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This man is feared among even one of the most feared kingdom within the New World. His strength had surpassed that of even the normal giant making a name for himself as not only the king of Elbaf, but the strongest one within this country. Years of resisting the Yonko, much like few of the other kingdoms within the New World had made a name for the kingdom for to be one of the most impenetrable ones by means of war. This country had as well been known for to be brutal for the many destruction of Marine ships and Pirate ships they had easily taken down. After years of fighting by themselves, this man had been successfully convinced by Masamune to form an underground alliance with Kokuban. This had made both Elbaf's army and Kokuban much more secure and powerful, as well as becoming close friends that train with each other.



Arkyn had been born into a royal family with his father being the already king of Elbaf. He had led Elbaf through many challenges and ultimately led them to success. He was respected through out the entire kingdom and was widely known through out the world for his actions within the New World. The ability to resist the Yonko and the Marines is a achievement not many are able to do, in fact, only a small handful have ever resisted them successfully. Arkyn's father had trained him in combat as well as how to do the job of a king as he was the next in line for king. He had followed his father everywhere to other areas of the country and had assisted him with speeches as well. Soon his father had been stressed out with his position and had spent many a night alone, having hired a personal assistant to help Arkyn.

This assistant had been named Murgoth and he had followed Arkyn mostly through his life. Murgoth had given Arkyn much advice even during his childhood, as well as training him. In regular combat he had been trained to match that of the average giant in which he was trained to utilize his great brute power in the most efficient way. This had been the case for him learning of the country and training for most of his childhood. Arkyn had as well seen first hand life for those who did not serve in Elbaf's army which had inspired him to think of ideas of how to improve their life. This had also been the time where Arkyn had improved his combat to match the average giant and soon surpass them in sheer skill. Part of the training for regular Elbafian soldiers had been training under the forms of Haki to develop them and more importantly Busoshoku Haki. Arkyn had learned and mastered Busoshoku Haki, but has had to master Kenbunshoku Haki as well due to his position. Murgoth had been known as a world renowned teacher among the giants so it was only natural that Arkyn had developed advanced fighting capabilities.


At the brink of reaching adulthood Arkyn had reached a massive growth spurt. His height had towered higher than the average giant and had basically dwarfed them. This had made him especially noticed among the kingdom as a giant among giants. No other giant had seen this sort of size except one other time many years ago where there had been a giant that reached this size unknowingly. Arkyn had been blessed with this massive size and with that came natural power due to this size. Since he had massively grown his power had been amplified with it as well, allowing for him to easily overwhelm the average Elbaf warrior with a single punch.

Soon after his growth spurt his father had decided to step down from his throne. This had been because he had felt far too old to carry on his duties of king and decided to pass the throne down to his son, Arkyn. Naturally he had taken the job of an adviser, as with Murgoth accepting this role as well. A present for the becoming of the new Elbaf King, Arkyn's father had gave him a treasured comb for his mustache. This mustache had been specially designed with a mix of metals and had been big enough to fit relative size to that of Arkyn himself. Albeit this had been mostly special due to the fact his father had given him this gift. Through years of being king Arkyn had developed experience of being a king and had led the kingdom through great success.

He had personally confronted the issue of those outside of Elbaf's army and within short of a few years he had made life for them much better. They had all been built multiple hospitals and several useful buildings within each town to assist them under direction of Arkyn and that had helped them very much. He had been praised for his effectiveness towards the others within the country as well as maintaining his focus on Elbaf's army as well. Murgoth had taken role of training two divisions of this army to only meet with a sudden death due to old age. This had made Arkyn sorrowful as Murgoth had been close to him, this had hindered his focus of being a king and had forced his father to retake the role of king temporarily until he had gotten over this.

