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The Kaze Kaze no Mi is a Logia type of Devil Fruit that was consumed by Raven D. Sora. It allows the user to produce, manipulate, and become the element of wind itself, making them a Wind Human (風人間 Kaze Ningen).


The devil fruit is a spherical fruit, with a petal-like texture with spirals on each of them. The fruit takes a sky blue color while the leaves of the fruit take a dark turquoise color. The sky blue color resembles the wind aspect of the fruit as the spirals also hint at the fact that it is the Kaze Kaze no Mi fruit. The fruit has a blueish glow to it as if it was it's own light. It shines in the night, and it's shine shows through the day time as well. This fruit was described as extremely light, it had felt as if one was holding a feather. One could get the feeling that if picked up by a wind breeze, it would fly away. Due to the fruit's texture one might think the taste of the fruit would resemble that of cotton candy, or any sweet food. Although, anyone who would think that, would be sadly mistaken, since when Sora had eaten the fruit he had described it as," Tastes like I ate a bug... I'm not even sure its worth eating the rest."


Having found this fruit, this one really had caught his eye when he had found it as a trophy for the village. He knew that he had to have this fruit, and had asked what he had do to to have it. This had led to Sora battling the village leader only to end up defeating him in combat. This brightly shining fruit had glistened in Sora's hand and he had felt reluctant to have this, even without knowing what the fruit's power was. He knew that it will have to be useful, for the only reason is that he had a hunch. He had gained wind powers after eating this fruit, later calling it the Kaze Kaze no Mi.



The Kaze Kaze no Mi has the normal strengths of a logia fruit user. The user of this fruit turns them self into wind, with the power to manipulate wind and control air pressures. Since the user is made of wind, they cannot be attacked physically by normal means. The only way to physically attack a possessor of this fruit would be by means of Busoshoku Haki. Since this fruit allows for air manipulation as well, wind from the normal air can be used as a weapon for the user, allowing for a multitude of techniques.


The Kaze Kaze no Mi fruit has some weaknesses, since this fruit is logia and not a paramecia, physical strength is not a factor in the power of wind techniques. Also since this fruit is a logia type, it makes him vulnerable to being hit to Haki users. Since this is a wind fruit, it can be slowed down if shown to a dramatic decrease to the temperature of the air. The user is also vulnerable against the standard Devil Fruit weaknesses.


This fruit turns the user into air, also allowing them to manipulate the wind as well as the pressure of air. All of the fruit's techniques and forms are all listed on Raven D. Sora under Devil fruit.


