Leon Delblack is an article prescribed by Pbtenchi

In the past, Leon was captured by dealers and use to manufacture a drug with no long term effects called Happy. This time in captivity instilled a deep timidness and a deep set hatred.


Leon has blonde hair and wears a black fur-lined coat. He always has a nervous expression.


Leon is a negative person, and he seems to be in a near constant state of depression. Leon is by nature strong but gentle, and seems ill suited for combat, but his track record and mannerisms prove otherwise, as he has a strange record of torturing his opponents to death.


'Haki' Leon is capable of using armament and observation haki

'Devil Fruit' Leon ate the Drug Drug fruit, and became a drug man and gained claws that can be used to produce and inject drugs. A side effect of this fruit is that Leon's scent became addictive, and gained a nauseous effect, although it has no long term effect. Due to this fruit, in the past he was captured and used to manufacture drugs.

Techniques Edit

Black Claws Leon extends he claws and coats them with haki, in this state they have been compared to high grade swords.

Paralysis Drug: Leon uses his ability to inject a target with a complex mix of hormones that paralyze the injected area. If used in the right areas, it can even paralyze senses.

Pain Drug: Leon injects the target with extreme pain causing Hormones.

Hallucination Drug: Leon injects someone with a does of hormones and then says something, e.g. Iron Maiden, the target then imagines themselves in a Iron Maiden and feels the appropriate pain.

Steroid Drug: Leon injects someone with a steroid drug that causes increased strength. In large amounts, this drug can become a lethal poison.

Trivia Edit

  • The image is Shishito Madoka from Deadman Wonderland.

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