Kizu Kizu no Mi is an article presented and written by Dragon Lord Erin

The Wound Wound fruit is a very powerful paramecia devil fruit. This devil fruit allows the user to open old wounds that people have accumulated since they were born. This fruit is extremely powerful due to the fact that the user does not have to touch anyone to activate it.

Strengths and Weaknesses Edit

The main strength of this devil fruit is its ability to open old wounds. These can range from paper cuts to getting part of your chest blown out. It should be noted that even wounds that have long healed will open again. When activated the fruit will create a 20 mete area around the user and anyone that enters can be attacked. The user picks who they want to wound and their wounds will all open. This is an advantage as they will not accidentally harm or kill their allies. They can also mark targets and designate that once they enter their active circle their wounds will begin to open. The interesting thing about this fruit is that even when they exit the radius their wounds will not close. This power also extends to emotional wounds such as PTSD or other emotional trauma. The power will make it all come flooding back to them immediately. This can be enough to drive some people mad or just knock others out from the emotional shock. The user of the fruit is able to designate if they want to open physical or mental wounds separately or all at once. The final strength of this fruit is that it will work on logia users as well, even if they are in logia form.

Though this fruit is powerful it does have some weaknesses. The first and most obvious is that it has zero long range capability past 20 meters, meaning anyone with a gun can outrange it. Another large weakness is that though the user can designate a target, if they fail to they can easily be hit by stealth attacks.