  • Kukikyosei (空気虚勢, Air Bluff): Despite his size being a little less than average, his strength is quite notorious as it was built up by density rather than size and large bulk. Using his strength he is able to create similar shock-waves to that of his wind powers through the air without actually using his wind powers. This is useful for combat for the fact that to create these shock-waves it does not force Sora to charge up wind and allows his physical strength to be a factor in the power of these shock-waves. The down-side to these shock-waves is that Sora has to use momentum as well as his normal strength to keep up with powerful attacks like these such as twisting the arm in mid-punch or kick. These strikes can be related to how when a skilled swordsman swings their blade and causes slashes to strike enemies from long range just by cutting the air. The dynamics of the air slash causing a vacuum of compressed air that transfers the force of the swing can be transferred over to a focused punch or kick. This would create instead of a slashing motioned air strike it would create a more or less blunt, but as well as destructive attack. This had taken Sora a while to learn how to do after his encounters of fighting against marine vice admirals that were capable of this very long range fighting style. When he had learned the fundamentals of this technique, he had still an incredible amount of trouble learning how to become capable of creating such of a "shock-wave" like strike. He was able to at first create small outbursts of the compressed wind, with only accidental help from his devil fruit. Becoming a Shichibukai allowed for Sora to become safe among the world government, which had also allowed for him to safely walk amongst marines, sometimes, without danger. He had seen a vice-admiral at first hand before he himself was challenged by him, knowing he was supposedly safe from the World government. After this battle, Sora had a little bit more of an understanding of this technique, but it still had confused him, it had annoyed him that he could not use his physical abilities in long ranged attacks. He then figured out that he could use his wind abilities to create a temporary area of compressed air in front of his fist allowing for to separate the devil fruit and his physical actions. By doing this, it became far more easier for Sora to create a vacuum out of the compressed wind and then proceeded to being able to launch it as if it were a normal shock-wave of wind. Since he has to hold the wind there for only one second, this move has to be done quickly while the wind is still there to separate the effects of a Logia and not allowing physical strength to be a factor, but since it is technically released it allows for Sora to utilize his physical strength in a long ranged attack. He had also found out that if the compressed wind had been infused with Haki that it would last longer there before his punch, allowing for a bigger force and even stronger than it is imbued with Haki, making it take a black color and also allowing it to attack at even larger ranges. This technique is what Sora calls this technique because he believes hes cheating amongst Logia'. Using wind in this kind of manner would imitate as if one were a Wind Paramecia fruit user, but since he had discovered that he can use this technique as long as the two actions are separated for a slight time it can act as if it weren't even a Logia type fruit. This move would prove quite ineffective if Sora is weakened, due to its reliance on his energy to be able to carry such a blow, even with the wind being supplied in front of his fist. Sora is capable of destroying ships with one shock-wave without having to use Haki with quite some ease and would prove a very deadly move to be struck by it at close range. This move does make Sora lose energy when using it compared to his unlimited ability to create wind, but only is stronger when is more concentrated which takes longer than to use this technique. This move is most compared to that of the secret technique of the Rokushiki style, Rokuogan, in appearance, that is. This reason is because this technique of Sora's is meant to mostly result in internal power from a distance rather than full on blunt or cutting force.
    • Nejireta Jodan (ねじれた冗談, Twisted Joke) The punch form is a twisting motion in the middle of the punch allowing for momentum added to the force of the punch allowing for an easier way for the the strength to transfer from the fist to the compressed wind. This motion adds an almost spinning motion to the shock-wave resembling how the fist moved before it had made impact with the air. This move is often also followed by one step forward with a twisting motion of his waste, this is a reflex from his martial arts training and is used by Sora in almost all of his combat related skills without him even needing to know. This reflex of course, increases the power of the attack quite noticeably. This shock-wave of wind moves quite fast, but its main focus is the amount of power put into this one strike. This technique developed by Sora is mostly meant for to use in close range combat due to it being devastating in power.
    • Chokusetsu Jodan (直接冗談, Direct Joke): This move is in the motion of a kick, and is meant to be a more of a much faster attack than the punch form of this shock-wave technique. This one uses the principles of the Air Bluff technique using a side kick, this would provide power for this move generally because of the fact that this is a kick, the leg provides more strength than the arms. Although, this move's power is inferior to the Twisted Bluff due to the fact that this move does not involve a twisting motion in the foot itself. This move is though, superior in speed and is meant for a much faster strike that is meant to hit the enemy before they have time to move. The purpose of using this technique would be to cut away at one's durability from far range at really fast speeds.
