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The Hito Hito no Mi, Model: Baishinni (ヒトヒトの実, モデル:大妾不死 Human-Human Fruit, Model: Great Mummy) is a Mythical Zoan kind of Devil Fruit which allows its user to partially or completely transform into a Baishinni, a giant Mummy, at will. It was eaten by Rackham Jack.





As a Mythical Zoan, the fruit also provides more than just a transformation. Jack is fully capable of manipulating the bandages wrapped around his body, stretching, expanding, hardening and much more.


The bandages of Jack's body are much more damaged by fire than anything else. Aside from that, the fruit possesses the standard devil fruit weaknesses.




Jack's Hybrid Form.


Jack's Full Form.


  • BaishinniBF

    Jack's Band Festival used against Marines.

    Band Festival (帯包祭り (バンドフェスティバル) Bando Fesutibaru (Obimatsuri) lit. Dancing of Bandages)


  • Hito (人) is the Japanese word for Human.
  • Baishinni is the name of a famous japanese Mummy, and its used kanji (大妾不死) roughly translates to Giant Preserved Undead.


  • Unlike many Zoans, Jack loses most of his features upon transforming, likely due to his body being completely covered in bandages.


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