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Isamu (山中, "Courage") is the name of the current user of the infamous Devil Fruit known as Nō Nō no Mi, and considered to be one of the most dangerous men in the world, with civilian casualties following shortly wherever he treads. Originally among the children to be chosen for a Cipher Pol program, his latent sociopathic tendencies were at first considered to be boons to his future cause. For many years the boy understood the value of what was being taught to him, and remained the very picture of obedience, until at last he betrayed his former comrades in order to steal the Nō Nō no Mi from a returning patrol at the tender age of twelve.

At this point, Isamu revealed his true colors, using those very talents he'd learned from the agents of the World Governments to murder every man on board the vessel, and due to a mixture of natural excellence and raw ability, he proved capable of eluding the clutches of his former colleagues until he had managed to grasp the nature of his Devil Fruit's power.

Whereupon he became almost impossible to track, as the then 13-year old began a life where he would abuse the fruits power to force couples to 'adopt' him, feeding, caring and sheltering him until his powers grew with him into adulthood. Should he ever be unmasked, his response was to brutally slaughter his own 'parents' and find another family to graft himself on to. In the event that they already had children, he would isolate them and dispose of the child before taking their place in their mind.

After he made off with the Nō Nō no Mi, he was given a bounty of Beli 80,000,000 for the murders comitted to retrieve it, and for the fact that he stole the fruit itself: which can be disasterously dangerous in the wrong hands. Following that incident, Isamu has gone to great lengths not to leave traces behind for others to follow, aided by the powers of his Devil Fruit. That Isamu was capable of incurring such a large bounty at the age of 12 caused him to inherit the past epithet of Nico Robin: "Devil Child" Isamu.


In addition to being blessed with excellence in the many arts of the Rokushiki; Isamu was likewise blessed with several attractive features, standing at an impressive 6'4 feet in height, he towers over the majority of people he encounters, something he seems to take an unusual amount of pride in. Isamu's face is comely and highly symmetric, with warm amber eyes, dirty blonde hair. Fair-skinned and currently being at the peak of his physical fitness he is rather well built; with agile and flexible muscles that come as a result from years of physical training in order to defend against the vast excess of assassins that seek to claim the bounty on his head. He's been described by associatees of his to have the face and body of a chiseled statue; Isamu's angelic features are known to strongly bely his brutal and gruesome nature.

Isamu normally projects a warm, compassionate and gentle nature, a combination of his attractive features and his amber eyes; strengthened by his confidence and superficial charm. Frequently lulling others into a false sense of security, making them all the more easy to exploit in the future. Isamu carries himself with utmost grace and any movement he makes are done with great care and precision; his stride practically exuding his great confidence, both in his abilities and in his strength of personality and physical appearance.

In everyday situations Isamu usually wears suits of the finest tailorship, made of excellent textures and materials and most likely worth small fortunes in and of themselves, Isamu claims that they was specifically tailored for him because he found the current fashion for suits to be too simple and too overused. The fact that he went to such great lengths just to get a suit that he could live with suggests a large degree of vanity as well, his choice to wear prized finery in combat is as much a testimony to his desire to appear presentable as it is a mockery of his opposition. Treating the onslaught of his foes as a private business meeting, and to this day, only a handful of people have been able to even stain his suit.


Superficially, Isamu appears as a kind-hearted, compassionate, polite and warm individual; perpetually wearing a refreshing and highly welcoming smile and always willing to exchange pleasantries with anyone he meets. He's humorous, flirtatious and projects a sympathetic persona to the world around him, and thus invoking little suspicion when he goes about his business. Beneath this pleasant charade though, lies a consumate sociopath with no regard for anything but his own personal freedom, aspirations and ambitions. Isamu has no qualms whatsoever about using his abilities to realize his own wishes and fantasies; even at the expense of someone elses mentality and dignity: Indeed, Isamu has crushed more than his fair share of people into the dirt trough these methods, always making sure that they never, ever, forget him.

