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Knight (騎士, Kishi) is the term used by the majority of the world to refer to an armored warrior that abides by a moral code dubbed "Chivalry" (騎士道 Kishidō?, Literally "Way of Knights"). Their primary occupation is to protect individuals inhabiting Kingdoms, although since the ancient time their role has broadened.


When one hears the word knight, the first thing that comes to mind is chivalry. Chivalry is a lifestyle instilled into the very essence of every knight, and ends up defining the majority of their personality depending on what they have been taught. As all knights origins came from their outstanding achievements in protecting other people, an individual's chivalry is never a set code, but rather, their personal beliefs on how they must conduct themselves when protecting the people important to them. Knights who have abandoned their chivalry are no longer considered among their ranks, and are often branded as traitors to their brotherhood and their nation. In saying this, the image of a white knight — the perfect example of justice — is not the norm among knights, as they are not enforcers of justice, but rather, protectors of peace.

As protectors, knights have become accustomed to combat with heavy armor, shields, and a weapon that may be used to both kill and restrain depending on the necessary situation. Because knights have traversed across all of the Blue Sea and made their place, individual knights may vary drastically in terms of their upbringing and training as a combatant. However, what all knights hold in common is a defensive fighting style intended to avoid collateral damage and protect any bystanders involved.

Abilities and PowersEdit

Known KnightsEdit

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Catrina Eleanor


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