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Juli is a navigator in the South Blue. She is a very wealthy girl who spends her time traveling all over the South Blue on various cruises and yachts attending expensive parties as a VIP guest.


Juli is a slim young woman of average height, with blonde hair and blue eyes. She has her hair set up into twin-tails curly hair drills on both sides of her head hanging over her shoulders that have been tied up into a bow tie with purple ribbons with pink spots decorated all over. She has a lock of hair over the forehead as bangs with two locks of hair extending down beside her face on both sides swirled into a mini hair drill.

Her style of fashion exceeds normal expectations as she always wears the latest and most expensive wardrobe that is considered to be the top quality anywhere she goes. Her most recent wardrobe consist of a shoulderless purple blouse with dark purple straps over her shoulders and a black string that loops around her neck with a black string vest covering the stomach area over the blouse. She also wears a black mini skirt with two pink lines running down from the right while revealing her bottom stomach area. The mini skirt is decorated with a white belt with a heart-shaped buckle with two rings attached to it and a bead chain attached to the rings and the belt. She finishes this latest fashion choice with black high socks with black high sandals that has pink straps.


Juli is is one of the smartest character in the South Blue due to her cleaver knowledge


Abilities and PowersEdit

Physical AbilitiesEdit

Navigation and Cartography ExpertiseEdit

Juli is a highly skilled navigator and is extremely talented in understanding and practice of making maps. She has a wide variety of cartographic skills having drawn both bathymetric and geographic maps during her childhood with the aided help of her teacher which demonstrates her exceptional expertise.

She is capable of formulating advanced equations in her mind in mere minutes to predict a precise course of action against weather and sea phenomenon. She has a supernatural ability to sense changes in the weather, and can even predict the emergence of supposedly unpredictable cyclones.

Art of WeatherEdit



Juli grew up as a rich and high class girl who always lived in luxury.