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— Leo.
"Hercules in the form of a lion."
Mr. Draco

Herculean Leo (ヘラクレス・レオ Herakurean Reo) is a notable Marine, specifically ranked as a Commander, that plays a prominent role as a justice man.

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Expert Swordsmanship Specialist:

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Main article: Neko Neko no Mi, Model: Lion

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Rokushiki (六式 Rokushiki lit. Six Powers)

  • Geppou (月歩 Geppō lit. Moon Walk): Is the first technique that Leo learned from Bambina. He executes it by using the strength of his legs in order to kick off air itself, allowing them to jump on it. It allows him to stay in mid-air for much longer than the normal, this one greatly helps him since he is a Devil Fruit User.
    • Geppou "Kamisori" (月歩剃刀 Geppō "Kamisori" lit. Moon Walk: Razor):
  • Tekkai (鉄塊 Tekkai lit. Iron Body): Is one of the Six Techniques which allows Damon to endure and harden his muscles to the level of iron, nullifying attacks' damage. Damon can apparently apply it to his additional limbs normally. However, like others he isn't capable of moving when using the technique.
    • Tekkai Kenpo (鉄塊拳法 Tekkai Kenpō lit. "Iron Mass Style"): Is a new branch of Martial Arts based on Tekkai, which allows Leo to move. He had developed various techniques with the style since he apparently has mastered Tekkai.
  • Soru (剃 Soru lit. Shave): Is one of the Six Techniques which allows it's user to move at a very high speed, it gives Damon the chance to enhance the power os his attacks. He does it by kicking off the ground 10 times in an instant in an eye's blinking.
  • Kami-e (紙絵 Kami-e lit. Paper Arts):

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  • He is based on Yury Dreyar from the Fairy Tail Series.

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