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Onpu Onpu no MiEdit

Main article: Onpu Onpu no Mi

The Onpu Onpu no Mi (音譜音譜の実, Music Music Fruit) is a Paramecia-based Devil Fruit which has been consumed by the one and only Leon Aux, the musician of the Redbeard Pirates. By using his angelic voice, Leon is able to yell at varying frequencies to create a variety of effects, ranging from a simple push-back to a catastrophic event. The Onpu Onpu no Mi fruit is also able to give Leon the ability of enhanced musical talent, something which Leon finds redundant. The Onpu Onpu no Mi makes the user a Musical Human (段物人間, Danmono Ningen)

Fruit CollectionEdit

Juso Juso no Mi: Model: HeavenEdit

Main article: Juso Juso no Mi: Model: Heaven

The Juso Juso no Mi: Model: Heaven (呪詛呪詛の実・版・天, Juso Juso no Mi: Han: Ten) is a Mythical Zoan-based Devil Fruit owned by Leon Aux. This Devil Fruit in particular has a counterpart, the Juso Juso no Mi: Model: Earth, which gives access to a different Beast Soul. The Model: Heaven allows the user to become a Divine Human (天来人間, Tenrai Ningen), and allows the user to become a Human-Griffin hybrid or a full griffin.

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