In a self thought process trip Arkyn had taken he had decided to walk among the forest populated by giant trees within Elbaf. Here, he had made deep thoughts of how to cope with this issue. Such thought had resulted in brief anger issues causing incredible damage to the forest and shocks felt throughout the entire island. He had found a gigantic fruit with swirls on it lying in the middle of one of his craters. He had picked it up and said," This. This is a.." He had continued to inspect this fruit until he decided to dive right in. He took a huge bite taking out half of the fruit at once. He instinctively spit out most of it because of the gross taste, only that some of the fruit had been consumed and the power had been transferred. Arkyn could not tell what the fruit had done and decided to return to the kingdom.

He had soon gotten over the death of Murgoth and accepted his position as king of Elbaf. He had thanked his father very much that he had taken over the role temporarily and had tapped him in the shoulder with his one finger as that was all it could fit. In a random burst, a sudden flow of electricity had exited out of the finger. The finger had run through his father's body and shot through the nearby wall creating a huge hole. His father had collapsed and Arkyn had cried out for a doctor. His father did not die however, but he did sustain massive damage and had been on the brink of death. He had been saved and had been thoroughly apologized by Arkyn. He had explained this issue and had came to the conclusion he had to train this ability which had been followed under the direction of several teachers among the army.

Many years later Arkyn had led the country through a time of peace and a little to no crime rate in most areas. This had been the time when Masamune had visited this kingdom mysteriously. He had personally infiltrated this country alone, a feet no normal being could accomplish. He had taken down several of the giants that had located only to personally talk to the king himself. The king had welcomed him because he had gotten a certain good vibe off of him. Masamune had told him his interest in mustaches although not having his own which had gotten on Arkyn's good side. After much explanation Masamune had finally convinced Arkyn to form an underground alliance with his group Kokuban in order to fight for each other if the time ever arises.


A giant among giants, a height to this man far surpassing the regular definition of a Giant. His height is often compared to that of Sanjuan Wolf, the tallest giant ever recognized. A height able to tower over high buildings and easily make the ground shake in one simple step. He often does not wear a shirt due to the fact that finding clothes for his specific height is rather difficult, so he has to deal with pants only. He usually covers his upper body up until his neck with hardened Busoshoku Haki. This is a way to pretend he's wearing armor while training his Haki at the same time and to never be caught off guard. He has a mustache, quite well trimmed and his most prized possession is his comb in which he combs his mustache daily.


A happy man, despite his position within the world he is quite relaxing and likes to see things from a bright happy point of view. He is not one who is known to kill someone on purpose without good enough reason. His optimism has greatly effected his leadership over his country, allowing for him to make decisions for the better of the country than rather for his kingdom. His leadership had driven the giants of Elbaf out of being brutal savages. He had driven them to live a life of optimism and follow a code of honor. This led for the country to not only become more stronger, but had made it much more organized and much more obediant to the rule of the kingdom. This had led for this country to strive within the new world and continuously resist being taken over by the Yonko or even the World Government.

When Masamune had entered this land of giants, he had at first asked the king directly of the offer of an alliance. The king had been rather quick to answer and had told him that he had the feeling they would make great friends. Despite Masamune having taken down some of the giants upon entering the country, him and the king had soon hit it off. Masamune had tried playing on the king's good side once he had realized what it was. He had mentioned his fondness of mustaches and him longing to grow one, however being incapable to grow one. Masamune had slowly convinced Arkyn to side with him and to create an underground alliance. They had agreed to this alliance mutually, but had kept it a secret from the world. This agreement had led them to protect each other in the case of a major fight as well as them becoming close friends. This fits in with his personality because it shows how the King is quick to trust, although he does not push it to a point where it seems like pure naivety.

Arkyn is quite fond of his mustache, he had this particular mustache for as long as he could even remember. He is quite worried of random animals happening to be hidden within his mustache that he combs it on a half an hour basis. His comb is his prized possession, this had been a gift from his father after he had become incredibly larger than the average giant. This comb had been used to the point where he had even used it as a weapon when he needed to, instead of a sword or an axe. The edges of the comb are razor sharp, but seem to never cut Arkyn due to his skin naturally being tough even on his face. When hes bored he sometimes sings songs about mustaches that happen to have little to no other words other than the word "mustache". He is quite annoyed at any mention of a beard and will try his best to cut one off with his comb at sight.

