Longdagger Daggerman is an article prescribed by Njalm2

Longdagger is one of the senior members of the Ghost Pirates. He's a rookie pirate from West Blue and suffers from the crippling speak impediment that has affected the populace after a visit from the World Noble, Saint Repulsanct. He was originally born as Timothy Whiteling, but he changed his name upon becoming a pirate in order to sound suitably edgey. Upon his travels with his crew, he ate the Dosu Dosu no Mi and became a daggerman, which he promptly adopted as his last name.

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As one of the senior members of the Ghost Pirates, Longdagger holds significant influence over lower-ranked or weaker crew members. And unless he's in the presence of someone whose influence and power outstrips his own, he has the authority to command most of them, serving as something akin to a minor officer. His bounty of Beli 14,000,000 is noted to be represent his great threat, as very few individuals outside of Paradise have bounties like that.

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