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The Kumo Kumo No Mi, Model: Arachne is a Mythical-Zoan type Devil Fruit whose recent consumer is the Yonko, Daddy L. Legs. This Mystical Zoan, which possesses a scarcity rivaling that of a Logia, has blessed Legs the ability to transform into Arachne, the Spider Queen. Arachne was a mortal woman who held unparalleled skill as a weaver, and so much skill that she was praised and revered throughout the lands. However, she grew arrogant, and claimed she owed no respects to the gods for her skill. Furious with her impiety, the gods sent their champion from the heavens to challenge Arachne and to defeat her. The deity’s tapestry depicted the gods in all of their glory, while Arachne’s condemned them for all their misdeeds and actions. While impious, Athena was forced to admit Arachne’s superiority for her craftsmanship had truly been greater, yet she was enraged at her for the blatant disrespect.

Angered, she beat Arachne into mere inches of her life, and the crowd around the two laughed. By the time Athena realized the sins she had just committed, the damage had been done. Arachne knew that she would never be able to take pleasure in weaving (her only joy in life) ever again, and the townspeople she had tried so hard to please had turned against her as well. With her pride destroyed, Arachne, later that evening, hang herself. Though, the deity felt responsible for Arachne’s atrocious act of suicide, for it had been she that humiliated the mortal woman. In an act of guilt, Athena considered the darkest of magics, and restored Arachne to life. However, usage of the dark arts comes with a price; the black sorcery is not a magic of advantage, but rather a deal with the evil forces that predate this world. Arachne was revived successfully, but as demon unforeseen before; she would soon prove capable of weaving even better in her new form upon her resurrection. From that moment, she would serve as the world's very first spider, so that she and her descendants could weave for all eternity. Eventually, her descendants adopted the name, Araneae, in recognition of their first ancestor.

Similar to the mythological woman that was once Arachne prior to her transformation into the Queen of Spiders, a demon whose name would become scorned for all eternity and her tale used to indicate the destruction of impiety and hubris, the user of this fruit is given “new life” just as Athena gave to Arachne. Having been a sickly child who was destined to perish, the fruit revitalized Leg's health, allowing her not only to survive, but gifting her powers that she would have never dreamed off. Similar to how the Yami Yami no Mi and Gura Gura no Mi are revered as the strongest devil fruits of their respective classes, the Kumo Kumo no Mi, Model: Arachne, is not only considered the most versatile out of the Kumo Kumo no Mi line of Zoan devil fruits, but is generally considered one of the most powerful Zoan devil fruits in existence, having no powers weaker than that of a Logia, or that of the strongest Paramecia.

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  • "Kumo" means spider in Japanese.
  • In the English versions, it is called the Spider Spider Fruit

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The Kumo Kumo No Mi is a golden, spherical fruit that takes the shape of a peach. Unlike other devil fruits, the Kumo Kumo No Mi does not have any unique insignia imprinted on itself.

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Because of its rather divine, symbolic status, there is not much information on the Kumo Kumo No Mi, Model: Arachne for it has been in the possession of several shinobi clans for centuries as a means of symbolic powers over the rest. Thus, prior to Legs emergence into the world, the rest of the world did not know existence, even by the World Government themselves. Yet, because of Legs’ secrecy, the mechanics behind her techniques remain unexplored by World Government officials, and even members of her own crew, meaning that any information they have on the Devil Fruits vast capabilities are mere speculation alone and based on accounts from those witness to her power, or those who survived her hellish onslaughts. Though, even then, because of some of the rumors from locals she has assisted, many of these claims are only supported by her other godly feats. Because of a lack of understanding behind how she her devil fruit is used, thus forcing a rather difficult hand for the World Government to directly counter her techniques, the Kumo Kumo no Mi is often considered one of the strongest fruits in existence. What the Kumo Kumo no Mi does, just as most Mythical Zoans, is provide a versatility that the other devil fruits are simply unable to. It provides Legs the abilities comparable to paramecias, zoans, and even Logias, thus the strengths it possesses are vast.

However, unlike many other devil fruits, the user is not bestowed with the power immediately upon consumption, but only after death. In the original myth of Arachne, she had only become the entity she is known as after her death and resurrection by the goddess Athena. Thus, like her, the consumer of this fruit is only provided the powers of this fruit after they meet their end. Following it, their soul is returned to their body immediately. Until their death, the only features the devil fruit provides are the typical weaknesses of a devil fruit. As Brook discovered in his journey to understand his own devil fruit, when a soul dies and goes to the Land of Dead, it is intended to stay there. To continue existing in this world, or to never leave, the soul must admit an energy. Should this energy be lost, the more susceptible it is to being pulled into the Land of Dead. Having broken the bonds of death themselves, this devil fruit bestows the user with an immense amount of this energy that allows their fugitive soul to remain forbiddenly on the plane of life, and to continuously cast away the chains of death that attempts to haunt them. The Kumo Kumo no Mi makes this mysterious energy useful.

Arachne, the first of her spiders, prior to her transformation was revered for her ability to weave tapestry: "Arachne, for her part, created a tapestry showcasing scenes of Zeus’ various infidelities: Leda with the Swan, Europa with tbe Bull, Danae and the Golden rain shower. So exquisite was the mortal’s work that the bull seemed lifelike, swimming across the tapestry with a real girl on his shoulders." Akin to the myths, Arachne could weave her creations into reality, and such conceptions were passed down for generations about the magical nature of spiders, bringing forth the terms Spell weaver in recognition of their mystical properties. Similar to how martial artist have used Qi as a fuel source to empower themselves, the consumer of this fruit is able to use the energy from the soul as a price for their miracles. Mana—the name this energy was given—is an exceptionally powerful fuel source, since it is a fragment of one's life, however using it has a crippling weakness. The more one uses this energy, the closer they get to death, and once this mana is used up, the soul is cannibalized to help the user continue their miracles.

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