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"My will defeats law. My existence defines itself. Look at my blade, which has been made keen by rite of slaughter. Can't you see how the universe shrinks back in terror? This world is like the finest flesh and I am hungry."
—Reinhardt Langrisser

Reinhardt Langrisser, may his name forever be cursed for this traitor to the World Government and Marines carved his betrayal through a mountain a corpses. He was once a respected officer of the Marines, a proud Captain who administered justice towards any who defied the World Government. He personally led his flagship Light Bringer in countless Pirate raids, destroyed their strongholds and became a feared name across the Grand Line. But that wasn't enough to satisfy him. Drowning in blood he turned his sword which had once been a pillar of justice into an instrument of unspeakable evil.

He orchestrated a pirate raid on a World Government port, intercepted the distress signal and sent his murderous band of traitors to aid in the slaughter. Yet that was not the worst of his crimes, no what he did has earned him the ire of the Nobles themselves. He personally handed heirs and members of several Noble families, people he was to sworn to protect and serve unto his death and beyond over to the Pirates. Those that weren't killed outright were taken prisoner aboard the pirate ships. With his amassed fleet he ordered a continuous bombardment of the port city setting it ablaze in raging fire reducing it to ash amidst the thousand screams of its former inhabitants.

All the while he had issued orders to call for reinforcements, Marines who emboldened by the carnage set upon the fleeing pirate vessels, turning on the very mercenaries he hired to carry out his mad plot, as he deceived them into believing that he had "rescued" the Nobles but suffered damage to his own ship in the process. The Marines quickly laid waste to the pirate scum who were unprepared for the betrayal and were unceremoniously slaughtered. Their ships and their crew obliterated in by the ferocious assault of the naval vessels.

But to their horror, and his eternal amusement they discovered that they had been deceived into slaughtering countless innocents along with the remaining Noble Families who were taken captive. The pitched laughter of Reinhardt echoed over the communications between the fleet as he happily regaled his treachery, and thus this became what is now known as the Great Betrayal. All that remains of his legacy is scorched earth and boiling seas amidst frenzied screams and dying breaths forever marking him an avowed enemy of the World Government.


Wreathed in a crimson cloak of war, his very presence looms like a guillotine poised just above one's head. While the stench of blood and death stain his once pristine white armor that signified both his rank and competency as a Captain of the Marines. Now it is a bitter reminder of all that he once stood for. Reinhardt is no giant, but it feels as though he stands taller than most for his will is palpable, a suffocating aura promising glorious battle and death to any who stand in his way.


"Victory is Truth. War is my argument and the Sword . . . is Logic." --- Reinhardt Langrisser

What is madness? If one were to give in fully to the either the mind or the heart, driven in totality by one, would that not be considered madness? To live a life by logic alone; cold, calculating, and uncompromising you would deduce causality to mere formula? Yet a life of passion, where every errant thought is driven by an ocean of surging emotions clamoring for dominance, unpredictable and wild? But what if one could logically deduce passion into formula and in turn transform the oceans of emotion into the cold, dark arithmetic of the stars? For this is the mind of Reinhardt Langrisser, a man who turned a principle into a power, and a power that has become law.

Victory is Truth. The dimensions of his character are bound together through this nightmarish logic, a doctrine that seemingly defines his actions at every level, from his instinct to the higher ego of his consciousness. To Reinhardt, there is nothing more pure than Truth; and this truth is a world shaped by your will. Everything that exists is in conflict, a constant struggle for dominance. The world that exists today was shaped by the forces that achieved superiority. From the people, to the great monoliths and cities built, to the very laws of nature. That which exists now does so because it achieved victory over all that competed against it. It is as much a law as it is a doctrine that defines ones life, and in the eyes of Reinhardt this world is locked in a self perpetuating lie. 

Two forces of overwhelming power, and yet they are content with a stalemate. Oh yes, both sides make token efforts to defeat the other but ultimately nothing is ever achieved, no battle won sharpens the blade to bring about victory for either side. To Reinhardt who see's truth as the final most beautiful thing that could ever be, this world is an atrocity, an affront to the very laws of nature. There is much work to be done, wars to wage and battles to fight. He will do all that he can to see that a victor emerges. Those who shall fight will be properly prepared, their enemies motivated, and their armies rallied. He will guide them all, serve as the shepard in the shadows and bring them to that hallowed ground where the sword wages war for the last final shape known as truth.

