for him.[8] Leo is fond of Ivan's presence and respect, often reassuring him about things. When Leo gets down after not managing to breach the Isvan Blizzard, Ivan and the other soldiers frantically cheer him, actually suceeding in maintaing his high spirit.[10]

Ernest: Leo admires Ernest a lot, and often looks out for him, admitting he deserves all of his rest time.[2] As he walks through Irand, Leo remembers how much of a inspiration Kanto and other Marines have been for him. Leo believes that Ernest more than fits the bill to become an Admiral.[11] Ernest's feelings, transmited and mixed along with Carter's, are enough to keep Leo's spirit up and fierce.[12]

Bambina: Leo has taken a few training classes from Bambina and is shown to like his easy-going nature.[13] He thinks that Bambina, amongst many others, is one of the Pillars of the Marines.[11]

Valentine B. Carter: Leo has also trained a few times under Carter and admits to like his personality.[13] Leo admires Carter greatly, thinking he is one of the most prominent Marines,[11] and getting encouraged by his words.[12]

Powers & Abilities Edit

As a Commander in the Marine rankings, Leo has authority over the lower-ranked Marines of his Squad.[2]

Ivan deems Leo as a formidable fighter, considering him a vital combatant, alongside Ernest, in the Squad's fights against Pirate Crews.[8] Ernest also seems to deem him worthy enough to participate in the surveylling mission at Isvan.[2]

Physical Prowess Edit

Leo possesses immense strength, capable of producing shockwaves by waving his shinai around.[10]

Fitting for a Kendo practioner, Leo also moves at absurd speed. When dealing an attack against the Isvan Blizzard, Leo moved so fast that he hit the blizzard multiple times at once.[10]

Swordsmanship Edit

Leo is a skilled practioner of Kendo,[14] utilizing the shinai sword known as Eva. Before attacking with any technique, Leo yells the common Kendo kiais.[10]

Some of his techniques include:

  • Shishiku (獅子吼 Lion's Roar): Utilizing his kendo stance and teachings, Leo moves at extraordinary speed to strike his target in three spots at once. In fact, he moves so fast, he leaves after-images of himself. The following strike is powerful enough to deal with the almighty blizzard at Isvan, blowing it, the snow and the leaves away. This was first used to deal with said Blizzard, which stood as an impeding barrier.[10]

Ways of Combat Edit

Leo also uses hand-to-hand combat.

Rokushiki () is a series of super-human martial arts, which have offensive, defensive and supplementary capabilities. Like many Marines, Leo employs it with finesse.[15]

Devil Fruit Edit

Main article: Neko Neko no Mi, Model: Lion


Haki Edit


Leo training his aura.

Leo is shown to know Haki (覇気 Ambition), stating that even low-ranks such as him need it to survive the New World, although he has visible struggle using it.[6] He employs the normally attainable forms of Haki:

Leo specializes in Busoshoku Haki.[6] He can further harden his body by using Kokka ().[16]

He can use Kenbunshoku Haki, being capable of finding people through their auras and determining their state of mind.[6]

Assorted Others Edit

History Edit

Past Edit

When he was younger, Leo was often looked down upon by others, be it in his home, in his office, or in his own mind.[9]

Mission at Isvan Edit

Leo, along with the rest of his Squad and Ernest, arrive at the island of Isvan, seeking to complete a surveylling mission. Leo eyes the island with binoculars and notes the peculiar entrance.[2] They enter through the secret entrance of Irand Town, only permitted to be used by Marines and Agents. After checking the ship to see if everyone's off, and deeming Ernest should rest, Leo sets off with his soldiers, observing the underground city around him.[5] As he walks through Irand, Leo thinks back on his interactions with many High-ranking Marines and smiles at it. However, this also brings back his self-doubting, making him think he is not fit for the mission. Ivan snaps him out of his thoughts, as they reach another entrance and proceed by carriage.[11]

Leo sleeps through most of the trip, and only wakes up when the group gets blocked by a barrier made by the strong winds of the Island. Leo confidently offers to deal with the barrier, attacking it with his shinai, though, to temporary effect. Deeming himself worthless, Leo falls back into his depressive abyss, getting plagued by his earlier sensations.[14] Only then, Leo gets snapped out once again by Ivan and the many other soldiers, who begin to cheer him and make him remember Valentine's encouraging words. Filled with newfound determination, Leo recomposes and attacks the barrier with Shishiku, blowing most of it away with all his might, which makes everyone cheer for him. Leo says they must continue their mission and the group proceeds.[10]

Hours after getting into the Elworth Castle, the time of Leo's shift comes. Holding onto his confidence, at two in the morning, he is tasked with checking if Princess Miyu is okay and quickly reaches her door. However, the door is easily opened, much to Leo's shock.[20]

Quotes Edit

Major Battles Edit

  • Leo, Ernest & Marine Squad vs. Unnamed Pirate Crew — Win
  • Leo, Ernest & Marine Squad vs. Unnamed Pirate Crew () — Win

Trivia Edit

  • He is based on Yury Dreyar from the Fairy Tail Series.


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