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The waves of the ocean forcefully pounded against an island in an area of the New World. This area was pledged by wild, violent, and strong waters that never became calm making almost any route to the island through the water impossible or extremely difficult to navigate through. However this island was inhabited by one of the most wanted men on the ocean Brown D. Newton. This island was his base of operations, he picked an area that would be difficult to get to so people wouldn't just stumble upon this island or be able to navigate to this island.

In fact, Newton not only picked this specific part of the ocean but created this entire island using his powers. He knows every piece of dirt on this island and what goes on. Newton was standing on a mountain he created with a flat top to it peering out into the distance ocean. He looked at his members of his revolutionary work, planning their next move on the world that would shake up things a bit.

On the edge of the island , in the rough terrainian sea in a secluded area, a small craft docked onto the beach island and man wearing a cloak with a hood over his head to hide his face hoped off the craft. He wondered onto the island, leaving his craft behind and approached the upcoming base.

As he got close to the walls of the fortress the man in the cloak began acting more stealthier to avoid getting spotted by the look outs. He hid behind a rock and waited for their attention to gaze else where then dashed over to a bush near by.

At the corner of a look outs eye he noticed something move "Hu?" He looked over as quickly as he could and aimed his rifle.

"What is it?" A near by look out asked.

"I thought i saw some thing move over there" The other said and waited for something to happen.

The man in the cloak waited patiently behind the tall bush for the look out to look elsewhere for his chance to move.

Having seen nothing out of the ordinary the look out lowed his rifle. "Ah never mind it was probably just the wind or something." He said and turn in the other direction. "Man ive been up for awhile i must be getting paranoid." He joked. As he was saying that, behind him the man in the cloak dashed over to the walls.

The man in the cloak was now at the very base of the walls of the revolutionary fortress. He rose his hand out of his sleeve and placed it on the wall.

From inside the dark halls of the fortress, footsteps echoed through the halls as the man in the cloak walked though it. His face hidden in shadow with the only thing seen was one of his red eyes.

While at the top of the mountain Newton was completely calm, his senses were keen as he sensed a presence he hadn't sensed before. "Someone's here...." He said to himself as he tracked the person using his Haki. "Let's see what he's aiming for" Newton created a clone of earth that merged into the earth and into the fortress to follow the infiltrator.

He wondered through the fortress undetected thus far, avoiding any chance of getting spotted. He came across a large group of Revolutionaries patrolling the fortress and took cover into a near by hallway that's crossing the one he was in. He waits on the corner of the hall way and watches as the patrol unit walks by. Before all of the units passed him, he continues walking down the original hall way he was in passed the patrol unit.

After a while of walking he eventually went up to the top floor of the fortress with all the important rooms such as communications room, meeting room etc. He after passing all those room he approached a locked door with an access code that can only open with the right code but before the man could do anything the handle moved and was opened up from the inside. As the door opened the man took cover behind the door as a revolutionary walked out of the room and went in the opposite direction then where the man was hiding. The door then closed and locked itself once again.

The man walked into the room. It was full of cabinets, files, maps and plans scattered all over. "Finally. The information room." He mumbled to himself. "Now, they must have the location i'm searching for." He mumbled some more as he searched through the files. He then pulled out a file that caught his eye. "So that's how it is." He said as he read over it.

"So that's what he's after I see. Alright...." Newton would make his clone rise out of the ground behind the man. "That's how it is indeed." Under the file cabinets opened up holes caused by Newton of course that caused the cabinets to fall into the earth. The clone increased the size of his fist to become larger than a human and punched forward towards the man.

The entire fortress was made out of earth as well, it was just painted in order to make it seem like it wasn't on the outside. Newton made the ground up under the man to have mud-like properties simultaneously as the clone threw the punch at him. The ground would cause the man's feet to stick on the surface keeping him in place.