Isamu's sociopathy is a direct result of his harsh training and lack of parental guidance, both of his parents having met their respective ends shortly after his birth, making him an orphan until he was accepted for the CP program. Due to his ruthless nature, Isamu excelled at work that would be required of him in the future, had he remained a Cipher Pol agent, but his ambitions lied beyond the reaches of the organization. When his siblings finally caught up with him almost two decades after he left, he murdered them brutally without even a twinge of remorse, remarking that it was an euphoric experience to bring their lives to a gruesome end. Going out of his way to drag out the moment by tormenting them in any way he knew, both physically and emotionally before finding it within himself to end his fun.

Isamu is intimately familiar with the concepts of death and torture and he's interested in finding ever new and inventive ways to inflict it upon his enemies. Its believed that Isamu's extraordinary knowledge of medicine stems from an immense inexplainable desire to kill; indeed, Isamu himself even goes so far as to proclaim that he actively conducts research in order to become increasingly better at the ruthless art of murder. Isamu seems to consider the very act of homicide an elaborate art and often makes a game of killing enemies in inventive and unnessecarily complicated ways simply to relieve his own boredom, all of these bouts of "artistic slaughter" are spontanenous and despite their often great complexity Isamu strictly opposes any formal planning in regards to how he wants to express himself. Isamu fashions himself an artist of death, an instrument designed to make others weep in symphony at his atrocities. Isamu is a harbringer of sorrow who derives a perverse form of pleasure and satisfaction from anguish and grief itself. The man is whimsical in his desire to kill, and will commonly murder others at random, completely lacking in both apparent motive and actual provocation, if asked about his decision to kill someone Isamu is unlikely to respond with anything else than a passing glance, as if the very nature of murder means so little to him that he considers the individual asking the question a fool for inquiring.

Isamu is also noted to possess a great deal of arrogance, believing himself superiour to all but the most powerful of adversaries; this is due to the fact that he even as a child was used with people bowing down and weeping before him, while he used his techniques to the utmost of his ability. Having the power to break, change and dominate people at his disposal since the early teens it was indeed inevitable that he came to view himself as such. His detached and calculated nature, along with his prodigal intelligence and lack of regard for the lives, opinions and mentality of others has molded him into a highly cunning and dark-minded man. Calculating just how many people his actions will kill or crush as unburdened as if he was preparing the ingredients to a cup of hot tea. Despite his feeling of being superiour to all he meets and lack of regard for rules, regulations or any authority but his own - Isamu is not above being polite and even slightly meek, but never subservient, in the company of uncertain elements.

Isamu's ultimate goal has been described as shattering the social order and bonds that have been established over time. His desires curve around the will to instigate civil wars and break what others have used centuries to uphold, for this reason he attembs to turn friends and family against one another and tempt anyone to forsake their vows and taboos, tearing down the order that many so desperately cling to and it can be assumed that Isamu's ideal world would be a dystopia where parents and children killed one another, siblings fought for the their heritage and no law nor regulation were present, an eternally self-destructive world where nothing could ever thrive for more than a few years at best.


Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Many words have been used to describe Isamu since an unnamed woman gave him life more than thirty-three years ago, but the one most used and most apt would be "Monster". Isamu has never been human in the eyes of most, and his existence is a cautionary tale of what happens if you're ever blessed with too much. Hailed as what is probably among the greatest prodigies of the last century, Isamu's genius is often favorably compared to the likes of Rob Lucci who himself was considered extraordinary within his time. He learned most of the techniques shown to him in weeks where it demanded months of others, within moments of doing so he would already have devised several ways to improve upon it utterly. His mind ever expanding, never ceasing to explore new horizons, such tremendous intellect would've been a boon to the world had it not belonged to perhaps the most wicked man on the planet.

Although his Devil Fruit is infamous for its sheer potential and power, its use is a rarity for most opponents are torn apart by his physical prowess, their bodies rent limb from limb by the raw intensity of his onslaught; even simple techniques have extraordinary destructive power when wielded by Isamu. A single unmodified instance of Rankyaku formed an immense length of raw unadulterated destruction that eradicated a small fleet with a single kick of his legs, ripping through the woodwork and drowning a large number of his pursuers. Whereas his Soru is so fast that it allowed him to decapatitate an entire troop of marine soldiers within a single instant, with such precision that they all fell limp to the ground at the same time.