For the truth of victory to become reality the world must be plunged into war.

War is the Path to Victory. Victory is simply not a condition or a belief, it is a thing to be shaped by those with the ambition to do so. War is the process by which such a shape takes form. To achieve victory one must pit their will against another, and in that brutal exchange, where blades clash, can a victor emerge. There is no other means to victory, for there is nothing quite as decisive, as deep and impactful as the resolution brought about by war. For war is change. It is the natural mechanism by which life cleanses itself of weakness. That is why Reinhardt, in his quest, a geas driven by the profound desire for victory must wage war. He must throw himself into the throes of battle, sword in hand and stand against its denizens. 

One could say that he is only at peace while the flames of war surround him. For in victory the truths he lives by are further defined. But in defeat, Reinhardt has such a curious perspective of defeat. To Reinhardt, betrayal, challenges and of course defeat are the most reverent of gifts. They reveal his weakness and in turn he may sharpen himself. His most staunch allies and subordinates are those who have betrayed and attempted to destroy him the most. This is their obligation, his command and decree. To follow him is to claw your way to the top. He does not suffer those who have no desire to claim all that he has.


Agent of the World GovernmentEdit

Born in the Grand Line, he lived in a time of war. The World Government's repeated attempts to crush the Revolutionary Army had led to if nothing else a stalemate on both sides. Born from a gutless, blithering whore who died as miserably as she lived, and a nameless father whose only role was the genetic material he left in the wake of another drunken night of passion, Reinhardt grew up surrounded by hardship. But the struggles he endured did not kill the boy, it sharpened him, made him keen of mind, and drove him to survive where others had fallen. And the World Government has need of such determined individuals, especially the likes of Cipher Pol. Like many children he was recruited at a young age, and trained in the Rokushiki but unlike those who succumbed to the programming becoming emotionless killing machines, Reinhardt retained his indomitable spirit. For he was driven by a deep seated hatred for the world. As a youth the doctrine of Absolute Justice was a comfort, it provided a clear path for him to follow to mete out the vengeance he so desired. 

As an Agent, Reinhardt was an anomaly, preferring the less subtle aspects to grandiose persona's filled to the brim with shocking charisma and clout. He wielded fear and respect in equal measure to obtain the intelligence Cipher Pol desired from his missions, enjoying many a success. His prowess as an assassin however was considered among the strongest in all of Cipher Pol for as an assassin he was capable of neutralizing very powerful and extremely deadly opponents, especially those in possession of Devil Fruits. Yet as conflict surged onward against the Revolutionary Army and piracy remained dominant across the Grand Line, the insidious seed of doubt began to grow within Reinhardt. At first this change was subtle, almost benign; it began with the doctrine of Absolute Justice changing into, "justice through victory". Reinhardt was an accomplished assassin and warrior who had pitted himself against a gallery of powerful opponents and scenario's and it was only through victory that it could be said that justice was properly meted out. Thus the transformation. Eventually even this became, "victory is justice". The association with justice as a condition brought about by victory was clear. Yet the repeated failures of the Marines to vanquish these supposed evils convinced Reinhardt that the Marines could never achieve justice on their own. He was obligated to act. It was noble thing to do. The decision was made, that if victory was to be achieved at all, he would be the one to do it.

He convinced his superiors in Cipher Pol that the reason for their continued war against the Pirates and Revolutionary Army was due to a failure in leadership, that sympathy had taken root, perhaps even betrayal. He provided evidence of course, paper trails, clandestine meetings, shipping manifests and ledgers detailing smuggled goods to prove his case. In reality all of his evidence was circumstantial at best, but with the correct wording and the right emphasis anything can be turned into 'fact'. His superiors though were not fools, but could not right off his accusations without an investigation. Within days orders were drawn up, paperwork filed and he was officer in the Marines.

The Red DeathEdit


Engulfed in a sea of blood and fire, Reinhardt leads the campaign of "Red Death" in East Blue.

Reinhardt began his operations in the East Blue; tasked as a sedentary patrol force, his mission was to police the weaker Blue. It was an ordinary but respectable duty, it was meant to gauge his capabilities as a leader, and give him the necessary experience to lead a company of marines. For a time his mission went accordingly, and despite the occasional pirate group wrecking havoc, things were peaceful. All that changed when a port town was wiped out to the last woman and child in a pirate raid. The port in question was well known, having made a name for itself in recent years do to the influx of new labor, sparking a growth in the population. It was a hot spot for trade considered a shining jewel of the safety afforded by those who lived in accordance to the rules of the World Government.

