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Kasho Kasho no Mi (火傷火傷の実, Kasho Kasho no Mi) is a Paramecia Devil Fruit that gave Enya Blaise, navigator of the Black Widow Pirates, the ability of pure combustion, capable of rapidly destroying any substance that she makes contact with. Thus, turning her into a Combustion Human (燃焼, Nenshō Ningen).

Appearance Edit

"It was pretty gross to eat, was like I was chewing on ash. Though, it was definitely worth it."
—Blaise on the Kasho Kasho no Mi.

The Kasho Kasho no Mi is a round, circular, apple-like fruit, charred black in color and with raised wave-like patterns on it. According to Blaise, the fruit was warm when she consumed it and crumbled like ash when she bit into it. It also was noted to tasted charred.

Overview Edit

The Kasho Kasho no Mi is a potent and admirable Devil Fruit, with destructive capabilities rivaling that of the Hada Hada no Mi among others. It is classified as a Paramecia, giving Blaise the ability to combust anything she makes tactile contact with at varying degrees, even causing them to turn to ash. It has drastically enhanced her capabilities of physical combat, delivering massive damage with each strike. It can also be used to directly affect the environment, destroying ships, doors, weaponry, and safes among others items. It appears that almost no materials is above her incinerating properties. Seastone, Ustokos, and Busoshoku Haki (for a limited amount of time), currently make up the short list of materials that can withstand the heat. This Devil Fruit and her usage of it, alongside her skills as an expert navigator, tracker, and natural observer have made her an important part of Legs' arsenal when war is imminent.

By consuming the fruit, Blaise's natural body temperature was raised, making her abnormally warm to the touch, although it has no effect on her physical condition. Her body is drastically enhanced in the regard of core temperature, making her highly resistance to changes in temperature, hot or cold. This makes it very difficult to effect her with ice or other fire-based Devil Fruit. Her perception of temperature is enhanced as well, capable of detecting changes in the area, making it difficult to approach her without her own knowledge. In fact, she can even sense residual body heat as well as thermal signatures. By combining this ability with Kenbunshoku Haki, she is capable of sensing people by their body heat for several miles around her.

QOS - Kasho Kasho - Brand

Making contact with Blaise when "on" leaves a burning brand on the body.

QOS - Kasho Kasho - Effect

A human target being combusted by Blaise's brand.

Extras Edit

  • With this fruit, the author tried to take a different approach to fire-like powers.