Kane Kane No Mi is an article presented and written by dal101

The Kane Kane is a Logia-type Devil Fruit that allows the user to create, control, and transform into metal at will, turning the user into a Metal Human (金属人間, Kinzoku Ningen).


Strengths and WeaknessesEdit

The Kane-Kane no Mi, also known as the Metal Metal fruit, is a Logia type devil fruit. As a logia, it shares many common traits with the Hie Hie no Mi as both fruits were solids, yet both still provided an air of intangibility. It allows the user to both control and make any kind of metal the user has ever touched. 

While most Logia fruits give their users the ability to dissipate out of harm's way by turning into their respective elements, it is interesting to note that this fruit is one of the few Logia fruits that can be hit with a physical attack. This is due to the fact that Metal is a solid element, unlike the more dynamic elements of other Logia. The user will generally just let the attack shatter that part of the body, assuming it can, and just reform it however. Though in some cases, particularly if the user is in a liquid metal state, attacks can simply pass through them like normal Logias.

As a Metal Man, the user of the Kane Kane no Mi is incredibly durable, as metal is one of the toughest elements. Most attacks will simply bounce off their hardened bodies. However, in something unique to this fruit, the user is only as tough as the metals they know. One of the weaknesses of the fruit is that a user of the this fruit can't turn into a or manipulate a metal they have never touched before.

The fact that the users is made of an extremely tough albeit heavy material means that while users of the fruit are incredibly durable and powerful, they tend to be extremely slow. The user is easily referred to as a juggernaut, nigh unstoppable once they start moving.