The raid utterly destroyed that perception. Whats more, when the Marines finally arrived, they were met with a fleet of pirate ships, all modified and outfitted with weaponry not seen in the East Blue. The company was annihilated. Outrage spread across East Blue and the visceral violence and devastating loss of their forces prompted the Marines to send out aid immediately. Reinhardt was given a battalion of marines and tasked with scouring East Blue in search of these pirates, but unwilling to waste time, racing from port to port, he sent out his own agents to collect information. What was revealed shocked him, but no less amused him. A group of Pirates who were strong enough to survive in the New World but not quite strong enough to gain the prestige they desired had set their sights on East Blue. They had entered months ago, and has systematically wiped out the leadership of several pirate crews and formed a conglomerate of pirate crews who answered only to them. They then set out to conquer the rest of East Blue, and the start of this bloody campaign was the attack on the port town.

The spark had been lit, and East Blue was cast into the flames of war.

The Marines retaliated, but with the majority of their forces in the more dangerous Blue's it would be sometime till they would receive aid, and would simply have to hold the line until then. The East Blue was hurled into the abyss of war with that attack, and the pirates were quickly gaining ground. With the factions of pirates whom had navigated those waters, and having a monopoly on the smuggling and trafficking operations in the East Blue, the Pirates were able to carry out a grueling guerrilla style war that decimated the Marine forces ordered to hold the line. That is until one unexpected victory by the Marines led by none other than Reinhardt had granted them a tactical staging ground for reinforcements.

Smoke and MirrorsEdit

Though he achieved many victories over the pirates but he could not unearth the root as to why the Marines could not crush the rebellious bastards! Even the numerous victories he had achieved, the mountain of corpses he had climbed upon seemed to change little with regards to the ongoing war between the World Government and the Revolutionary Army! This war which had been waged for centuries seemed to have no end in sight, and it was here that Reinhardt had an epiphany. Why were the Pirates battling so hard against the World Government? What motivates them to rebel? Though he had battled his enemy for the majority of his life, Reinhardt had little understanding of why they fought in the first place.

To achieve true victory over his adversaries he had to learn the history of their conflict. His inquiries were tolerated at first but the more he unearthed the more violent the reaction was towards his questioning. Eventually he began acquiring information through brokers and even coordinated a correspondence with the Revolutionary Army through an agent of his. He learned much about their role in current world affairs and the more he unearthed about the secrets that kept this world in check. The missing history nearly a millennia ago, the mystery of the poneglyph's and the formation of the very World Government itself.

Pandora's BoxEdit

All of these secrets painted an indistinct image in his mind, a shape that had yet to take form. His thoughts raced with the possibilities wondering if this is what the Revolutionary Army was truly after, a truth that would throw everything into chaos? But then where was the justice? What was the point of it all? The protection and preservation of this stagnating, solipsistic society? It was this point that Reinhardt became convinced that a cancer had taken root in the Marines, the complacency of its soldiers and the hypocrisy of the World Government. The Nobles of the world were the disease, their continued existence an affront to Absolute Justice, they barred the path to victory and by extension truth itself. They were a weakness, one whose mantle of power shackled the Marines from carrying out their sacred duty.

For centuries the World Government and Pirates have waged and endless war against the other and yet victory remains unclear. This was an abomination in his mind. So began the formation of his ultimate plan, a chain of events that would forever change his life and perhaps the world itself. He first set about stealing one of the poneglyph's kept under guard by the Marines. To cover the theft he convinced a band of pirates to launch an attack at the base, and in the confusion stole the tablet. He then made for sea across the Grand Line and eventually found what he was looking for. A mighty Sea King. He battled the behemoth for three days and three nights and after a grueling, near fatal encounter he subdued the beast. His hunch was correct when he showed the Sea King the tablet as it then ferried him to an unknown location. Upon his return he then set about the next phase of his plan.

The Great BetrayalEdit

Once again he secretly called upon the services of Pirates, but this time he dangled a bait so enticing it was almost too good to be true. A chance to lay waste to Noble families and steal their riches and plunder their worldly possessions. He paid off dock workers, used his authority as Captain and even his connections as a former CP agent to stage this assault. But not before going before his former leaders and enacting an official investigation and infiltration of the Revolutionary Army. With all of the pieces in play he enacted his plan. The pirates in the dead of night with the weapons and seastone plating coating their hulls made passage to the city by the port where the Nobles lived and began their attack. The Nobles called for aid, but Reinhardts agents had already swapped out their communications so it was he who answered the call. It was a simple matter of arriving like the big damn hero to vanquish the evil Pirates.