Having predicted Newtons arrival he looked over at him as he rose from the ground. His sudden appearance caught him off guard as the mud trapped him to the ground. Just as he was about to throw his punch the man pulled out a smoke bomb out of his cloak and tossed it to the ground engulfing the entire room in smoke. When his punch was tossed it smashed into the wall and completely shattered it. When he took his arm all there was left was the man's cloak and the ground that held him to the ground remained undamaged, leaving an his shoe sized feet print as well.

The man dashed through the hall ways to escape him. Without his cloak his appearance was made clear as man with short spiky hair and dark brown shirt and pants with a small sheath strapped his back. The man was no other then Stealth Master Hino.

Hino would find the hall he was running down to be a dead end as a wall of earth blocked his escape route. "You cannot escape this place..." A voice echoed through out the halls as the path behind Hino closed as well which left a pathway with no visible escape route in any direction. It was dark as nothing could be seen by the naked eyes. Newton who was using Kenbunshoku Haki could still see Hino and reemerged from the ground a few feet in front of Hino. "Put those files down on that floor and I'll let you go without too bad of a face. If you don't comply my hand will be forced."

Hino stood there not moving an muscle with his eyes closed shut. "I had heard there was a revolutionary base located somewhere in this part of the sea, but i was not expecting to run into you.....Rock Head Brown." He said turning his head down to where hes looking at Newtons clone but with his eyes still shut. "Your reputation precedes you."

"So people know where this base is. Looks like I will have to take several measures to ensure that this base is more secluded. Now I won't ask again. Drop the files or face severe consequences." As Newton said that the entire pathway started to shake for sever seconds until it stopped abruptly. Several panels opened in the pathway to reveal guards of the base pointing their guns all at Hino.

Hino continued to stand there how he was. "The actions you've made as a member of the revolutionary has altered this world for the better. You have done great service to the army and for that i commend you. You have my respect." He said as he reached over to the handle on his back. "However. I'm afraid that at this moment that is all I can give to you." He said calmly opening his eyes with a glaring look as his black eyes turned glowing red. He leaped into the air to give himself time before Newtons attack could reach him. "One Sword Style: Burakkudoragon'u~ingusurasshu (ブラックドラゴンウィングスラッシュ Black Dragon Wing Slash)" He unsheathed his Tanto and waved it in a half circle which created a flying slash of wind pressure that sliced through the walls surrounding him crumbling them apart.

Before the rubble could crash on the ground Hino made a hand sign with his remaining hand. "Moton!" He called and the rubble vanished before they smashed onto the ground. The rubble then reappeared flying into the revolutionaries from multiple directions. He then vanished from mid air and ran through a new made path he opened from his last attack.

"Defiantly a devil fruit user." The earth covered Newton said as he caused the ground under the men to encase them in a hardened shield of earth that protected them from the rubble. He released the men and they thanked their leader. "Call to the lookouts on the outskirts and tell them to secure it." Newton walked slowly through the broken structure toward the direction Hino went, each step the ground rumbled more and more until Newton stopped and with his last step stomped on the ground. The stomp caused a large area of the ground from Newton to Hino to launch straight up which would send Hino back towards Newton.

Newton's fist increased in volume again signaling an attack. Newton punched towards Hino however this time the fist detached from Newton's body and was sent flying towards Hino at an incredible speed. "If you haven't figured out yet, you cannot leave this island. For I am Earth."

He extended his arm back that was holding the Tanto and swung forward. A Slash of wind cut it in half and flew in between the sliced earth fist and flew directly at Newton. "It's a shame that I have face a man like you. If fate had not intervened we would be fighting aside each other, but that will not change what must be done." He said as he reached out his Tanto. "If i can't escape willingly then I am left with no choice but to go through you." He said and swung his sword at him with great might. The Slash he man created a wind slash to strike you before his Tanto can.

"It is a shame, I imagine you would have turned out to be a great member of my revolutionary army." Newton just stood there as he allowed the wind slash to hit him directly. The wind dispersed on the hardened rocky body of Newton due to his ability to increase his earth's density. Hino came close and was about to strike Newton a shied of soften earth came forth to not only block the tanto but catch it. The soft earth absorbed the force of the attack so it wouldn't go through and harm Newton if it could that was. The moment the tanto was caught, spikes protruded from the shield of earth that would aim to turn Hino into a real life chickabob.

