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Functioning as several roles and rather a clan than a family, The Kuregata Family (日暮れ; Literally meaning Nightfall Family) is a vast army working under Dao as their secret leader. They operate as Pirates, Assassins, and an army of great power. Infamous throughout the criminal Underworld for killing those who stand in their way or happen to become one of their contracted target, this particular group is not one to play games. Their crimes consist of extortion, theft, terrorism - from attacking marine bases- and, that of conspiracy. With a total of fifty thousand men separated into three different divisions, they add fear into those who wish to cross them.


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The Jolly Roger of the Kuregata Family was designed by Dao....

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  • The design of the palace.
  • Close up view of the top.

Onokoro Island (淤能碁呂島, Literally meaning "Self-Curdling Island") is the main island utilized by the Kuregata. It's massive size allows for twenty thousand of the infantry to live on it's premises. It floats somewhere within the Florian Triangle, with the organization using its "stay away" reputation to its advantage. When ships do come near the island, they are quickly routines drills meant to either raid and disarm or destroy. Underneath the island lies armed submarines prepared for an invasion force. Top notch camouflaging technology sold to Dao on the black market allows the island and everything on it to look as if nothing is there. The island itself is equipped with rocket launchers that fire from guard towers surrounding the palace-like building on a giant hill that displays several buildings on its side.

The building itself is surrounded by a electricity dome that protects it. More as a protection of the building rather than him, the inside acts as the main room. At the center yet towards the back, Dao's throne stands firm. Tall columns stand to be the foundations of the room. On the hill lies various guard towers armed with top grade snipers, gatling guns and rocket launchers. Dao once threatened the men that if they miss a shot then he'd take their lives. The men have yet to miss a target since that day.