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"Fairy Princess" Kusagi is an officer of the Revolutionary Army. Once destined for greatness, she is formerly a princess of the prestigious Kingdom of Paradise, though was ultimately "forced" into pursuing a career of piracy after her "kidnap" at the hands of the infamous Moon Pirates, which coincidentally took place only an hour prior to her wedding reception. In truth —unbeknownst to the rest of the Skepians— she had become a member of the Moon Pirates of her own free will, acting off of her motive to both explore the world below and escape an arranged marriage organized by her imperious father. Thereafter, she ventured the seas under the Jolly Roger of Grain and functioned as the crew's musician, until its eventual disbandment during the course of its second visit into the Grand Line, where her crew members were defeated and imprisoned within Impel Down.

During the time of their defeat, Kusagi had been away on a mission assigned to her by her captain, rendering her as the only active member of the crew to have escaped the encounter with the World Government. She has with her the valuable treasure of the Moon Pirates, which was important enough for the World Government to have aimed their sights upon the crew in the first place. The Marines have since become aware of her survival, resulting in the substantial rise of her bounty to Beli77,000,000, upwards from Beli42,000,000. Kusagi has affiliated herself with the Revolutionary Army, an ally of the Moon Pirates, for more secure measures.

Akin to the angelic wings sprouting from her back, Kusagi is reputed for her unrivaled beauty, to the point where it would be considered strange for one to not take notice. She is romantically involved with Clover D. Hatch.

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The Riku Riku no Mi before it was eaten.

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  • Kusagi (臭木) means "Harlequin Glorybower" (a type of flower).
  • The name of Kusagi's devil fruit is a pun on the author's username.

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