Surprised by the spikes emerging Hino quickly placed his hand onto the end of the Tanto handle and used its caught disadvantage as a stepping stool to leap away from the emerging spikes. While in mid air he made another hand sign and his caught Tanto vanished and reappeared into his sheath. Once he landed he turned around while unsheathing his Tanto and swung it in a plus shape creating a wind slash shape like a plus flying at Newton. While he deals with that Hino took off in the opposite direction

The Revolutionaries came out from behind Newton and aimed their rifles. "Hault, don't move!" One of them shouted and began firing at the fleeing Hino.

Using his Observation Haki, Hino was able to tell where the bullets will be fired at and teleported himself to where the bullets wouldn't be fire at to avoid them and kept at it as they continued firing. The teleporting also made the distance between him and the revolutionary increase.

The slash that was sent by Hino was again blocked by a slab of earth that Newton caused to come up out of the ground and protect himself and his subordinates. Newton would merge into the ground and cause a large area of the ground soft and mud-like. Newton then caused the area of softened earth in front of Hino to arc up and then downward towards Hino with the tips of the earth turning into spikes. On the sides of Hino, Newton created towering walls of earth to encase Hino in that one specific area while from behind he cause the earth to act like an ocean. The softened earth behind Hino rose up and roared forward like a ocean wave.

Noticed he was cornered from all sides Hino became desperate. He extended his Tanto out. "'One Sword Style: Burakkudoragon'u~ingusurasshu!"' He called slashing towards the ground with intense force. The slash created a powerful gust of wind slashing the ground, cutting a scare shaped hole beneath the floor. Just before the attacks of earth from all sides came into contact all at once Hino made a hand sign and teleported away the split second before they all clashed together.

On the floor below, in the next level downward. Hino landed safely on the floor. He leaned on his knees to take a slight break to catch his breath. After he caught his breath he looked around to see any signs of revolutionaries. With the coast clear he made a hand sign and teleported again.

"You just don't get it do you.." Newton's voice echoed throughout the room Hino was in as the room yet again started to shake yet again. When it stopped the roomed opened up to a field outside the base where the clone rose from the ground in front of Hino. The moon was full and bright and the oceans were still smashing against the coast with intense force. "I created this entire island. If I wanted I could have taken your life when you sliced that gash in the ground. (Snap) Just like that I could have shut the ground around you and crushed you. You aren't escaping this island without releasing those papers and of course facing the consequences. And Like I said previously, I'm not asking again."

The entire field shook as the surrounding area started to crack in the form of a square. Dust arose and small chunks of earth flew in different directions as the entire field started to sink into the ground with Newton's clone and Hino in the middle. The ground stopped sinking and the only light provided was the moon. They were visibly very deep down in the island as nothing but earth surrounded the two. "Your devil fruit only allows you to teleport in a general area which isn't that far, so I took care of your disappearing act by taking us deep down into the depths of the island a few hundred meters down, try to teleport out and you will face seawater which isn't the best idea. And of course, teleporting straight up is too far. And below us is more earth of course. Now I'll take those files from you." Newton dashed towards Hino, increasing the volume and density of his fist so that cutting through it wouldn't be an option for Hino. The ground behind Newton softened up, ready for Hino to teleport so the earth could skewer him the moment he did.

Hino watched as the entire platform sunk deep beneath ground astounded by his power. "Uhhh uh uhhh." He was speechless as he watched it happen. Once it became settled he looked over at Newton. "You seem confident that you have me cornered." He said in response to what he said about his powers. As he came at him Hino quickly threw his Tanto over at the wall high up from the ground and got edged into the wall by the amount of force used to throw it. Just as Newton came inches from punching his face with his hard density fist, Hino teleported over to his Tanto and step on it as if it was a stepping stool. He looked over at Newton. "You seem to understand much about my powers in this brief encounter and i have learned more then enough about yours, but I have no need to fight someone who doesn't have the courage to face me person." He said and made a hand sign making him teleport. He reappeared further up and kept teleporting himself upwards bit by bit.

