Kiki Kiki no Mi is an article presented and written by Zetarion

The Kiki Kiki no Mi is a Paramecia-type Devil Fruit that allows the user to manipulate the very concept of "Destruction" — employing it in a variety of means. Essentially, upon this fruit's consumption, the user is turned into a Destruction Human (毀棄人間, Kiki Ningen). Its current user is Ares Soma, the self-proclaimed "God of Destruction" (破壊神, Hakaishin)


  • "Hakai" means destruction in Japanese
  • In the English version, it's called the Ruin Ruin Fruit


Hakai Hakai no Mi - Fruit

The appearance of the Devil Fruit bearing the powers of destruction itself.

Unlike many other Devil Fruits, the Kiki Kiki no Mi is rather small and has no special imprints on its surface; in fact, it's reminiscent of eggs or small grapes than any solid fruit; possessing a crystal clear appearance, their texture upon consumption is comparable to caviar, and noted to have a fragrant aroma that wets the appetite — making others believe it's a delicacy rather than a Devil Fruit.



Be destroyed!
—  A common phrase uttered before invoking the fruit's powers.
Hakai Hakai no Mi Overview

A previous user wrapping destructive energies around their arm, used to destroy their opponents.



  • This is the author's first Devil Fruit since his return to the site.
  • Due to the expansive powers of Destruction, this particular Devil Fruit is watered down as to not be overpowered.
  • While mainly based on the Power of Destruction wielded by the Gremorys from the series, Highschool DXD, it finds a closer foundation with the powers of Bakusaiga from the series, Inuyasha.