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"Like a bullet, fearless, he moves forward."

"Horvazh Maxwell" (ホオルバアーズ・マクスウェル Horubāzu Makusueru?) is a Vice-Admiral of the Marines stationed within Sabaody Archipelago and the father of Horvazh Alene. A bane to all those that sail with the banner of Piracy, Maxwell is a man feared for his cold efficiency, superhuman ability and wealth of experience, to the point where his title, the "Black Bullet" (黒弾 Kokudama?), is uttered with dread.

Unknown to the vast majority of his allies, the source of Maxwell's sudden rise in prowess is associated with the Homunculus experiments conducted by scientist Sinclair Fidel and the Euthymios Family. Although volunteering for a forbidden, inhumane experiment, Maxwell strongly believes that his actions are for the greater good, seeking the power to continue to deal justice, at any cost.

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A younger Maxwell.

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