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The Kaze Kaze no Mi fruit is a logia type fruit that was consumed by Raven D. Sora.


Having found this fruit, this one really had caught his eye when he had found it as a trophy for the village. He knew that he had to have this fruit, and had asked what he had do to to have it. This had led to Sora battling the village leader only to end up defeating him in combat. This brightly shining fruit had glistened in Sora's hand and he had felt reluctant to have this, even without knowing what the fruit's power was. He knew that it will have to be useful, for the only reason is that he had a hunch. He had gained wind powers after eating this fruit, later calling it the Kaze Kaze no Mi.

Strengths and WeaknessesEdit


The Kaze Kaze no Mi has the normal strengths of a logia fruit user. The user of this fruit turns them self into wind, with the power to manipulate wind and control air pressures. Since the user is made of wind, they cannot be attacked physically by normal means. The only way to physically attack a possessor of this fruit would be by means of Busoshoku Haki. Since this fruit allows for air manipulation as well, wind from the normal air can be used as a weapon for the user, allowing for a multitude of techniques.


The Kaze Kaze no Mi fruit has some weaknesses, since this fruit is logia and not a paramecia, physical strength is not a factor in the power of wind techniques. Also since this fruit is a logia type, it makes him vulnerable to being hit to Haki users. Since this is a wind fruit, it can be slowed down if shown to a dramatic decrease to the temperature of the air. The user is also vulnerable against the standard Devil Fruit weaknesses.


The devil fruit is a spherical fruit, with a petal-like texture with spirals on each of them. The fruit takes a sky blue color while the leaves of the fruit take a dark turquoise color. The sky blue color resembles the wind aspect of the fruit as the spirals also hint at the fact that it is the Kaze Kaze no Mi fruit. The fruit has a blueish glow to it as if it was it's own light. It shines in the night, and it's shine shows through the day time as well. This fruit was described as extremely light, it had felt as if one was holding a feather. One could get the feeling that if picked up by a wind breeze, it would fly away. Due to the fruit's texture one might think the taste of the fruit would resemble that of cotton candy, or any sweet food. Although, anyone who would think that, would be sadly mistaken, since when Sora had eaten the fruit he had described it as," Tastes like I ate a bug... I'm not even sure its worth eating the rest."


This fruit turns the user into air, also allowing them to manipulate the wind as well as the pressure of air. All of the fruit's techniques and forms are all listed on Raven D. Sora under Devil fruit.