Isamu's mastery of his Devil Fruit has only served to heighten his potential exorbitantly, for with its power he can force even the strongest fighters he encounters to share their secrets with him and further refine his growing power. Blending their applications and talents within one all-encompassing fighting style that he can truly call his own.

Physical AbilitiesEdit

Although well-muscled and fit, Isamu's frame makes him appear at most lean -- and doesn't strike an overly imposing figure as he calmly approaches his prey with the certainty of a grim reaper. However, this facade is soon broken when he moves with the intent to kill; the world cannot contain him, as he moves with such raw force that the air shrieks and ones own eyes betray them, afterimages are left in his wake as he calmly dispatches of even the most seasoned foes -- his hands stained red with blood, for an assassin of his caliber requires no weapons. Without restorting to techniques his speed already rivals that of the most advanced users of Soru within the Cipher Pol; should he endeavour to actually try, the results would threaten even the greatest of them all. Ranged attacks, like bullets or those created by Devil Fruits are in all but the rarest cases entirely ineffective as he simply evades them with a look of utter boredom, his interest not even remotely piqued at the vast majority of foes.

There's little use in attempting to track his regular movements, and its widely believed that the use of Haki is essential if one is to stand even a sliver of a chance. Otherwise, Isamu will simply pluck your head from your shoulders in one fluent gesture, with how great his speed is, opponents are often lulled into the illusion that Isamu is physically weak; but the way of the Rokushiki demands perfection in all physical aspects, and as one of its foremost masters alive, Isamu's prowess has no shortcomings in the physical department. With a casual flick of his hand, he can send opponents far larger than himself reeling backwards from the strength produced from his limbs, and although Isamu rarely if ever actually throws a conventional punch; if he did, he might easily break through concrete walls. There's no way to deny that he is indeed a monster.

In addition to his extraordinary speed, Isamu also possesses tremendous acrobatic prowess; frequently attacking opponents with unusual methods of movement, such as backflips, cartwheels, somersaults and roundoffs. Great feats of balance are likewise within his ability; and he's capable of moving quickly along thin cords and narrow lines in order to reach his destination; in essence - the man is capable of attacking from absolutely any position, situation or direction. Equally impressive is his exceptional agility which when used in accordance with his incredible balance and acrobatics makes him almost impossible to hit in close-combat, slithering and bending away from sword, blast and fist in order to make a lethal counterattack.

However, it is his physical and mental fortitude that truly exemplifies who Isamu is; as the man who ate the Nō Nō no Mi, Isamu is tormented by bouts of excruciating agony for delving into the deepest recesses of his powers. Agony that is known to drive lesser men insane with the strain, his training as a Cipher Pol agent as well as resolute drive to prove his supremacy ensure that he remains strong even in the face of such mounting adversity. Every waking moment he employs the limitless potential of his Devil Fruit is one that challenges his will to live, his reasons for being who he is, and his goal as a person; and every waking moment is one where that selfsame purpose is reaffirmed and reinforced. His will will not break, and neither pain nor injury will slow him down, he is immoveable in his pursuit, like a walking monolith.


As someone raised to become a Cipher Pol agent of the future; Isamu was instructed in the ways of the style of combat known as Rokushiki, or Six Powers, from an early age. He proved himself to be exemplary, and learned the basics of the art quickly, although it would take several years before his body was mature enough to handle the increased stress of utilizing such extraordinary techniques. Isamu's mastery of the Rokushiki is complete, for while not all of the techniques have served him that well since he ate his Devil Fruit; their collective whole form a solid foundation which someone of his talents might easily expand out of. However, because of his willingness to largely eschew those techniques which are of fundamentally less use to him, Isamu is unable to access the seventh skill of Rokushiki: Rokuogan.

