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Come, come everyone! Get the finest wares at the greatest price at Kaizen's Mobile Merchant Service! You won't get anything better! Why? Because I procure everything first-hand! From the greatest depths of the ocean to atop scorching volcanoes! Come, come, my beloved customers!
— Kaizen advertising his business.
"The merchant of extremities."

Kaizen (鬻善, Kaizen) is a Merchant among the vast world of Pirates, Marines and in-betweeners, selling various unique weapons, tools and technologies that are normally privy to only a select few parties underneath the banner of Kaizen's Mobile Merchant Service. Among the general populace, he is known as the Jack of All Trades (万屋, Yorozuya), specifically due to the variety of wares he has at any given time. In saying this, his wares have forced the Marines to pay crucial attention to his actions, specifically because of his connections to Brokers of various areas. Consequently, Kaizen is dubbed as a Pirate by the organization of justice, with an unnamed bounty placed on his head.

Prior to his current occupation, Kaizen was a Samurai from the Wano Country. Undue circumstances caused him to flee from the country, taking upon his current identity to preserve his life. Nevertheless, his old passion and wish to become the "Greatest Swordsman in the World" has him hunt down swordsmen and swords alike, his current target being Jormungandr.

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Kaizen's general attire.


Kaizen's true muscularity.

Kaizen is a man whose appearance matches his profession and background, making most people instantly recognize his nature of work and thus make - rather appropriate - assumptions about his character. Kaizen is a man of average height and build, with his most defining feature being his royal blue hair. He normally keeps it trimmed, hanging just underneath his ears. His fringe is parted to the right, with some strands hanging near his shapely eyebrows, while the rest of it seemingly travels down to his cheek. Complementing his hair is his eye color, which is also an illustrious blue. Over these, he normally wears circular or slightly curved spectacles, depending on his mood. While the former only are framed across the bottom, the latter have frames across the entirety of the lense. With regards to facial features, Kaizen doesn't possess any notable exceptions to the norm. However, he does possess a sharp nose, jawline and thin lips. Although given the facial expressions he makes daily, few seemingly recognize these traits typically associated with attractiveness. Kaizen reveals to truly powerful opponents that the majority of his appearance was constructed through the use of the Life Return skill — a sign of Kaizen's incredible martial prowess. Kaizen, in fact, possesses an extremely defined physique, with hard abs, muscular chest, vein-lined forearms, strong biceps, triceps and accordingly powerful legs. 

Kaizen typically wears attire that strays from the norm for a common individual, while going back and highlighting his heritage from the Wano Country. In particular to note is the long cloak around his body, also regarded as a haori. It is a dark grey in color with blue flame-like pattern across its surface, lined in gold. Underneath, he wears a khaki undershirt, known as a kosode, with dark blue on its interior all the way down to his waist. Across his waist and part of stomach he wears a bright yellow piece of cloth to keep his attire fitting. Under this he seemingly wears a darker green cloth that stretches down to his legs while over it is another sash that is orange with yellow patterns etched on its surface. He also keeps some unknown tag on his makeshift belt, its significance not being known. Finally, for his lower-body he wears a pair of genie pants, black tabi and waraji: socks and sandals. For accessories, Kaizen enjoys wearing a white and blue scarf, a gold bead necklace and black and gold armguards, the latter seemingly only having ornamental value.

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Kaizen narrowly blocking the fist of Fleet Admiral Kurama.

Kaizen boasts superb skill even among the vast plethora of combatants that exist in this day and age. However, his skill is often-time downplayed by his refusal to shed his disguise under common conditions. Nevertheless, the very fact that he has managed to survive this long in the New World as a merchant without being forced into a Pirate Crew who have monopolized the territory for themselves is a feat on its own...

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Kaizen is a highly skillful swordsman despite what his appearance might suggest. His swordsmanship has been honed for years on end during his time in the Wano Country and he can accordingly fight virtually any opponent in a face-on collision of swords without having to worry about his well-being. Unlike most individuals who follow a single style of fighting, Kaizen has adopted two for the sake of keeping his disguise manifested in the Grand Line. His first is the style that he normally employs with his saber, San'ō and the second is the style that brings out his true potential, as well as the one he exclusively utilizes with katana-based blades, although his most common is Akatsuki.

While his true finesse is obviously derived from his adherence to the forms that he has developed and mastered, Kaizen's raw skill and power as a swordsman is not just for show either. An example of his skill lies in his ability to masterfully employ the Power of Destruction (破壊力 Hakairyoku?) through his blade. While dubbed as such due to the rumors surrounding its nature, this "power" is no more than highly advanced applications of incredible strength and skill, specifically related to the force utilized in one's attacks. Kaizen can manifest this force in terms of his natural physical prowess, ability to cut through impenetrable materials and objects of incredible size, transferring the force of his blows to the environment and imbuing his blade with Busoshoku Haki. All of these feats have been integrated into the fundamentals of Kaizen's combat styles, thus causing him to be a terrifying opponent to any who face his true prowess with a blade.