  • Toppu (突風 Air Blast): It focuses wind at the fist and when released it sends a shock wave of wind at the direction released at. When the blast is formed it shows as an orb like presence and will appear larger and more of a solid color the more wind compressed into it. The power of the shock wave depends on the amount of wind concentrated to the attack and level of Haki infused with the air which gives it a black color if infused with Haki. This move had been the first move Sora had created when he had obtained the devil fruit ability. The reason for this is because it is the most simplistic of all of Sora's moves but can still be the most strongest, it can be considered as if a normal blast of condensed wind. Through Sora's training with the devil fruit, this move has been changed. When he first began it was just a push of wind, not capable of any real damage. After his training with the tribal members he was able to use it to the point where it could knock back someone to the ground. After his training in the New World with the old man, Sora was able to use it to the point where it could deal a considerable amount of damage and even more if infused with his Haki. This technique at it's current potential is an incredibly compressed air attack that stays with in its condensed shape until it makes contact, releasing all of it's air on impact, capable of incredibly destructive damage. The Wind blast technique can be shaped to different styles such as a crescent or even an air blast of multiple range such as one that hits in a 360 degree range.
    • Toppu Danmaku (突風弾幕, Airblast Barrage): Creating and firing multiple wind blasts rapidly one after the other can only be maintained for only a few seconds due to the large amount of energy needed to produce this kind of power. Sora had learned this after his training with the tribe, this allowed him to deal damage in one rapid burst using the powerful wind blast attacks. Although after his training with the old man in the New World, being hit by this move directly would be fatal to almost anything. This move's efficiency had been well developed through his training to the point where he could preform this move without taking too much time to charge wind for it.
  • Kukisokon (空気創痕, Air Slash): Fires a precise crescent of compressed wind that moves at high speed able to match the strength of even iron, and can even cut through metals with ease and takes a black color when infused with Haki. Sora had developed this move after studying how swordsman fight. After studying this, Sora had created a move that resembles a sword slash allowing for to pierce wide targets, such as boulders. This move compresses the wind far enough to be able to cut steel with only a little amount of resistance. This move is used by Sora to cut down entire ships before he had gone through his training with the old man, which later could cut down several ships in a row as long as they were adjacent to each other due to Sora developing his efficient wind concentrating techniques better after his training. This move can be rapidly used by Sora to create multiple slashes to overwhelm an opponent.
  • Kuchu Bakuhatsu Ichi-to-ju (空中爆発マッハ1-10, Air Burst Mach 1-10): The Air Burst technique creates a burst of air at the base of the feet and causes a short burst of speed. The intensity of the speed and the burst of air differs from mach one through ten in standard form with mach one being the slowest and mach ten being the fastest. The higher the intensity of the Air Burst requires more energy used. This move had been created right after Sora had realized how to control wind to form a simple wind blast. He had created this move by forming bursts of wind at his feet which he had originally used for to fight wild animals. Later he developed it into a way of travel faster and made different Mach levels for the amount of concentration put into each Air Burst. Air bursts 1-7 are shown to make the user still visible to an average eyesight, but still makes him move much faster. Air bursts mach 8 and above are shown to have a vanishing effect to the user similar to masters of the Soru technique.
  • Kukisuinshiki (空気推進機, Air Propeller): This move allows the user to propel themselves using wind to fly in the air and allow complete control in the air at average speeds. The movement of the user moves at a constant speed unless influenced by using other move. This move can often be paired up with Air burst to allow for fast movement along the air depending on the mach used. Sora had developed this move during the time after he had finished training with the old village. He had developed this after studying his wind powers further and learning how to utilize flight, by manipulating the currents of the wind to keep his body afloat. After a while learning this technique, he had used this in conjunction with air burst during one of his fights against a Marine captain, allowing for fast air travel which had led to his victory.
  • Kukishinku no Kyutai (空気真空の球体, Air Vacuum Orb): Creates a dome much like Sora's Wind guard technique, however instead of utilizing it to defend against outside techniques Sora uses it to entrap him and his foe within this dome. In this area, Sora makes it entirely a vacuum, deprived of air for everyone with in the large orb except for Sora since he is entirely made out of wind. This technique isn't as difficult to escape once one is in it, however the longer one is in this area the more it is difficult to escape it due to the lack of breath. Sora is capable of reinforcing such a dome with his Busoshoku Haki making it more difficult to escape and to further entrap his opponent until they are completely out of air to breath. Sora has only been shown using this technique when his rage has exceeded his mental capacity, such as his first encounter with the marines after losing his crew-mates. He used this technique to suffocate the marine underlings and the captain ranked officer, however, spared their lives
  • Kukiwana (空気罠, Air Trap): One move that concentrates wind at one's fist and launches it into the ground. The move is scattered into the ground and travels down the ground in separate small wind bursts. The wind comes out of the ground beneath the opponent's in multiple shots all impacting upon the opponent in many small concentrated hits resulting in damage through the entire body, takes a black color when infused with Haki. This move proves useful for enemies that are too focused onto Sora to notice such trap, it can completely catch the target off guard and do massive damage if a direct shot. This move had been created by Sora's tricky nature allowing him to damage an enemy or easily catch them off guard if they do not notice the attack. Sora is capable of repeatedly adding the amount of wind at different moments in the ground allowing for it to travel or wait to attack until most convenient. Such tunnels created in the ground utilizing his wind can also allow for Sora to escape by turning into wind and going through them to escape a technique that has him at all angles.