He loves to practice fighting, but can never fight due to his towering height over most giants. He usually fights the ground as for training himself, which to others it seems silly. Even though it seems silly, the shock-waves of strength sent through the ground can even injure nearby giants and cause huge craters. The massive power supplied onto the ground can sometimes induce earthquakes due to the fault being forced to shift.



Arkyn's gifted comb, his ultimate treasure.

His gifted comb, the very one his father had given him that would always fit his size no matter how far he grew. Many people believe treasure simply refers to that of gold and jewels that shine beyond belief, however to Arkyn, his treasure is his comb, an ultimate possession he keeps to himself much like the relation of Monkey D. Luffy and his straw hat. This comb had been forged by the best of Elbaf using the best of metals. The design onto this comb is complex and makes it look exquisite. The fancy pattern on the end of the comb makes it unique and treasured by Arkyn almost as much as he cares about his country. The way it was designed made it so it could be wielded as if a weapon as well. The comb leaves a handle for the arm to grasp with the end part to have razor sharp part of the comb. This however does not injure Arkyn rather it provide a good itch because since he has an enormous amount of size his skin is much tougher. This is Arkyn's main weapon and would go berserk if something were to happen to it. This treasured comb had been named Maximilian



The style of using a comb in combat had been essentially unique to this man especially given his unique size even among the giants as well. Using the handle on the comb allows him to wield this as if some kind of fancy sword. This is often a one handed style of combat where he holds the comb in his hand and strikes it using it in specific ways. This very style had been invented by Arkyn over his fondness over this comb had forced him to only use this comb for a weapon, other than his fists. Each edge of the comb are razor sharp allowing to easily cut down ones inferior in power to shreds.

He had soon developed unique ways of using this comb in combat such as creating compressed air slashes with each edge of the comb making a large amount of air slashes in one swing. Due to his large size and the large size of the comb he easily makes destruction with this weapon, he is capable of creating adjacent large crevices relative to a human in one swing. Even relative to the normal giant these slashes are immensely huge, capable of cutting them even in half in one swing due to the enormous amount of power and size to each strike.

Soon after gaining his devil fruit, he had learned how to completely engulf his comb in searing electricity, capable of burning, paralyzing and electrocuting the entire area around it. This only makes his power over the comb just that much more dangerous, to the point where it can easily kill large crowds around him of even regular giants. However, he does not use this skill to intentionally kill beings, but most of the time when he engages combat there are a lot of unintentional fatalities. He had developed a numerous amount of techniques using the comb that would shock many people as to how one was able to use a comb as a dangerous weapon.

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Giant's alone are naturally powerful and can easily classified by some as one of the strongest races that inhabit earth. They are gifted with their immense size which would obviously come with power. Although giant's are incredibly powerful due to their size, Arkyn being a giant among giants is known to be incredibly powerful to the same relationship of an average human compared to the average giant. This is only Arkyn's natural strength, he had grown stronger by training throughout his life under his father's assistant to learn how to utilize such brute strength properly. He is able to cause catastrophic damage by simply punching the ground, the same power that's able to cause shock-waves through the air with simple power.

An example of this pure strength is when he had jumped into the air and punched straight down to the ground. This impact of this punch created a huge crater in the ground which had shook the entire kingdom where he had attempted this technique. Such power had forced the creations of cliffs and canyons relative to that of a regular giant. The difference between the natural strength of Arkyn and a regular Elbafian giant warrior is the same as the difference between a Elbafian giant warrior and a simple marine soldier underling.