"Just as I predicted he'd do" Newton continued forward instead of stopping after Hino teleported to hit the wall with his punch. A crack rode up the wall of the hole and stopped at a specific point that was higher than the position Hino. The crack would give way to seawater that poured into the hole in a spraying manner as if it were a shower head. The seawater that sprayed into the hole was widespread enough to where if Hino attempted to teleport anywhere around to try and avoid the water it would eventually hit him. The fastest person in the world can't avoid rain. Additionally, the water sprayed and didn't pour down into the whole which meant that the speed the seawater was moving was pretty fast, fast enough to reach Hino if he attempted to simply throw his Tanto up and teleport to it. "If you make it out this hole, you will face the real me however you will only wish you stayed down here."

Noticing what had happened he stopped teleporting for a moment by sticking his Tanto into the earth wall once again and dangling from it as he beings to assets the situation. "Damn." He thought in his watching the water down on top of him. He looks down over to Newton who was already knee deep in water with his fist he avoided dug into the earth wall. "If that had been me he hit instead of the wall..." He mumbled to himself. "But that's the least important thing of this situation." He said looking back up to the showering water leaking in from the cracks.

He pushed up off the wall and teleported upwards again but was only to teleport a few feet ahead. Hino stuck his tanto on the wall again and caught his breath. "Its no use. Huff buff. The waters already weakening my powers. At this rate the crater will be flooded before i can even reach the top." He said.

As the water was leaking through the walls the pressure of the water began to build causing the walls to eventually crack and break apart once it did water began flowing in like a water fall filling the crater faster then before. "This isn't good." He said to himself. He leaped off tanto once it again with it in his hand and waved it up wards. "Tobu!" He called causing the rushing water to vanish and reappear in the sky far above the surface of the crater and burst apart as it reappeared. He was clear from the rushing water for a second until it continued rushing in again but with that short second he was able to get get his bearings and teleported upwards some more but stopped again due to the continuous pouring water. "Damn. Guess that wont work either." The situation began to get dire for Hino.

Hino stopped for a moment and closed his eyes. With his eyes closed he took a deep breath and calmed his mind so much so that the sound of the rushing water began grow silent until he heard absolutely nothing. "I have to clear my mind. Knock out all distractions. There's always a way out of rough situation and this is one of them." He thought in his head. " Water have many forms, can be used as a lethal weapon and it even controls this but even water can be..." He opened his eyes with a glare as his eyes glowed red with an odd pupil shape. "CUT!" He screamed in his head and suddenly leaped off the wall to the center of the crater and held his Tanto out. "One Sword Style!" He called. He swung his sword around with great force creating a twister of wind above him sucking up the water falling in and bursting it out wards creating a few second gap in the mid center. "Burakkudoragon'u tsuisutou indo! (ブラックドラゴンツイストウィンド Black Dragon Twisting Wind)" Before more water can come pouring in and closing gap he made and held his tanto out once again. "One Sword Style!" He called out again as his hand and sword began to turn black by his Haki "O Suu Burakku Doragon (Soaring Black Dragon ブラック・ドラゴンを吸う)" He called as he flung his sword over and did a full flip and shot his attack upwards. This created a wind pressure to follow his swords movement and shoot around Hino and fire upwards with him with it as it shot into the sky like a dragon soaring into sky at incredible speed.

The shock wave of his two powerful attacks was enough to completely shatter the entire walls of the craters causing the ocean water to spew in and cover up the massive hole. The water quickly followed Hino and almost consumed him with the walls crumbling beside it, almost appeared he wouldn't make it until the wind pressure carrying him made it to the surface and with the walls clasping in on him the wind pressure clashed with the rubble creating a massive explosion. The dust from the collision erupted to the surface with Hino no where to be found as it all seemed quiet. Then suddenly Hino teleported to the floor of the ground collapsing. "Huff buff... I finally... huff buff... made it" He said proudly looking up at the sky as his eyes turned back to original color.

