Image Usage Edit

  • Images taken from outside sources such as Deviantart should be sourced. If for any reason you do not know how to do this, click here to teach yourself how.
    • Do understand that because such images do not belong to you, if requested by the actual artist, you must rightfully remove/delete said image.
  • It is more than just common courtesy to not use a character from another series who has already been taken by another user for use in depicting one of their own, especially if the character in question is one of significant value to our story. While this is not necessarily a rule, please understand that it is nevertheless highly frowned upon behavior.
    • With this in mind, please avoid using mainstream characters to depict your own (this means no Ichigo, no Naruto, and for god's sake, definitely not Goku).
  • Because we are a site based on a manga/anime:
    • Video Game images may not be used unless they are depicted in art form (i.e. cut scenes).
    • Real Life images may not be used under any circumstance.

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