This absence is thought to be of minimal consequence, for in Isamu's eyes this so-called ultimate technique is inferior to whatever he might produce with his own Devil Fruit. Indeed, the Nō Nō no Mi has long since had its powers adapted to blend seamlessly with the Rokushiki, vastly increasing the lethality, power and potential of all its different techniques. To the extent that many of the abilities become virtually unrecognizeable, even to seasoned members of the marines who'd be most familiar with them.

Psionic BladesEdit

There's one application of the Nō Nō no Mi that has become synonymous with Isamu; an application which combines the Devil Fruits superiour powers with Isamu's tremendous physical ability. Formally nameless, it is however easily recognizeable, for it manifests as a scintilating nimbus of green light that enshrouds his hands. This phenomenon has been dubbed "psylight" by those who have witnessed it in action, for it appears whenever the user of Nō Nō no Mi channels their power, and its a visual cue of great psionic energies, the more vibrant the light, the greater the concentration. In most cases, it appears and fades in sudden flashes, but in this case it is sustained over long periods of time. According to highly-trained officials who have survived encounters with him, intelligence has surfaced that these are essentially a peculiar variant of Rankyaku suffused with the psychic waves of his Devil Fruit.

Isamu developed this technique in order to form the very basis of his fighting style, and its lethality is indisputable, as is its power. For it involves containing the raw psionic energies around his hands and sharpening them to such a point that even a casual stroke is sufficient to cut a man in twain, should he actually strike with purpose, the very idea of 'defense' seems meaningless. In his travels along the Grand Line, many have challenged the psionic blades with Haki; but despite all their efforts their defeat was certain, strengthening ones defense is but a pointless endeavour unless one is truly extraordinary.

Due to being supernatural in origin, these psionic blades are capable of harming a Logia-user without the need of utilizing Haki, and many an overcomfident user of these rare fruits have been felled in a swift stroke from Isamu as a result, and are sharp enough that even most of the Meito would be destroyed upon making even the slightest contact. Only swords of truly exceptional quality such as the O Wazamono or even the Seijo O Wazamono blades would be likely to remain intact. Because they are formed from his own power, they can furthermore be manipulated as Isamu sees fit, such as by generating flying blades akin to the technique often used by swordsmen, to extending the blades outwards like a lance with a reach of many meters, to even changing its malleability and general shape as desired. With this wealth of options, its no surprise that this is frequently the only instance of his Devil Fruit that sees use, being more than sufficient to handle most adversaries on its own.

Perhaps its most terrifying aspect lies not in its sheer cutting power, as great as that is; nay, it lies within the fact that it cuts through the mind as well as the body. Opponents who manage to survive the initial slash find that their minds are assaulted as well, the raw psionic currents flowing through the blade tearing away at their sanity. Few are those who can adequately protect their minds as well as their bodies, and unless you possess that potential, you cannot hope to be a match for this power.

Devil FruitEdit

Further information: Nou Nou no Mi

When Isamu ate the accursed fruit known as the Nou Nou no Mi he became a Mind-Human. Elevating his mind to the level where it might shape the world around him in various ways. Armed only with his mind, Isamu can unleash shockwaves of raw kinetic energy, utilize his dreaded psionic blades, to most ominously; subdue and crush the minds of his victims. Robbing them of everything that truly makes a person, memories, thoughts, feelings and desires -- a hollow shell with no soul to speak of, a living puppet, helpless without the strings of its master.

Families, friendships and loving unions have been torn apart by its power; for it allows Isamu to realize even his darkest desires. Men who are unfortunate enough to catch Isamu's eye, whether for practical or carnal reasons are chosen by him; whereupon he kidnaps them and eventually breaks down their entire personas, reforging another for them in turn. That of being his loyal slaves for the rest of their lives. However, the time it takes for him to accomplish this varies greatly from individual to individual, from requiring days, even weeks of concentrated effort within a closed space, to mere hours, all depending on how strong-willed the target is. People born with Haoshoku Haki are ultimately immune to this form of domination, as their divine wills simply refuse to be broken or molded.