  • Kukissen (空気閃, Air Flash): Utilizing the fact that he is a logia, he can mass produce wind at fast rates as well have total dominance over the element itself. This being said, he is capable of moving such compression of wind to the point where the friction of such creates a static discharge. This discharge of electricity created can be utilized by Sora and shot out of his hand at an incredibly fast speed that normal people would not be able to keep up with. Such a technique would require mastery over Kenbunshoku Haki to be able to see it coming, however dodging it would require mastery over one's speed and reaction time to be capable of dodging it. This technique as well encompasses a large distance, capable of striking through a whole street within a city with ease, it is also capable of going further if Sora keeps focusing on it due to his capability of infinitely producing wind due to being a Logia. The power of this technique has been shown to be quite devastating as well, due to it being an electric discharge it can pass through people's bodies when struck by it allowing for serious damage on contact. The power of such is capable of burning one's insides as well as paralyzing them to the point of being incapable of moving for a time period depending on how direct one is struck. It is also capable of paralyzing one even if the technique hits so much as a limb, however not as much as it would be, say if it pierced through the chest area. Sora due to his nature of disliking to kill, he attempts to control this technique so that he does not kill, only to incapacitate and stop those from being able to fight further.
    • Kukissen Gokuhankei (空気閃究極半径, Air Flash Ultimate Radius): Utilizing the technique of Ultra Wind Flash, Sora can project this to the ground allowing for the electric discharge to spread outwards in all directions making it quite useful to use in combat.
  • Kukikiri (空気錐, Air Drill): Air focuses on one point of the hand and spins around the hand as if a drill at high speed. This can be used to shred opponents to pieces if it makes contact making it a very lethal attack, takes a black color when infused with Haki. This can be considered Sora's most dangerous move if it actually makes contact. It's short range does not allow for easy contact, since it is at short range it gives more than enough time for the enemy to block it using Haki or even dodge it. This move usually is most effective when at close range, allowing for Sora to overwhelm his opponent using this drill. Sora would never kill using this move, as easy as it could because Sora hates to kill, he would only emptily threat the enemy with a drill to the neck, or try to knock them out with other sources. The Air Drill technique is mainly used to battle weapon users.
  • Kukishokan (空気召喚, Wind Summoning): Utilizing the control of wind, Sora is able to create animal-like monsters made of condensed wind that are able to act and fight like animals under Sora's control. Sora often makes the animals take a wolf or a tiger shape, to resemble the ferociousness of the animal and possibly intimidate the opponent. Sora is able to create at most one pack of wind summons at a time, which is about a dozen. These are usually destroyed often by two or three strong hits or if they are cut directly in half. These animals turn dark black once infused with Sora's Busoshoku Haki which makes them much more stronger, faster and resilient to attacks. Sora can make this form into any ordinary animal, even an elephant with enough focus or humans out of condensed wind.
  • Kukiawa (空気泡, Air Bubble): This move is not normally used by Sora in combat, more or less for travel. This move is especially used when submerging under water, as the wind pushes out the water allowing for none of it to touch Sora and causing him to lose his ability. The deeper he goes under water the more wind he has to create to concentrate onto the bubble to be reinforced so that it won't break with him in it. Sora also has to be careful not to go down quickly or else the bubble would surely pop and cause him to die. This move is also often used when Sora is being knocked down into water, this allows him to escape from it without suffering the loss of his powers and being able to swim and then promptly escaping the water by air bursting out or propelling. Sora can also use this move as an advantage when fighting devil fruit users because he can use this method to strike wind at them from an area they cannot reach, this though would provide ineffective if attacked by a sea king or a long range devil fruit user.
  • Kukidamasu (空気騙す, Air Trick): This move is meant to counter one's mastery over Kenbunshoku Haki and by means strike someone indirectly, relatively similar to that of "Air Trap". Kenbunshoku can be countered by one striking in unpredictable angles, such as an attack striking in random directions. If battling inside, the user spreads bursts of wind in multiple directions, with the purpose to deflect off the walls and strike the enemy in a random fashion. Since the attacks are deflecting off the wall, and by means going in a random direction for all of these bursts of wind, the person predicting where each attack is aiming at would be highly improbable due to the increasingly random fashion of each strike deflecting off the walls after each time it passes off another wall. This move is either meant to bluntly hit the enemy, or even slash them slightly if it is hit on the side of these strikes. When this move is preformed outside, it is slightly more difficult as the wind strikes will be moving in a more circular motion around the enemy, once it moves out of the motion it moves across until it is back in momentum that the user has to maintain. The wind if pushed outside of this momentum, it would either strike out into the sky or even possibly deflect off of a nearby tree, and wont make actual impact until Sora decides for the attack to.
  • Kukishitsu (空気消失, Air Vanish): This move is entirely used as an escape device for Sora. Sora literally disperses his body into air making him literally invisible. This form also allows for Sora to not be able to be hit by any ordinary means and even weak concentrates of Haki that aren't precisely used. Although Sora cannot be hit during this form, but he himself cannot attack in this form. During this form though he is able to move incredibly faster thus making it an effective escape tool if Sora is cornered. This move although an escape tool he can use it too to sneak up on an enemy or to confuse opponents.