He will never forget the rush as he saw their smug arrogance become unbridled terror as he slaughtered the Nobles he had supposedly come to rescue. Save for a handful. Having left port, he then had the captured Nobles demand a Buster Call on the city, claiming that Pirates had overrun it, and the Marines with them had evacuated the remaining Nobles, and that the island was to be obliterated. It was not long when the fleet arrived and the bombardment began. But at the end the truth of this incident would finally come to light. Reinhardt had sabotaged them at all turns, and in one swift move, had eradicated a number of Noble families all at the hands of the duped Marines. He proudly announced his treachery over all open channels, and the destruction recorded for all to see. It was a blow that nearly tore the partnership between the World Nobles and the Marines apart, but their united hatred of Reinhardt kept the peace. This is what would be later known as, The Great Betrayal.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Nanashiki - The Seven PowersEdit

As an agent of the Cipher Pol, Reinhardt was reared from childhood in the superhuman arts of the Rokushiki. With the data collected by the previous 'Strongest Generation' Cipher Pol refined their practices allowing them to create even more powerful agents than before. Reinhardt is the progeny of this work. Due to the conflicts with the Straw Hats and their resulting swelling of the Revolutionary Army the secrets of the Rokushiki were unveiled and now many Marines and even Pirates wield the skills honed by Cipher Pol for their own gain. But they realized this was to their advantage because while others may have simply copied the techniques through observation Cipher Pol had rigorously defined them in their totality. They alone held in their hands the very essence of the technique which they then distilled into their agents like Reinhardt. Unbeknownst to the world, the Rokushiki expanded, ascending to the Nanashiki after the incorporation of the technique Life Return. Previously an ability of one Kumadori and Rob Lucci, Cipher Pol reexamined its potential as integral to the new foundation of the Rokushiki. With the ability to manipulate one's body and even their internal processes to the extent as to manipulate weight and digestion, Cipher Pol deemed this ability invaluable in training new agents. Using Life Return as a foundation, the agency was able to further improve their work with the original Rokushiki. Reinhardt is the one of the few successful projects who survived the hellish training.

The Six Powers that came before the Seventh are notable in their execution. Prior to their use Cipher Pol agents of skill will recite the name of the technique, as if it were an incantation or a mantra. There is a deep seated reason for this occurance. The names of the techniques serve as a form of auto-hypnosis, or suggestion which puts the mind into the proper trance or mind-frame into order to fully realize the power of the technique. This allows a Rokushiki wielder to completely devote mind and body towards the execution of the technique. Although there are persons who would seek to develop the ability to bypass what may be a weakness, it is in truth blatant short-sightedness. The trance is an essential aspect to all of the Rokushiki techniques and it is only in this state of mind can their true power be unleashed. This is especially true for the two defensive techniques; Kami-e and Tekkai. Combining the techniques however is the truest expression of power and technical skill, and it is for this reason that Reinhardt has obtained such immense power through the Rokushiki.

Life Return - the Seventh PowerEdit

In the devastating aftermath of the war against the Straw Hats, the strongest generation of agents ever produced by Cipher Pol were soundly crushed. Piracy was becoming rampant and the prevalence of devil fruit wielders with extraordinary powers flourished in the vacuum left in the wake of their defeat. Forced to contend against these new threats Cipher Pol was forced to analyze and revise their training and techniques, the former head Rob Lucci began an aggressive new training regiment designed to incorporate Life Return as a technique to serve as the foundation for the improved Rokushiki techniques. The training itself incorporated various techniques to systematically break down the barriers between the mind and the body, from torture, to starvation, and sensory deprivation all in order to harden the will of the practitioner. Meditation, fasting, and extensive physical training were intertwined to instill the necessary discipline required of the technique. It was beyond nightmarish and in the end few were able to survive.

