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Hoshi is a powerful member of the mysterious Cipher Pol Aigis Zero that takes care of matters concerning the World Nobles. He has eaten the Kira Kira no Mi to become a Star Man. Due to his Devil Fruit abilities, and his duty in protecting the Celestial Dragons, he has become known as Polaris.



Hoshi is a man of roughly average height, who takes care to always maintain a certain look about him. He has sandy blond hair that he likes to have as a slightly messy, casual style, while keeping a clean shaven face that is baby smooth. When not behind a mask, he always keeps a phony smile plastered on his face, showcasing his perfect teeth and emotionless eyes that can't be read. This smile of his has been known to be considered unnerving to most everyone who has seen it, with the clear exception being the World Nobles, who generally will just view it at face value. He is constantly getting manicures and pedicures to keep his hands and feet a perfect picture. He even has a perfect posture that he maintains at all times. He is always mindful of the position and placement of his hands, gesticulating with purpose when he speaks. He is also almost always shining and sparkling, an effect of his Devil Fruit that he consciously causes to happen.

As someone who takes great care in his appearance, Hoshi has a large closet full of extravagant suits, dress clothes, and ties. He enjoys a wide variety of colours and patterns, but when on the job, he is required to wear a white suit and black tie. To get around this though, his work suits have subtle patterns of white-on-white and black-on-black. The mask that he wears as a member of CP-0 is extraordinarily plain. It is white and flat, devoid of any facial features, only having dots for eyes and a thin smile painted on in black.



His true self showing.




Mask 2

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Hoshi is a skilled practitioner of Rokushiki, being one of a few true masters who knows of its true form.





  • Shoukai (星塊 Stellar Mass):



  • Youkyaku (陽脚 Sunshine Leg):



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  • Her appearance is based off of Pariston Hill from Hunter X Hunter.
  • His name means "star" in Japanese.