Kagi Kagi no Mi is an article presented and written by Dragon Lord Erin

The Kagi Kagi no Mi (かぎかぎの実, Kagi Kagi no Mi) is a Paramecia Devil Fruit that makes the user a Key Human (鍵人間, Kagi Ningen). This fruit allows the user to create and manipulate keys at at will. It was eaten by Wynn Trevor

Strengths and Weaknesses Edit

One of the strengths of this fruit is that it gives the user to generate large amounts of keys of all shapes and sizes, as well as control them. The user can create multiple small keys and cause them to swarm opponents. They can also design the key with sharp features allowing them to possibly create minor cuts or wounds when the keys cut them. This devil fruit has a much greater power however. The user can generate special keys that can unlock or lock any lock. This is extremely helpful in espionage or simply treasure hunting. The user is also capable of generating keys that can unlock or lock other things such as potential, memories, or bodily functions such as sight or movement.

This fruit does not really suffer from any specific weaknesses besides the standard devil fruit ones. However if the user unlocks someones potential, including their own, it will cause that person great strain if they cannot quite handle it.

Trivia Edit