Tempest AuraEdit


Sora utilizing Tempest Aura.

Arashi Reiki (あらし霊気, Tempest Aura): Since the fruit is a Logia type fruit Sora's body is made of wind and one of his forms would be moving the wind in his body at high speed to cause friction, this would result in a luminescence like aura in his body. Impact of his blasts of wind and strikes would result in a dramatic increase of power due to the amount of wind compressed into one area circulating around the body. His base speed takes an increase as well if his power goes up. Since there is an incredibly amount of wind being compressed, Sora's Logia state is compromised allowing for physical non-Haki attacks to make contact. However, attacking him without using Busoshoku Haki would result in being shredded by the incredibly compressed wind moving at high speeds. Most projectiles such as gun bullets and arrows if not Haki infused are most likely able to be deflected in this state. A draw back to this form is that he must keep himself afloat using wind or else he would be shredding the ground under him with the immense movement of wind of his body. To prevent this, Sora is able to coat the very bottom of his feet with compressed Busoshoku Haki to harden that part of the body. In this state Sora only uses the wind that is compressed onto the body for his techniques, this can be considered a draw back and an advantage. The draw back is Sora can run out of wind in this form before his body is able to slowly replenish the wind in that form. The advantage is it allows Sora to utilize much more powerful wind attacks at a much faster rate. He calls this form Tempest Aura. This form as it uses its incredibly compressed wind it replenishes it as the user fights, but the form can only last as long as the user has the stamina for it to maintain since it requires a level of focus put into the form.

Techniques used in his standard form differ from his Tempest Aura Form because of how fast one can be used at a moment's notice. In his normal form he can charge enough wind to match the power of techniques in his Tempest Aura form, albeit it takes longer to compress the wind.

  • Kuki Bakuhatsu Juichi-to-Niju(空気中爆発マッハ11-20, Air Burst Mach 11-20): The amount of air for Wind Burst gathers and condenses much faster allowing for to handle higher rates all machs above 10 allow for much higher speed rates making 20 the fastest by far. Sora can't go further than Mach 20 yet for the reason that he can't handle the incredible speed offered by mach 20. Going past it would be going past his ability to comprehend his own speed making fighting with it above 20 quite non useful and quite dangerous for him. Air burst mach 15 and above allow for Sora to surpass the means of a normal vanishing effect and can even replicate a means of teleportation. Mach 20 offers something most similar to teleportation due to the amount of power used in this burst, though he moves fast it is difficult for him to strike in the midst of mach's 15-20.
  • Kukitaihou (空気大砲, Air Cannon): Wind condenses much faster at the fist and launches incredibly faster and stronger, but resembles Wind Blast, turns black if infused with Haki. Sora had developed this move while training his Tempest Aura Form, he wanted a stronger version of the Wind Blast, but he could not compress enough wind quick enough until it became inconvenient in combat. Since the Tempest Aura Form is a large amount of condensed wind moving rapidly in the body, it can deposit into the Wind Cannon allowing for fast creation. This does take away from the wind compressed into the Tempest Aura Form, although it does replenish the condensed wind, using it too much could result in loss of the form. This technique takes a larger look than his normal Wind Blast, but takes a bright, shining look to it to resemble the incredibly compressed wind with a black outline to it due to the Haki.
    • Kukitaihou Danmaku (空気大砲弾幕, Air Cannon Barrage): This move fires rapid amounts of wind cannons that are being constantly formed and fired. Since the Wind cannon needs an incredibly large amount of wind needed it uses the extra wind condensed into Sora from the Tempest Aura form which results in losing the state after use of this move and a large amount of physical energy to keep up the fast rate. The reason one loses the Tempest Aura Form is because of the loss of the compressed wind and even in some cases part of the body for until the wind replenishes itself at an average rate. This is one of Sora's "finishing" moves as since it uses a lot of his wind, his stamina would fall during use of this move.

