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Kryos is a Manta Ray Fishman of Fishman Island. He lives in the Fishman District with the other Fishman. He is known for stirring up the most trouble throughout the island by starting unnecessary fights against the people of the Fishman District as well as the royal guards of the kingdom and causing commotions whenever he can.


Kryos is a tall manta ray fishman who is much skinnier compared to any other fishman with a muscular build. He has light blue skin and yellow eyes with no pupils. He has a bald, flat surfaced head in the shape of a manta ray with black lightning-shaped markings leading from the back of his head to his eyes with long black antennas reaching out at the tips of the markings above his eyes. He doesn't appear to have a nose or ears and his mouth is covered at the bottom of a fang shape that serves as the bottom half of his face located in between what looks to be fangs.

His body looks to be more human compared to a normal fishman with his legs being much taller then his upper body. His hands and feet are also webbed, typical for a fishman and on his wrist-blades his skin extends out backwards like fins. His gills (which are pale and pinkish in color) are located on the corner of the bottom of his neck with two gills in total, however they are never seen due to being covered by his shirts high collar.

He wears a black, sleeveless muscle-shirt with a high collar that extend all the way to the top of his neck, covering it completely. Attached to his neck is the fishman islands stylish and custom headphones with a wide circular back. He also wears green cargo pants with several large pockets all around it as its held up by a grey metal belt. He appearently stole it from a human when he took interest in it and kept it for himself. He finishes his style of outfit with metal sneakers and finger-less gloves.



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