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"The Golden Lion roars!"

Lionheart Sylvia (ライオンハート・シルビア Raionhāto Shirubia?) known primarily by the alias "Kanashi" (金獅 Golden Lion?) is the replacement of Alfred Glave and a newly promoted Admiral of the Marines. In addition, she is the current Queen of the Regulus Kingdom.

Sylvia is a tremendously powerful woman whose origins were not humble, but rather, under the illusion of power. She was the Princess of the Regulus Kingdom and lived a life of prestige. Yet, as her Kingdom was to be destroyed by Pirates seeking to expand their horizons, the incredible actions of former Admiral Alfred Glave twenty-five years ago changed her outlook on both the world and herself. It was then she took up the journey to attain true strength.

Apprenticed under Kairō for twenty years, her power grew and her reputation began to shine as a Marine who sought to protect the innocent and bring justice to the damned. Brandishing the armor and spear of the first Lionheart, her name rose as the "Spear of Justice" (正義の槍 Seigi no Yari?). Attaining the rank of Vice Admiral, she operated in the New World as an enemy of those who dared to monopolize innocent nations for their own profit, thus earning the enmity of many a powerful Pirate.

The death of her former mentor struck the woman’s heart. That man who, for over half of his life, devoted it to justice, had become a martyr…but for what? The ”Public Enemy” he sought to destroy had continued to live uninterrupted, and his actions had become even more bold! In fact, the destabilization of one of the World Government’s greatest military powers had increased the confidence of the Pirates across the entirety of the Blue Sea! Unable to allow her mentor’s legacy to be incarcerated by the vile actions of Pirates, she took the center stage. Attaining the seat of Admiral due to her incredible feats in the New World, the Golden Lion seeks to rally the Marines to fight for the safety of this world, and destroy the confidence of the overzealous Pirates that rampage the Blue Sea.

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Sylvia's general appearance.

Any timid soul who approaches the Golden Lion will not be confronted by her royal visage, but rather, those radiant emerald eyes. All who dare to confront those eyes will be humbled in their presence, for they stand in the presence of the sun itself. To those who stand as her equal, they have commented that it is those very eyes that give her the presence needed for her rank, for otherwise, she cannot escape the body she was born with.

A Queen in every sense of the world, Sylvia's appearance beckons admiration among those who are able to look past her eyes. Her illustrious blonde hair shimmers with a slight gold, while her neat bun, fringe and bangs enable her golden crown to sit atop her head perfectly. Her facial features are youthful, with a soft jawline, thin nose and lips, which are often found in a frown. 

Sylvia is adorned with the figure that reflects womanhood. Her bust size is large, waist slim, and hips of a moderate size. Looking past a superficial glance, her continuous training has granted her a significantly toned musculature that vastly enhances her performance in combat. All of this, however, is mostly irrelevant to Sylvia and those who look upon her, for she clads an armor that personifies her adherence to her duty and preparation for any situation. 

Her armor is made of the finest silver. Its breastplate adorned with royal blue etchings and is kept fastly secured over her torso. Her gauntlets reach up to her forearm,and her greaves reach her knees. Underneath, she wears a royal blue, light dress that has two sides flare outwards while part of the fabric is devoted to covering the center of her body. Underneath her greaves she wears thigh-length boots with the same color scheme, albeit more sturdy material. As an Admiral, she has taken to wearing a cape of pure white with fur at its top, emblazoned with the insignia of the Marines, as a direct sign to anybody wishing to challenge her. 

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