Once the damage is done, its done for good; for Isamu leaves no trace of who they once were, such is the extent of his cruelty. Through this method, Isamu has assembled something that vaguely resembles a crew; consisting of defeated opponents he's later turned towards his own purpose, as well as playthings to keep him entertained. At its core, the Nou Nou no Mi thus offers the user the twin powers of Telepathy and Psychokinesis; two powers of great potential indeed. It is a Paramecia with the same kind of tremendous potential as that of the Gura Gura no Mi; having the power to change the world on a fundamental scale if wielded to its fullest extent. Although to what end is not yet known.


The Nō Nō no Mi functions by allowing the user to generate and manipulate psychic waves, which constantly emanate from the users head in a manner highly similar to how a Den Den Mushi operates. Because of this, the user is always aware of the mental presence of others around them, making it difficult to sneak up on them casually. Its presently unknown how far these waves go, and the length at which they can be manipulated varies with the individual. In Isamu's case, optimal distance is roughly 20 metres, past that point the strain on his mind, and the resulting pain increases steeply.

Through these psychic waves, Isamu can transmit information or force mental change in some way or another, including but hardly limited to, reading surface thoughts of an unshielded mind at will, attack an opponents mind with intense blasts of psychic energy, insert elaborate hallucinations to even breaking the minds of others entirely, allowing him to reforge their personalities to his liking over varying lengths of time.

Likewise, it also works the opposite way as well, while he can insert information and conditions in the minds of others, he's likewise capable of doing the reverse, receiving information from their minds. This happens passively, as the psychic waves return to Isamu upon reaching another mind, typically giving him bits and pieces of information constantly, although people with potent wills cannot be read without further effort. Should Isamu make a concentrated effort, he can read the minds of his foes mid-combat, delve deep into their subconcious to extract sensitive information, to even learn of deep-seated secrets such as secret techniques or abilities.

Opponents captured by Isamu are therefore at an exceedingly high risk, for if they're helpless the beast has the time and opportunity to utilize his powers to their grandest potential. In such cases, he can bleed them dry of all information they possess, manipulate their memories, to even erase everything that makes them a person and enslave them for life. Should they resist, he'll overload their mental capacity and doom them to live the rest of their lives in a vegetative state. Naturally, anyone caught by Isamu pose a dire threat to the organization and crew they're apart of, for few people can resist his fullest influence for long.

Despite all its power, there are ways to counteract the psychic potential of the Nou Nou no Mi. Use of Kenbunshoku Haki alongside Busoshoku Haki being the most common, utilizing the first in order to be able to see and "read" the incoming psychic waves; and the use of the second to 'steel' your mind against them. Without adequate skill in both of these however, one is ultimately powerless against Isamu; and would be strongly cautioned against seeking him out. While its an effective defense, its not perfect and it depends on the strength of their Haki versus the psychic strength of Isamu. Each attack he unleashes becomes a struggle in this manner.

Haoshoku Haki is also a situational if effective defense against its powers, although its greatest boon lies not in its active useage but its mere presence within a person. For these individuals, labelled as the chosen few with the spirits of Kings are outright immune to the most insidious effects of the Nou Nou no Mi. With Isamu lamenting that their minds refuse to be broken, tampered with or changed; making any progress he might make with them temporary and transient at best, nonexisting at its worst. On the active side, the use of Haoshoku can be used to temporarily weaken the telepathic powers of Isamu, and are often used as a secondary defense in order to weaken especially dangerous psychic assaults to ease the strain on their Haki.

Isamu's use of telepathy is far too expansive to be narrowed down into specific techniques in most cases, and instead he simply has a few favored applications, with his expansive intellect and keen mind, Isamu frequently invents and reinvents ways to utilize his Devil Fruit in combat.

