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Kenny is a pirate and cabin boy of the Azure Pirates. He is the fourth member of the crew and the third to join. Despite being around for just as long as Gifford Neema who joined right before him, he was not initially granted membership into the crew as he was first discovered as a stowaway on the ship. As it turns out, he fled from his home in the Komugi Islands to escape oppression from the ruling tyrant Malasseai Vyker and his forces. Kenny's mission was to originally seek help in overthrowing Malasseai due to the refusal of the Marines to intervene. As a member of the Azure Pirates he seeks to end slavery throughout the entire world and discover his true homeland.

As a member of the Azure Pirates, Kenny does not act as a fighter due to his lack of experience and ability - his youth being at fault. His skills are used outside of combat for scouting and spying purposes. Because of his fragile appearance he is often underestimated as merely a small child rather than a pirate which allows him better access to places that would normally be restricted to his company. Having consumed the Saru Saru no Mi, Model: Lemur, his abilities acquired through transformation help him in staging surveillance.


Kenny - General Appearance

Kenny's general appearance.

Because of his continuous growth, Kenny's looks are ever changing as he assumes the form of a young man. As the youngest member of the Azure Pirates he is also the smallest standing at less than five feet tall. Comprising his bubbly appearance is a fair complexion, brown hair that hangs just below the bottom tips of his ears, and brown eyes correlate with the shade of his hair. His ears remain seldom seen as they are covered by his hair, so they are assumed to be of a moderate to small size. His other facial features include thin lips and a nose with a narrow bridge and pointed tip.

Kenny's clothe match his age as well as his crew's eponymous color. Underneath of his white vest he wears a light blue short-sleeve t-shirt. A pair of brown shorts extend beneath his knees while he wears blue shoes on his feet. Because of his regular growth, Kenny is inclined to comment that his clothes are progressively becoming more snug as his muscular structure develops. When he accesses his full lemur transformation he becomes too small to fit his clothes while his partial transformation they fit perfectly.





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  • According to the author, if Kenny were from a place in the real world it would be New Zealand.