Rage of the Red Dragon
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The Kata Kata no Mi is a logia Devil Fruit that grants whoever eats it the power to generate and transform into steel, in either a solid or liquid form. Its English name is the Chang Chang Fruit, being the sound of two metal objects being struck together. This allows for an almost limitless degree of versatility, both in close and at long ranges, allowing a user to produce weapons, blades, spikes, and even fully operational firearms in an instant. Its current user is Ulysess, an Admiral of the Marines.

Strengths and WeaknessesEdit

Being a Logia fruit, the Chang Chang Fruit allows the consumer to generate and transform into steel. This can be in one of two forms, appearing liquid when moving or transforming, and solid to make attacks and interact with the environment. The speed of the user’s transformation is also notable, as they can transform into a liquid metal form fast enough to dodge bullets. Another powerful aspect of this Fruit is that it grants the user the ability to armor themselves, instead of turning into their element and moving out of the way. This additional protection makes them all but immune to blades and blunt objects, however any sort of defence from there relies entirely on the user’s physical strength. The user is also immune to electric shock so long as they are on the connected to the ground in some manor, as the fruit turns the user into a human lightning rod.

While powerful, the Chang Chang Fruit does come with a small number of weaknesses, extreme temperatures being the foremost. Sub-zero temperatures pose little problem, but the user is vulnerable to extremely heat high enough to melt metal. Also, notably distinct from most other Logia users, the Chang Chang Fruit possesses no sort of large scale destruction attack. Other than that, the user of subject to the same weaknesses and vulnerabilities as any other devil fruit user.