Reinhardt was one such individual who overcame the ordeal and mastered the technique allowing him to ascend the Rokushiki to levels far beyond his peers. The technique itself is merely the collective term for the superhuman level of control that the practitioner achieves as a result of the intensive training to obtain it. This degree of fine control allows Reinhardt to manipulate the biochemistry of his body to extreme levels. He can focus on any one of his senses at a time and multiply its range and scope granting him expanded senses that ordinary humans do not ordinarily possesses. However the chief ability granted that Reinhardt in particular mastered is the manipulation of his own bodies metabolism. From altering his bodies internal temperature, to increasing or decreasing the production of hormones and other bodily chemicals he is able to shatter the limits of his body and explosively increase his power.

  • Pulse (脈, Myaku): Possessing the ability to control the mechanisms of one's body also grants the ability to directly manipulate the output of its power. This technique is the culmination of Reinhardt's mastery in such an ability. Ordinarily even the strongest pirates operate at levels that by in far exceed that of ordinary beings, demonstrating even subconsciously as their body reacts to threats with full force of their ability. In the course of his career as an assassin it became necessary to often adopt weaker persona's, which is the origin for this technique. It allows Reinhardt to directly control the output of his combat ability allowing him to not simply appear weaker but be weaker in actuality. Not only can he limit his own strength, speed and durability but also the techniques he is even able to use, that is unless he releases more of his restraint on his power. While this may seem without benefit, the advantage as Reinhardt discovered was that he is able to conserve far more power and energy in this state. Furthermore he also learned that after releasing the restraints on his body he would experience a temporary increase in excess of the degree of power he was unleashing. By default his combat output is equal to roughly 10% of his full power. However when releasing the restraints on his power he regains not only the power he had closed off, but its multiplied by another half. For Reinhardt, this means that just releasing up to 70% of his full strength actually puts him above what his maximum would ordinarily be, and that boost in power increases even further when unleashing all of his strength.
  • Afterburner (アフターバーナー, Afutaa Baanaa): Cipher Pol has detailed dossiers on all of the most powerful and influential Marines employed by the World Government, and it is their duty to maintain proper countermeasures against these individuals. Within the training program candidates were selected and trained in specific techniques that would grant them an edge should there come a time where even an Admiral may need termination. Afterburner is that solution. It was developed as a counter against the most potent of Devil Fruit powers possessed by the Admiralty, specifically those that manipulate involve elemental manipulation. The technique was developed after Cipher Pol agent Rob Lucci recounted his battle and observations of Monkey D. Luffy's Gear Second. It was theorized that a similar technique could be developed by accelerating the heartbeat and thus the blood flow through the body. However early testing proved fatal, as ordinary humans lack a Rubber-Man's physiology which gives the muscles, and blood vessels the elasticity to withstand the increased pressure. Reinhardt however proved otherwise when he utilized Armament Haki to reinforce the organs of his body, allowing him to realize the potential of this technique. Life Return grants Reinhardt the insight and intuition necessary to manage the minute manipulations of his body biochemistry augmenting the scope, efficiency and power of this technique. He is able to maximize his bodies healing factor into adapting itself to the increased pressure and heightening his tolerance to extreme physical exertion. At its core the technique seeks to eliminate the dangers of extreme temperatures by super-heating the body through the acceleration of blood in the body. The massive influx of blood flow causes the practitioners skin to redden as musculature bulges and increases. Steam begins to rise from their body as perspiration immediately evaporates into steam due to the intensely hot temperature of the body. Afterburner derives its name from the fact that the body goes into overdrive burning up energy in a manner similar to anaerobic exercise, vastly increasing physical strength, speed and performance. However this places a tremendous strain on the body, burning up their stamina quickly and if used too long can cause damage internally as the body rips itself apart. Reinhardts use of Buoshoku Haki to reinforce his internal organs and blood vessels is the only reason he can maintain this state for extend periods of time. In this state cold temperature extremes can be tolerated, even ignored for the duration of the technique, thereby bypassing the greatest strength of Admiral Ravinger Terell's devil fruit. This technique is intended solely as a contingency in the event of suspicious or treasonous activity and should be not demonstrated in the presence of the Admiralty.
  • 72 Transformations (七十二転化, Nana-Juu-Ni Tenka): Perhaps the most subtle art developed by the Rokushiki after the incorporation of Life Return was the unsurpassed power it granted its agents in infiltration. It was demonstrated by a previous agent that one could change one's own body mass through the simple manipulation of digestion, and thus this was taken to its logical conclusion towards the very structure of the body itself. The process itself is quite painful as bones are shrunk, or enlarged to complete the process, with muscle mass being siphoned off or rapidly increased but Cipher Pol has finally achieved full body transformations with this technique. It enables agents through proper preparation adopt entirely new personas complete with new bodies, be they large or small, tall or thin, wearing a different face each time. The only limitation is that new form is still largely human, though they are even capable of changing their own gender. It is possible to mimic beings of truly monstrous size but the largest known transformation to date has only been in excess of up twice the agents size and no more. Any further and an agent runs the risk of lethal internal injury as the body is simply unable to cope with such extremes. Its greatest potential however lies in duplication and replacement, as its possible to adopt and mimic another persons entirely. This application has of not been made public neither to the Marines nor the World Nobles, as their ranks have already been infiltrated. Reinhardt is capable of using this technique and often does so when attempting stealth or any form of espionage.