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Devil FruitEdit

Arkyn had eaten the Denkō Denkō no Mi, a Paramecia type fruit he had found one time while on a trip within a giant forest in Elbaf where Arkyn went to think to himself. Although Arkyn himself was enourmas he was tall enough to still walk through the forest comfortably and be able to be under the tree's length by crouching and possibly sitting with in it. The "devil" within the fruit had taken home into one of the giant fruits that had grown within the forest. The fruit's appearance had many swirls that had differed in size in each swirl, this had created an impressively complex design of swirls while having a yellow color. The fruit itself had looked as if it were an apple to the size of a giant, which to a human would look incredibly large, but to Arkyn it would look somewhat puny. What had made this particular fruit catch his eye was the design of it which had intrigued him.

The ability of the devil fruit had not come to him instantly when he had first eaten the fruit. It had taken him a while to finally realize what kind of devil fruit it was or what the fruit even was. The ability had first come to him when he was consulting with his father. The smallest of contact he had given to his father had resulted in his near-death due to an enourmas expulsion of electricity that had exited his one finger. Due to this experience, Arkyn had devoted alot of his time to training his electric ability as well as learning more of how to be a leader on his own in order to succeed his father.

Due to the devil fruit not actually turning the person itself into the element and allowing for infinite production of said element, it cannot be classified as a logia type. Since it involves production of said element and manipulation that reflects one's physical capabilities would make it fall under the classification of a Paramecia fruit. The fact that the power of the electricity produced by Arkyn reflects his physical capabilities makes the fruit especially dangerous. Arkyn's physical strength is an incredibly force to be reckoned with mostly because of his giant genes as well as the genes that forced his height to highly exceed the regular height of giants which would make his strength grow exponentially as a result. He had also been through much training through his childhood under people as well as his occasional training periods with himself would allow his physical strength to be enourmas. This would allow the electricity produced by him to be created largely and powerfully compared to if a human or a regular giant were to eat this fruit instead. This makes his electricity incredibly difficult to avoid. The amount of electricity he can produce would be seemingly infinite, however has its limits once he himself has reached his limits.

With the devil fruit ability, he is naturally immune to the effects of electricity due to his capabilities of manipulating it, however can force it to effect himself if he chooses so. The electricity he projects can move incredibly fast and is powerful enough to literally cause massive destruction. The power of his electricity is also capable of the destruction of even Elbafian ships, which only proves how destructive it can be. This devil fruit not only allows for him to destroy, it can also elecrocute those who can conduct it such as people or objects and areas like water. These bolts of electricity can practically render someone's body useless through direct electrocution through paralysis and even instant death. Arkyn is capable of creating different kinds of lightning through the devil fruit.

The heat of the electricity produced is also immense, to the point where it could quite literally "fry" someone on contact with his devil fruit ability. The heat is intense enough to melt metals such as iron and gold. It can also melt down rock as well as being able to incinerate the insides of people. Arkyn is also capable of adjusting the amount of voltage in his electricity and can make it go incredibly high which reflects his physical strength to how much the devil fruit is limited. The amount of volts he can push the devil fruit to can exceed past that of even a regular thunderbolts allowing for it to be an incredibly dangerous force.

The devil fruit ability he had obtained not only allows him to create electricity and project it from his body, but he can use it and project it from objects such as his weapon of choice, his comb. He can make his comb electrical and project it outwards through the comb as if he wanted to launch an electrical slash or a bolt of lightning through the comb. Through use of his electricity he has created a numerous amount of techniques through himself and his comb allowing for him to be an incredibly dangerous person to battle.

The devil fruit sufferes from the weakness of materials that cannot conduct electricity. For example, one material would be rubber in that Arkyn would not be able to elecrocute a person made of rubber or things made of that as well. However, Arkyn can avoid this issue by using the lightning to burn and melt rubber or other materials using the incredibly high temperature produced of his electricity. Arkyn suffers weakness from a large amount of seastone and water, due to his incredibly large size, a small amount of these would barely effect him.






  • "Mustaches are the man's way of saying he's a man of honor, except for those with beards."