The battlefield filled with dust from the explosion of earth that collapsed thanks to the effort of Hino that seemingly put a strain on him all brought on by a simple clone of Netwon. Through the dust filled battlefield was Hino and on the other side of him was a man walking through the earth with a modified arm. It was none other than Newton, the real one as he walked out to personally confront this man. Newton stopped as he could see the silhouette of Hino several meters away. With a single step a shockwave of Haki emitted from where Newton stood and moved throughout the battlefield pushing the dust aside so that the two could see each other face to face. "Tired I see. You know your devil fruit sure is a tricky one indeed especially when trying to capture you but it's not impossible. You're tired which means it has a limit and you too of course. So how do you plan on getting out of here?"

Noticing Newton standing in front of him, Hino tried to get himself up off the ground, though he struggled as he did but eventually he was able to stand up on his feet. "Don't worry so long as I have the resolve to keep going my Devil Fruit powers will still aid me, such as the power of the Blink Blink Fruit. As for means of escape i'm hoping it'll be by means of negotiations. If you'd be interested." He said followed by heavy breathing.

"Negotiate.....this kid but ya know what I think I will negotiate." Newton stared at Hino at and his statement at first confused him however he wanted negotiate his terms clearly to Hino and so he walked up to Hino and reached his left hand out to help Hino up and shake his hand as well. "Let's negotiate them." Newton said.

Not expecting for it to be that easy Hino was shocked at his answer. "Uh s-seriously?" He stuttered

"I'm really interested to see why you think taking files from a Revolutionary leader constitutes negotiation so I'll negotiate with you with my terms if I let you out of here." Newton with his left hand still out awaited Hino to grab his hand for a sign of acceptance if not then of course Newton would continue the battle which would be difficult for a fatigued Hino.

Hino hesitated for a moment wondering if it was a trap but then after a moment of debating he reached out and grab his hand. "Very well." He said

As Hino grabbed he would find that his strength would weaken considerably to zero as Newton squeezed the hand of Hino to ensure no escape. A sinister laugh erupted from Newton's mouth as the infiltrator would be weakened to nothing. "You're not very smart are you there Hino. Yes I know you're name of course I would." Taking a squat to level himself with Hino while still maintaining his tight grip Newton shook his head. "You really think that I would be up for negotiations with someone who infiltrated the headquarters of my revolutionary army and took files that were obviously important to us." Newton reached forward with his other hand which turned into softened earth and engulfed the body of Hino. "Found them...." Newton said as the softened earth receded from Hino's body and out came the files that he took. Newton's arm returned to its regular state and he put the files inside the bandages that wrapped around his body.

"Now we can negotiate, well under my terms of course. I can't let you out of here without some sort of compensation. Let's see how about...." With that a lazer beam shot up from Newton's gauntlet and obliterated Hino's left arm. Because of the lazers high temperatures, Hino wouldn't bleed out however he would feel incredible pain. "There we go, now you may leave and have this serve as an example to never cross my path again or I will kill you. See ya around."

Hino lied on the ground face up. The hole time he didn't shout out in pain he only gritted his teeth. As Newton began walking away Hino grind and laughed. "The tides are shifting, change is on the horizon for the New World and soon empires that rule over this world will fall." He stated and vanished.

Hino later seen standing on his craft sailing on a tidal wave heading away from the island. He reached into his pocket and pulled out two Transponder Snails one with a pink color and one with dark shaded color labeled Op. He placed the pink one on his craft and pulled the dark shaded one to his face and spoke to it. "It's me. I've run into a snag but everything going as it should. I need you to look up an island for me." He said gazing at an image from emitted from the Photo Transponder Snail. He then looked forward at the horizon as the tidal wave carried him away.

To Be Continued