Wind BeastEdit

Taiga Incomplete Susanoo phixr

Wind beast creation at an average, but changeable size

Kazekemo (風獣, Wind Beast): This move resembles Sora's wind summoning, but instead of multiple smaller animals he creates one large creature that encompasses the area around Sora. The height of this creation can be considered a height able to dwarf the height of a Pacifista. The creature resembles the upper half of a man, but it seems much more monstrous, Sora stays in the center of it to stay safe, unless it is nearing defeat. The reason this move is required to be in Tempest Aura form for is because when Sora uses this technique, the wind around him creates it, but to fuel it Sora uses the wind in himself as well as the wind around him. Sora can maintain this creature for a long time, that is if isn't hit hard. This creature as well as Sora's smaller summonings can only be taken down when infused with Haki, much like as if they were all Logia users, otherwise they'll instantly reform if it happened to get past it's structure. This beast takes a dark black color when imbued with Haki, making it much more dangerous and lethal to opponents. This is often considered Sora's ultimate defense and almost takes the most offensive role. Sora considers this his ultimate defense, because when imbued with Haki it would have to take an incredible about of power and Haki to take it down. Sora's Wind Cannon Barrage takes the cake for his most offensive attack, which only the Ultra Wind Flash can match it in some cases. This creature can create his own wind blasts and can strike swiftly and powerfully with the two long arms. This creature is not mobile, and will only stay in one spot unless Sora decides to move on his own, in which if Sora wants the creature will follow. This cannot be airborne, but it can grab people as well as swat them out of the air. This is the general summoning of the creation that takes some time to focus and create, the efficiency of it being created is greatly increased in Sora's Tempest Aura Form, and is being fueled by wind from Sora and the regular air at the same time allowing it to be able to be maintained normally without losing this form. Since this beast is controlled absolutely by Sora, it also possesses his martial arts capabilities and fighting experience, for the only reason is that Sora is the one controlling it so it has to know it.

  • Dai-Kuki Genzai (巨大気流現在, Huge Air Current): This creation allows for attacks on a much larger scale than Sora is able to do at it's speed, allowing for even faster and stronger creations than moves created by Sora in his Tempest Aura Form in the same time, yet can be replicated if given more time. This move involves using strong wings that is launched from the beast's hands after they are swung to push back people and can even push buildings off their foundation if they aren't destroyed from the strong winds first. This move is not meant to do any actual real damage, rather to create a distance from the user and the opponent. The power of the winds are strongest the closer the target is to the move itself, and will gradually become weaker once it keeps spreading. Although this move is meant to widen the distance from you and the target, and is not supposed to do any actual real physical damage it can last a long time despite it being the most efficient to use moves this beast can preform. The strong wind currents can be felt throughout an entire forest and will spread outwards the farther it goes, its strong enough to push the tree's roots out of the ground. Small slivers of black currents will fly through the sky when infused with Haki, although this move cannot be entirely covered with Haki due to the amount of range it can cover, the small slivers of the imbued Haki wind are capable of slightly cutting the area trapped with in this current.
  • Dai-Kuki Taihou (巨大気流大砲, Huge Air Cannon): Much like the Wind blast, and the Wind Cannon this move is basically a burst of concentrated wind on a scale of that of this creature, and fueled quickly by the air itself and the air running through him. This attack is impressively powerful and a considerable upgrade to the incredibly powerful Wind cannon, but is not able to maintain a barrage whatsoever due to the fact that far too much wind is used in one Huge Air Cannon to be able to instantly use another one, which is why Wind Cannon Barrage can be considered one of Sora's strongest techniques. This move is able to cause massive large-scale destruction such as incredibly large craters in cities and forests and taking out an entire pirate ship with quite some ease. With a direct blow to almost any opponent would result in a large amount of injuries, especially when this move is imbued with Haki. This move since it is not spread out and begins concentrated can easily be infused with Haki to provide for an incredible power boost to such an attack. There is also a powerful technical "splash" power given off by the attack when it makes impact and will create strong currents able to push back people at any angle, even currents so strong that its able to push back the beast itself, but only slightly relative to his size. This technique takes an incredibly large shining look to it with black outlines when imbued with Haki.