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Hunter (ハンター Hantaa) is a crew member of, and Carpenter for, the Dread Pirates. After joining the crew, he remodeled the Bluenose to be a warship, and designed their second ship with the Captain's input. Years later, after acquiring the materials they needed, he built the pirate ship Revenge by himself. Due to appearance, personality, and fighting style, he has gained the epithet Raging Tiger.


Hunter is a rather short man, who always seems to have a scowl plastered on his face. He has orange and brown hair, which appear similar to a tiger's stripes, and ties his hair up in a ponytail that looks like a small tail. The front of his hair remains out of this ponytail is spiked up above his forehead, showing a zigzagging hairline. Under both eyes, he has two black tattooed stripes, that originate near the inner side of the eye and curve outwards, with one lower than the other. He wears a black, long sleeved shirt beneath a button down tshirt that is yellow with black pinstripes and sleeves, and has a white patch on the left breast with a kanji character on it. He also wears black athletic pants, and yellow cleats. His clothes make him look like a baseball player.





Powers & AbilitiesEdit

As the Carpenter of the crew, Hunter has the same authority as a normal crew mate, under ordinary conditions. However, he is given full responsibility for the maintenance of the ship, and was fully in charge of the design and creation of Revenge.

Hunter is a skilled Carpenter who has been training as such since he was a child. He never uses any tools for his work, instead relying on his fingers. He will rip through wood instead of using saws, and push nails in rather than hammering.

Physical CapabilitiesEdit

Hunter is one of the physically strongest members in the crew, being one of only four who are stronger than Kele, a half fishman. This measure of strength is from everybody's base form, without gaining any strength from Devil Fruits. Hunter is considered the third strongest member of the crew.

Fighting StyleEdit

Hunter's fighting style heavily revolves around his finger strength. He has been compared to the former Second-in-Command of the Revolutionary Army; but where Sabo was a dragon, Hunter is a tiger through and through. He uses his fingers similarly to how a tiger would use it's claws, by slashing and ripping, as opposed to crushing. When he fights, he is said to truly resemble a fierce tiger, making mincemeat of whoever is unlucky enough to be his opponent.

Power Of DestructionEdit


Due to the incredible finger strength he possesses, and the technique he displays, Hunter has acquired the use of the Power of Destruction, an ability almost only ever seen in the strongest swordsmen. Through the Power of Destruction, Hunter is capable of incredible feats, including flying slashes, cutting straight through objects that larger than his fingers, and cutting though objects that are harder than his fingers. His flying slashes originate from his finger nails, and take on a dark red colour.

Other SkillsEdit





Behind The ScenesEdit

  • He is based off of Kanzai from Hunter X Hunter.

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