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The Kae Kae no Mi (, Alter-Alter Fruit) is a very dangerous fruit that grants the user the ability absorb the existing energies for the use of empowering their body physically or to exert vast amounts of raw energy to use for whatever purpose. Everything exudes an energy whether it be living or non living. The Devil Fruit allows its user to see each and every aura upon will. By making physical contact with living things he is capable of absorbing their life energy itself to rejuvenate himself from damage. When absorption of nonliving matter is in process, the energy is taken in and converted. This occurrence leaves the physical structure of the said object destroyed, as it annihilates the very atoms that hold it intact. Anything made of matter has a limit to which it cannot surpass. Devil Fruit such as the Bari Bari no Mi are rendered useless as the user could overload it with energy that exceeds its limitation. Energy can be absorbed from various events such as the user intercepting an incoming punch with his hand, absorbing the kinetic energy that was put into a forceful punch and releasing that same energy into the his or her leg for a powerful kick. The user of this Devil Fruit is renown as a Energy Human.