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Kin Kin no Mi (金金の実, Kin Kin no Mi; lit. "Golden Golden Fruit") is Paramecia-class Devil Fruit that allows its consumer/user to generate gold from their body and construct various structures, weapons and armors out of gold, thus, turning the user into a Gold Producing Human (金作り人間, Kin tsukuri Ningen) or Gold Human (金人間, Kin Ningen).


The fruit itself is fairly oblong in shape and resemble an apple. It has a smooth skin with highlighted circular patterns which are golden in color (with a tint of orange) and the rest of the fruit is bright yellow in color. Internally, its crispy, juicy pulp is off-white to cream in color, and has a mix of mild sweet and tart flavor.

Strengths and WeaknessesEdit


Kin Kin no Mi grants its user the ability to generate gold from his body as well as create solid constructs of made of this gold. Seraph generally uses this ability to cover his entire body in a thick layer of gold; essentially creating an armor around his body in the process, to protect him from both projectiles and melee attacks. Chemically, it is unaffected by air, moisture and most corrosive reagents, thus making it ideal in battle against those use the element of acid or corrosion. Seraph claims that the gold he produces is not ordinary gold and is in fact much more durable and has higher melting point; while the former has been proven to be true, there is no account for the latter. Due to being most malleable of all materials, it can be easily used to create weapons and shields. Seraph has shown the ability to pull out gold from his body and then instantaneously transform it into a weapon. The speed at which he can create weapons and other constructs is mind boggling and gives him an edge in combat. Seraph can produce gold from his body in any form, whether that be liquid, solid or metal dust-like form.

Covering his body in gold not only increases his defensive capabilities but also enhances his striking power and gives him the ability to resist water-based or steam based attacks. Since gold is highly diamagnetic, it is not affected by magnets or magnetic abilities. The modified structure of the gold produced by him has a density of 28.95 g cm−3 (that is, 1.5 x the density of normal gold) and has a melting point of 2713.659 °C (2.55 times that of pure gold) and has a resistance of 22.5 (slightly higher than pure-gold); with the resistance of pure gold being 22.1, though the user is still vulnerable to electricity. Seraph also has the rare ability known as Midas Touch which essentially allows him to make a statue out of those he makes a direct contact with. His gold based constructs absorbs more impact iron or any other metal and as such, has been claimed to be superior when compared to other metals. When altered, it can also reflect infrared radiations. He can further increase his strength, speed and durability by combining his gold-armor with his Haki. Arguably, it is the ability to instantly create any construct/reshape weapons (made of gold) that has given Seraph his reputation of "Metal Man".

Seraph has also shown the ability to breathe out gold in granular form, ranging from coarse, sand-like consistency to powder-like or dust-like, this has often been dubbed as his "Gold Dust Breath". In addition, he can further absorb palladium and some amount of rhodium to create something called, "White-Gold"; which happens to be must more durable and versatile than pure-gold. However, this process is extremely toxic and leaves Seraph in a vulnerable condition in the aftermath. This can cause him to get sick quickly or even die. Lastly, Seraph can also detect the presence of gold in his vicinity due having a "psychic" connection with them, this easily makes him one of the best treasure hunters.


Kin Kin no Mi users' are specially vulnerable to electricity and lightning as gold is probably the best conductor there is and despite its elevated resistance, it provides the user with a little to no defense against electricity. While Kin Kin no Mi can be used to overwhelm a water or a steam user, Kin Kin no Mi user's are naturally weak against those who use the element of "ice and frost" as under such temperature, gold turns brittle and shatters easily. Temperatures higher than 2713.659 °C can also melt this "gold". When Seraph temporarily combines gold with another metal such as Iron, it temporarily becomes magnetic, which can be easily used against him. In addition, absorbing other metals and combining them with his gold leaves him drained and increasingly sick. Finally, the gold generated from his body is far from being indestructible and has been destroyed quite often despite its durability. Like all other Devil-fruit users, Kin Kin no Mi user's are also incapable of floating in deep waters; let alone being capable of maneuvering underwater (swimming).




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