Haki - Strength of WillEdit

Haoshoku HakiEdit

Haki is a word derived from the ancients that we loosely translate as "Ambition", and this is the foundation of all power in the world. Haki is the ability to shape your will, that ambition into a weapon and carve your own destiny. This sovereignty looks down in contempt towards the strange abilities given by the Devil Fruits, for they are subordinate to its ineffable power. But among those who awaken Haki, are the destined few known simply as, "Kings"; for they possess a far greater will known as Conquerors Haki. It is living proof of their divine right to rule, for their will is palpable; a living force exuding from their persona that overshadows and superimposes itself on reality. Be they person or the physical forces of nature itself, they all bow in submission before this power. But ambition requires a pinnacle, an axiom cemented into the very essence of the wielder for its true power to be unleashed. What this means is that Conquerors Haki cannot be learned, nor trained into acquisition. It can only be awoken in times of great upheaval, when one's perspective is at the precipice of change. When this resolves itself as a resolution in the form of a philosophical doctrine by which defines his or her existence does it become power. Reinhardt awoke his potential upon this revelation, "If Victory is Truth, then War is Argument, and a Sword is Logic." Each is a law unto itself defined through conflict,  slaughter and war. Thus they become more real, and the strength of his will grows. Therefore his existence which is upheld by this logic begins to define itself. His will defeats law. This allows his Haki to become a physical presence. Concept can be rendered unto reality simply by shaping it into form. To assert your dominion and claim all that you see as your own kingdom, is the right of any king. It is also the first ability displayed by those who wield Conquerors Haki. Ripples that turn into tidal waves, for the sheer all encompassing force of their will becomes a psychic shockwave causing lesser minds to submit to the oblivion of unconsciousness. 

Kenbunshoku HakiEdit

Buoshoku HakiEdit



Kyūkyokujō-no-Shisō (究極状の死想, lit. "The Final Shape of Death"): The sword was nameless for many years. It was a blade of no particular worth, no legendary history to uphold it, forged simply as a standard issued blade. This weather beaten weapon is worn from extensive use, rusted in some parts and dull in others. To any swordsman this sword is a disgrace, unworthy of being wielded by any hand save for the lowest degenerates. Yet, there is something unsettling about the blade, a hunger that clings to it like the blood stains on its surface. The sword bears an unnaturally suffocating aura. Almost as if one can feel the weight of every life taken by its chipped edge. That is until the blade tastes first blood, and then the horrifying scope of its accursed power becomes manifest. The blade greedily consumes the nectar of life, its physical appearance actually changing as a result becoming sharp and pristine. A vortex of darkness shudders across its surface extending it beyond its natural length until the sword resembles an Ōdachi. A miasma fills the space around the blade, hungry and alive it thirsts for more. This is the blade wielded by Reinhardt, a cursed sword of incredible power.

This sword is unique because it was not forged as one of the Saijo O Wazamono Grade Swords, but instead traces its origins as one of many mass produced blades. So why then is this blade so cursed, so powerful? Kyūkyokujō-no-Shisō has been damaged, chipped and broken many times throughout its life, and each time it was reforged Reinhardt infused within the blade a very unique form of iron. This metal was extracted from the very blood of the enemies he killed. He believed that only a blade forged from the deaths of his enemies was fit to be wielded and this in part explains the reason behind its cursed power. The rust as one might have believed is not from age but blood, its chipped and broken appearance is because the blade, seemingly alive, shows its true nature as a weapon of war. This is important because this sword is a conduit and extension for Reinhardts Haki. As a blade forged from blood, it possesses all the qualities that make it a candidate, and indeed it does possess its own innate Haki. It is a weapon of death hungering for life and the essence from which it was forged.


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