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"Spare me! I don't want to listen to your pathos-infested prayers when I work. If you truly wanted to see results, you'd get outta here and leave me to research in peace, goddammit!"
— Liselotte

Liselotte Barracuda (リーゼロッテ・バラクーダ, Rīzerotte Barakūda) is a female Scientist gone rogue and is currently a Pirate as a result. Not much is known about the earlier years in Liselotte's life, as she mysteriously appeared as a student at a prodigious academy at the start of a semester and proceeded to rise to the top of her class. She was renowned for her sharp intellect and thoroughly analytical personality, but also for giving just about anyone a cold shoulder due to regarding most as inferior. Ultimately, however, most came to look up to her, viewing her as an ideal student.

Upon graduating, Liselotte was personally recruited by the World Government and offered a prestigious position in one of their faculties. Excited by the prospect of being surrounded by like-minded individuals, she accepted in a heartbeat. Quicker than she would have preferred, though, she experienced a sour anticlimax, as her experience and skills were lacking in comparison to her seniors. However, she stayed nonetheless and grew to become the faculty's foremost expert on Dials and nanotechnology, as she combined these two fields.

However, her persistence and general unscrupulous behavior proved overall detrimental to her position, as she often pushed for human experiments earlier than necessary. In the long run, this caused her to have a fallout with her colleagues and an abrupt end of her career in the World Government. Elsewhere, among some more amoral and wealthy pirates, she was welcomed with open arms and granted resources she could only dream of earlier. Her expertise on Dials grew exponentially, to the point where Liselotte could easily be considered one of the foremost in the world.


Liselotte full body

Although she is a ripe 28 years of age, Liselotte's appearance is that of a far younger woman. She is quite petite, being a bit shorter than the norm for most women and in addition, has a rather androgynous body figure as well. Because she is bony and possesses rather angular features, some have mistaken her for male from behind, but her long hair usually deters people from doing so. According to herself, the reason why she looks exceptionally youthful, can be traced to scientific experiments she performed on herself. What they exactly entailed, remains unknown, but it appears as if her body has ceased aging or slowed it down considerably. However, against all odds, she considered the experiment a failure. There exist few clues as to why, but among them is the odd habit of experiencing sudden fatigue.

In spite of her androgynous features, she can clearly be distinguished as feminine when regarded up front. Liselotte has both a slim waist, wide hips and notable, but small breasts. Assessing her age is considerably more difficult, however, as her appearance is not a proper indicative. To compliment her waifish exterior, she keeps her long blonde hair rather unkempt. It is long enough to reach far beyond her shoulder-blades, but juts and curls at different points, making it difficult to accurate determine just how long it is. In addition, she frequently braids locks together and ties them with bows on the end, enhancing the childish image she unconsciously cultivates. She usually allows a larger braid to rest on her shoulder, having pulled hair from the back to make it. Although the individual strands are frizzy and brittle, the hair is not dirty, as Liselotte knows the value of hygiene as a result of her profession. She does, however, neglect to condition and brush it, resulting in the current look.



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  • Her first name and her surname are designated to be oxymorons, from the perspective of the author at least. Liselotte is intended to seem placid, while Barracuda is meant to seem fierce.

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