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Las Cabezas (ラス カベサス, Rasu Kabesasu, Spanish for "The Heads") is the name of both an island and a city located somewhere within the Grand Line. It was formerly the territory of an unknown king who married and bore a child with the infamous pirate Daddy L. Legs, before mysteriously dying a few days later. In the current day Las Cabezas and its residents are under the rule of the Black Widow Pirates, and are one of the many territories that they plan to use to reach the status of empire.


Las Cabezas is a moderately sized island, large enough to support some 15,000 people and their resources with potential to fit in more. The city is ruled by a minister who answer directly to Daddy L. Legs and her crew, therefore serving little purpose other than to handle smaller situations that may arise on the island; the citizens of Las Cabezas see the minister as a person equal to a king and they give him the respect and subservience of such. The island is a summer island, and as such residents enjoy a sunny and warm climate year-round, with a particular absence of snow and precipitation in general; due to this absence of rain, the island's residents plant with a strict variety of crops that require little to no amount of water but lots of sunshine, both of which are plentiful there. Despite the strict planting capabilities, Las Cabezas is a predominately agricultural community with the rest of the business being commercial trading to get said agricultural product to and from the island. It is speculated that this is one of the reasons that the Black Widows took particular interest in Las Cabezas, because it is capable of producing enough crops and food items to sustain their growing empire.


LasCabezas Architecture
The entirety of Las Cabezas possesses the same architecture and cultural style, as almost of the buildings that are currently standing were built during the initial founding of the city while all of the others were built afterwards in an identical style. The buildings are built in the style of various Revolutionary Era structures, made predominately out of colored clay and bricks with large chimneys and wide single windows; many houses are built on type of each other similar to those of Water 7, most likely due to the unique mountainous terrain that the many portion of the city resides on. A unique trait that has become a trademark of the island are the various towers and turrets that are littered throughout the area and serve as a reminder of a war that took place shortly after Las Cabezas' founding over eighty years ago. The roads of the city are made out of a rough brick, as are the bridges that stem outwards to connect other smaller sections of the city to the main section, with the intersection leading one directly to La Voluntada.


La VoluntadaEdit

LasCabezas Palace
La Voluntada (ラ ボールンタダ, Ra Booruntda, Spanish for "The Will")

The FieldsEdit

LasCabezas Farm
The Fields (ス フィエルドス, Su Fierudosu)

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