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The Kami Kami no Mi (かみかみの実 Paper-Paper Fruit) is a Paramecia type of Devil Fruit which allows its user to create and manipulate paper, making the user a Paper Human (紙人間 Kami Ningen). It was eaten by Qasarhog Yanbaal, found by him after he was thrown out in the seas by his parents.


The Kami Kami no Mi takes on a yellow color, being shaped like a sphere with a brown stalk sprouting from its top. Throughout all of its structure, it has S-like designs.





According to himself, through unknown means, Yan has mastered and thus awakened the powers of the Kami Kami no Mi. Therefore, he is capable of turning his surroundings into paper and manipulate them as he sees fit.[1]

  • God's Essence ( () の本質 Kami no Honshitsu lit. Made of Paper): Yan gestures his hands at a person or object and their entire being becomes the element of paper itself. Then, having acquired the properties of said element, they can be manipulated in a variety of ways, even being folded with Yan's command.[2]



  • Superman ():


  • When written as the Japanese (紙), Kami means Paper.



  1. Operation: Elbaf: To support his claim of being capable of escaping, Yan says he awakened his powers.
  2. Operation: Elbaf: To save everyone, Yan shifts them and folds them like paper.