Psionic Blasts: As someone who ate the Brain-Brain Fruit, Isamu's very thoughts hold great power, generating raw energy that he can choose to manipulate as he sees fit. This is the primary ways in which he harms others, as he unleashes the psychic energies of his own being to ripple through the minds of others. Given how fragile ones conciousness is, the amount of damage Isamu can do with even one of these blasts is tremendous, those few who he has chosen to spare have remarked how their bodies cease functioning as intended for many minutes following such an attack. Their legs refuse to carry them, their arms grow unresponsive and their strength is almost entirely neutralized. It is therefore believed that Isamu's psychic energies operate on a similar spectrum to that of the neurological impulses of the brain, but on a much higher scale -- essentially causing the nervous system of whomever is struck by his 'mind blasts' to short-circuit. As with anything, the power of these attacks vary depending on the amount of effort put into them, and this is just the strength of his basic psionic attacks. Should Isamu actually put effort into this, he could break the minds of many seasoned fighters at once with no outside effort or indication of his actions. It amuses Isamu to use this application to end the careers of people he especially dislikes, usually in the most cruel way possible, by unleashing such raw mental force so as to annihilate their nervous system entirely; causing complete paralysis of everything except their eyes. Dooming them to a life of an eternal spectator, by many considered to be a fate worse than death.

Hallucinations: In a similar manner to how Isamu can shut down the higher brain functions and the nervous system of his adversaries, he is likewise capable of implanting powerful illusions and expanded hallucinations directly into their psyche at will. He can use this to mask his own presence to them, making them literally incapable of noticing his visual or auditory presence -- directing their senses to fight imaginary foes. Unless they use Haki constantly, their senses are surrendered to Isamu, who is free to manipulate them as he sees fit within the confines of his Devil Fruit. It is not unusual for Isamu to orchestrate grand struggles within the minds of his victims, giving them the illusion that they've been fighting a grand battle against him, while they have in reality slaughtered their own comrades, lovers or innocent bystanders. Subtlety usually works best against stronger foes, lest they grow suspicious of his antics and use Haki to break the spell - but against weaker foes Isamu is permitted the joy of amusing himself by driving them to insanity by forcing them to live through nightmarish visions which stretch their fears, thoughts and imagination to the breaking point.

Memory Manipulation: Undoubtedly the most feared aspect of Isamu's power is his ability to create, manipulate or erase memories from those suitably affected his powers. This ranges from short-term amnesia, to complete erasure of everything they've ever experienced, thus forming the very foundation of his sizeable following of thralls. It is a cruel ability, befitting its wielder, for its a simple matter to use it to break bonds between others, such as isolating a Captain from their crew, to inserting himself in core memories of others -- it was this application that allowed Isamu to survive for so long despite being hunted by the government. By supplanting the place of their biological child in their mind, Isamu survived off of loving families like a parasite; either he killed their child or he had his 'parents' throw them out of their own home and onto the streets. Even as a young boy, Isamu derived pleasure from the anguish of others. As his most developed ability, it is the cornerstone for how he manipulates others, and anyone potent enough to become a worthy tool for him are spared and summarily 'reprogrammed' in order to serve him exclusively; with all other memories or thoughts being forcibly erased from existence, thus reducing even prideful captains to his obedient lapdogs as he continues his voyage through the new world.


When his Devil Fruit awakened, it expanded the reach of his psionic influence to that of the outside world as well. Granting him the ability to use the power of Psychokinesis; allowing him a far greater array of opportunities.

Furthermore, it also allows him to enter an enhanced state labelled as Hitzū (否痛, "No Pain"), which temporarily delays the agony caused by useage of the Nō Nō no Mi for several minutes. The agony is then made to progressively return over an extended period past that, manifesting as excruciatingly painful migraines that last for days at the very most depending on the power used. Often incapacitating him completely after the state is up, in return however, it allows him to utilize the unrestrained potential of his Devil Fruit for a limited time. By drawing upon his mastery of its abilities, Isamu is thus capable of buying himself a couple minutes where his powers are virtually unlimited in their capacity and scope. While it doesn't offer him any new abilities of note, it instead gives him the opportunity to see the unmatched potential of his Devil Fruit and bring it to light if only for a short time, powers which already sport tremendous power have their scope and might increased tenfold, to the point where Isamu is capable of lifting islands from the ocean floor, pull meteors from the sky and unleash psionic shockwaves capable of threatening entire fleets and summon tsunamis through the raw force expelled. But such power comes at a steep price, for its use greatly detoriates Isamu's general health, drastically reducing his lifespan while putting a dire strain on his sanity.