Aozora Tobuga-ryu Edit


Kaizen's Aozora Tobuga-ryu in action.

Kaizen's primary combat style, known as the Aozora Tobuga-ryu (青空跳ぶ牙流 Aozora Tobuga-ryū?, Style of the Blue Sky's Flying Fang), is the one that compliments the nature of the blade San'ō to the greatest extent. According to a survivor of the style's fury, it was described as a "maelstrom of attacks that, despite individual attacks being weak, were as fearsome as monsoonal rains should one not be able to escape."

As evident by this description, this form of combat is primarily offensive. Kaizen, upon unsheathing his sword, balances its position near the center of his chest while the blade points towards his enemy. When this is achieved, Kaizen begins to hop in his stationary position slightly, while swaying the movement of the blade ever-so-slightly in an upwards and downwards fashion; the movement of a seesaw, in other words. Kaizen also purposefully mismatches the timing of these two movements, thus creating the optical illusion of the sword bending and changing shape despite being completely straight.

However, any skilled swordsman can catch through the trick and thus nullify it. The thing that truly defines Kaizen's style is the very existence of San'ō contributing to it. The very construction of this blade was made with the idea to deceive an opponent even with a straight thrust by way of light refraction. Through employing the makeshift curvature by an optical illusion created on his own in tandem with the incredible refractive properties of the blade enables him to supposedly attack an enemy from virtually any angle at a given time, despite all of these being mere illusions. It is a brutally offensive style that makes use of extremely light, but fast thrusts and lunges in order to pierce through an enemy's defense slowly and steadily, overwhelming them through simple, unpredictable maneuvers.

As expected, the style boasts incredible mobility, with him requiring to both bounce and move across the field and into his opponent's field with no hesitation, shifting from one position to another with enough agility to overpower any conventional opponent's visual sense and accordingly defeat them in a few critical strikes. Notably, there are also several exploitable weaknesses to this fighting style that any skilled, observant fighter may recognize. The primary flaw lies in the sheer energy consumption of this style. Throughout the entirety of the style's use, the user must be in an almost constant state of movement. While it surely mitigates the potential of being struck by an opponent, it must be used in short bursts. In addition, the illusions created by the blade do not possess shadows, as they are not real. Therefore, should one possess the insight, courage and maneuverability, they can bypass the cascade of blows and strike Kaizen directly.

Getsureki Jinsaku-ryu Edit

Kaizen's true combat style, known as the Getsureki Jinsaku-ryu (月暦刃作流 Getsureki Jinsaku-ryū?, Style of the Moon Calendar's Swordwork)...

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Busoshoku Haki (武装色の覇気 Busō-shoku no Haki?, Color of Armaments Haki) is one of three forms of Haki and performs the most commonly recognized due to its exceptional effectiveness against Devil Fruits and associated abilities. Given Kaizen's lack of a Devil Fruit, as well as his wandering through all parts of the world — including the New World — he was forced to awaken and learn this particular form of Haki and its counterpart. As-of now, Kaizen bears exceptional skill with the invisible force that is generated from his willpower. His most common usage of the skill is to imbue it within his general combat style, creating explosive shockwaves after every strike that causes even skillful evasions to be compromised. Likewise, his control over the force is undeniably great enough to activate it simultaneously with Kenbunshoku, albeit halving both of their raw potentials, in exchange for a much more veritable and adaptable combat form. Due to Kaizen's extensive training on his own, experience in a wide variety of battle situations and his rather frequent purchase of skills, he has managed to acquire a wide variety of techniques and applications for the skill to use any time he is in some sort of peril.

  • Busoshoku: Koka (武装色 硬化 Busō-shoku: Kōka?, Color of Armaments: Hardening): One of the most common types of skills available to any user of Busoshoku Haki is the ability for them to harden any substance that they desire. Through imbuing one's Haki within the medium rather than leaving it as an outside force, one seemingly creates a layer of extreme hardness across the surface of the medium it makes contact with. Accordingly, all attacks possess grand increases in brute force, while the medium also gains enhanced durability. On top of that, the concentration of Haki within a smaller radius enables the Haki's power to be proportionately greater due to its density. Although, given that one's Haki is concentrated within that area, the user temporarily sacrifices control over the "invisible force" in favor for the pitch-black mediums created through the use of the technique.

Kaizen's most basic use of Ansoku.

  • Busoshoku: Koka — Ansoku (武装色 硬化・暗息 Busō-shoku: Kōka — Ansoku?, Color of Armaments: Hardening — Dark Breath):
  • Busoshoku: Kaito (武装色 外套 Busō-shoku: Kaitō?, Color of Armaments: Cloak):

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Kaizen's saber, San'ō.

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