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Lathar Blaze: Also known as the Desert Dragon is a Shandorian Warrior who was driven away from his tribe and Skypiea because of his natural killing intend and was forced to wonder the Blue Sea for all eternity. He is a powerful and dangerous warrior who is responsible for killing many people and islands with the powers of his Netsu Netsu no Mi by eating up the land in a fiery blaze, leaving them in a burnt up landscape with no sign of life similar to many western terrain. Due to this he is commonly addressed as The Dragon of the West


Blaze is a rather muscular young Shandorian with very long, silver colored hair that goes slightly past his waist. He carries a sharp gaze; his eyes have black circles around them. He is dark-skinned, and on his body he bears various light blue tribal tattoos on his arms and face. Blaze always goes shirtless and dons a high collared, black cloak (which also bears his tribal tattoos) to cover him with sharp red claws built as a necklace around his neck. He wears a golden arm ring tightened around his right upper arm and a sash around his waist with baggy pants with the same tribal tattoos on its leggings.


Blaze is mostly very serious; he rarely smiles, and he has rarely been seen laughing.

Like many other characters he has a unique laugh: Gyhahaha

Abilities and PowersEdit

Physical AbilitiesEdit

Although his abilities lie within his extremely developed Devil Fruit powers, Blaze is a skillful warrior who often fights fiercely and ferociously against his enemies

Devil FruitEdit

Blaze has eaten the Netsu Netsu no Mi, a Paramecia-class Devil Fruit that he obtained during his time as a child of the Shandorian Warrior race and since then he had many years to develop and grow with his powers.

that grants him the ability to produce vast amounts of heat from his body.


Among Devil Fruit users, the rare phenomena known as Awakening is considered a proof of greatness; for its a sign that one has thoroughly mastered the powers that is given.


Armament HakiEdit

Blaze is able to use his spirit life force to create, in essence, an invisible armor around himself.

Observation HakiEdit



  • Latha meaning the fires of Hell burning away right to the skull