The ability of Psychokinesis, often imprecisely referred to as Telekinesis is the supernatural ability to influence physical matter and objects with the power of ones mind alone. Basic applications typically involve lifting large objects and hurling them about at will, such as tearing up large slabs of bedrock and throwing them massive distances, impacting the area below with immense force. As an expanded power of the Nou Nou no Mi, Isamu didn't learn how to utilize his Devil Fruit in this manner until roughly his mid-twenties, but even so, his raw prowess with it cannot be questioned. At his command, the earth is broken down about him to provide ample ammunition, stone is reshapen with meticolous precision into spears, swords or massive boulders: his will enforcing change upon even the toughest granite, it is then imbued with the force of his Haki to make it capable of felling even the strongest fighters of the New World. Through this most basic application, even something as simple as a pebble can be propelled at such speeds that avoidance becomes almost impossible; and with enough force to easily punch a hole trough even the sturdiest of foes and leave a path of utter devastation in its wake. Using his psychokinesis in such a manner is a process as simple as breathing, due to the superficially small scale at which it requires him to work, and thus he usually fires several of these bullets at once.

Should this basic application prove fruitless, Isamu can instead focus his power into more refined ways; typically manifesting as extremely sharp blades of psychic energy, which can be manipulated remotely and are almost imperceptible to the naked eye. With but a gentle sweep of these he's been able to bifurcate an entire regiment of marine soldiers, dying the coastal village of Primarena red with their blood. In combat, these blades have proven themselves capable of stealthily dismembering his foes from various angles, emerging beneath, above or behind his foes with ruthless efficiency as he desires. Manipulated by his mind alone, Isamu can wield these powers even if he's restrained in any way and needn't use his hands at all, to the extent that some of his most notorious massacres have been performed by simply strolling around a town, reaping the lives of whomever happened to come within reach. Should he ever actually direct the blades with hand gestures however, their reach, speed and strength vastly increases to the point that they risk overpowering even Haki-enhanced defenses.

However, the reach of the Nou Nou no Mi extends farther still, for were he to extend his powers to the highest potential he can comfortably achieve with minimal strain to his body and psyche, he can unleash shockwaves of such raw destruction so to be capable of tearing a massive vessel to shreds and obliterating its entire crew, harnessing the enormous potential within his Devil Fruit to a most destructive end to his foes. Opponents who have pressured Isamu sufficiently often find themselves destroyed in this manner, their very bodies breaking down into motes of dust upon the wind; disintegrating upon contact, to this day, noone has survived a direct hit from these blasts; although to be fair, there hasn't been many capable enough to push Isamu to such extremes. Beyond these three fundamental applications, he's learned to harness the power of psychokinesis in various other ways.

Flight: By applying the first basic application of his psychokinesis to himself, Isamu is capable of sustained flight with a more or less non-existant drain on his stamina; because as someone who's capable of potentially lifting an object as large as an entire ship, lifting a man of his build and weight is a trivial matter. It is for this reason that Isamu has no need of a ship, opting to simply transport himself and his thralls through the air, an effort which is simple enough to accomplish. The speed at which Isamu flies varies depending on the amount of effort he puts into it, although due to his small size in comparison to a vessel, he's capable of outmanuevering most ships with ease, and should he desire to he might cover immense distances in a single day. Due to the minimal strain involved in sustaining this application, Isamu can freely engage in combat with excellent results while airborne, giving him an aerial advantage that few can adequately challenge, and he can impart this potential to anyone he wants, although at an increasingly greater strain for each additional person.


Kenbunshoku HakiEdit

Busoshaku HakiEdit

Fighting StyleEdit

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