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The Hie Hie no Mi (ヒエヒエの実, Lit. "Chilly Chilly Fruit") is a Logia-type Devil Fruit. It was eaten by Yeager of the Shichibukai allowing her to create, control, and transform into ice at will, ultimately making her a Freezing Human (氷結人間, Hyōketsu Ningen).

Etymology Edit

  • Its name stems from the Japanese word "hie hie", which means "chilly".
  • In the Viz Manga, it is called the Chilly Chilly Fruit (not to be confused with the Samu Samu no Mi, also called the Chilly-Chilly Fruit by Viz).

Strengths and Weaknesses Edit

Like all Devil Fruits, the Hie Hie no Mi has it's own unique strengths. With the powers of the Hie Hie no Mi, Yeager is blessed with the ability to control, create, and transform into ice as she sees fit. Applying it in combat or even everyday activity. The power of the Hie Hie no Mi knows no boundaries, as it can change an entire city or town into a ice village for her own amusement. This fruit is superior power compared to that of the Yuki Yuki no Mi, as ice is a superior freezing agent to snow. Because the fruit is a logia type, she can evade damage that other type Devil Fruit eaters can not.

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