Mugen, known to none as "Bones" lived a normal life until he went to a restaurant and accidently got fed the Spook-Spook Fruit, when his body changed into his "Spooky Form" the marines were called when the owners thought that Mugen was a monster.

After barely managing to escape the marines he was left with a bounty of 250. The reason for this bounty was disturbing the peace and resisting arrest.


Mugen appears to be a red skeleton from toes to head. He wears a suit and tie. He is usually seen smoking.


Mugen has a disapointing personality, he seems to always complain about how old he is and how he was so handsome before eating the Yūrei Yūrei no mi. He has a disdain relationship with all cooks.


Born in a widely populated city located somewhere in the South Blue

Some time in his late 40s he decided to visit the local popular restaurant, whilst eating at the restaurant he was fed the Yūrei Yūrei no mi, this devil fruit turned him into a spooky human. He gained a bounty of 250 after disturbing the peace and resisting arrest.

Devil FruitEdit

Name: Yūrei Yūrei no mi, Spooky-Spooky Fruit

Meaning: Yūrei meaning Spooky

Power: Turns the user into a spooky human

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Spooky Human: Due to eating the Yūrei Yūrei no Mi Mugen has the ability to turn into a spooky human. Unknown to Mugen he has the ability to turn into many spooky entities.
  • Fear Form: When Mugen and others are experiencing intense fear Mugen is able to tap into the deeper powers of the Yūrei Yūrei no Mi. In this mode Mugen's personality changes to the point in which he no longer retains any of his old emotions and personal traits, he enters a fear induced rampage, the stronger the fear the stronger his is.
    • Fear Inducement: When fear takes over Mugen's body it is able to induce more fear into anyone within the vicinity. This also amplifies Mugen's empowerment.
  • Fear Embodiment: When the fear form itself starts to fear Mugen awakens his Awakening Mode. In Awakening mode mugen is able to induce masses of fear unto others and turn them into slaves to his fear rendering them unable to fight.
  • Boku Ni Totte Amarini Bukimina: Mugen attempts to bluff the enemy into surrending by trying to be spooky.
  • Boo: Mugen shouts boo at the enemy in an attempt to spooky them out of fighting him.
  • Kowai Gyōshi: Mugen performs a death stare at the enemy. Another attempt to bluff the enemy into running away.
  • 'Ni Bukimina: (二不気味な) Mugen performs Boku No Totte Amarini Bukimina in combination with Boo and Kowai 'Gyōshi to perform Ni Bukimina, Mugen is able to create the ultimate spooky factor in another attempt to spook the enemy into running away

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