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Jonathan is a pirate, and the Ace of Clubs for the Monk Pirates. He received his epithet Juggernaut back when he was a Marine, because of his power and his fighting style.


Tank full

Jonathan is an incredibly large man, being comparable to an Admiral's height. Despite being so tall, his body is still very well in proportion. He is also extremely muscular, even when compared to his huge body. He has short, brown hair, and his eyes are green, often seen with a distant look about them. This can be noticed about him whenever he is bored, which is most of the time. They clear up the moment he starts fighting. He wears a very tight, blue tank top and a pair of light jeans that are held up by a belt.



Beaten tank

Jonathan after his "encounter" with Daikaku.

Ever since he was a child, Jonathan wanted to be a Marine. His dream was to become an Admiral, the strongest force of Justice, so he could wipe out the evil in the world. Eventually, as he grew older, this desire to eliminate evil from the world grew weaker, while his desire to fight grew stronger. Jonathan grew to be a very big man, working out constantly, even when working. Because of this, he started getting very strong, and started taking out bigger pirate names. This quickly jumped his career to the height of Rear-Admiral. At that point, his training saw a major spike, not only training his body, but his Haki as well. His growth was seen as quite promising by the upper echelon of the World Government, and it was hypothesized that he would make Admiral sooner than later. However, one day he was sent out to eliminate a rising threat in "Mad Monk" Daikaku. He came back from the encounter beaten up, and left the Marines shortly after in order to join his pirate crew.



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  • His appearance is based off of Tanktop Master from Onepunch-Man.
  • His birthday was the day the first Mr. Universe competition was held.