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The Hito Hito no Mi, Model: Frankenstein is a Mythical Zoan Devil Fruit that enables one to transform into a Frankenstein Human. "Hito" (ヒト) is the Japanese word for human, whereas "Frankenstein" (フランクエスタイヌ) is the word used to describe the legendary, grotesque creature formed from various parts and reanimated through electricity by Victor Frankenstein.

Its current user is Spriggan Dante.

Appearance Edit

The fruit, from Dante's memory, took a form similar to a grey banana with a screw-type head as opposed to its standard one. According to Dante, it tasted like an electric shock pulsed through his body.

Strengths and Weaknesses Edit

This specific Devil Fruit grants the wielder with the physiology of Frankenstein's Monster, an undead abomination that was formed from several different parts and reanimated through electricity. That being said, there are no immediate physical changes when one draws upon the fruit's powers. Instead, these changes are passive. One's body turns into "parts sewn together" that is only kept active through electricity coursing within his body.

The primary strength resulting from this is the ability to regenerate from virtually any attack by reattaching his body through threads formed out of his very skin, sinews and muscles. In addition, due to his organs no longer requiring to stay in a set place for his body to function optimally, Dante is capable of readjusting his body in order to compliment his fighting style. Likewise, the coursing of electricity through his body makes his body an electric current to those carelessly touching it, which simultaneously numbs any sense of pain he might feel.

Although the strengths from this fruit grant the user a level of "immortality", it can be overpowered through the use of Busoshoku Haki or Seastone. Whereas the former can overpower Dante's numbness and cause him actual pain, Seastone or exposure to the sea can cause permanent injuries unable to be repaired by his Devil Fruit powers. Besides this, the Devil Fruit subject to the standard weaknesses of any fruit.

Usage Edit

Techniques Edit

  • Tamahagane (魂鋼 Tamahagane?, lit. "Soul Steel"):
  • Countershock (逆雷光 (カウンターショック) Kauntāshokku?, Lit. "Reverse Electricity")

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