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Longinus Antoinetta (ロンジニャス•アントワネッタ, Ronjinyasu Antowanetta) is a member of the Dressrosa Royal Family and the oldest daughter of the current queen, Longinus Niu, and Longinus Cedric [1]; thus, she is full-blooded siblings with Longinus Yeshua and Longinus Judas. Much like all of her other daughters, Antoinetta was bred to be the perfect woman whom was suitable to fill the position of the wife of a nobleman; arguably, Antoinetta is the most promising of these conditionings, especially when compared to her rebellious younger sibling. Due to her lady-like mannerisms and skillful maternal duties, Antoinetta has affectionately been dubbed La Mariposa (ラマリポーサ, Ra Mariposa, Spanish for "The Butterfly") by the general populous of Dressrosa.


Antoinetta Full
As a seat of royalty inside of the kingdom of Dressrosa, and more importantly the infamous Longinus Niu's daughter, it can almost be perfectly guaranteed that Antoinetta is an extravagantly beautiful woman. Alas, this can be held true, as the young girl's beauty is often remarked upon by those she meets, either directly to her or otherwise. A rather unique trait of Antoinetta's is her ability to always be considered attractive even in situations that would make most people appear extremely unappealing, like in situations of overt physical exertion. It is unknown as of know how exactly Antoinetta accomplishes this, but due to it, it is one of the reasons that many of her mother's subjects consider her to be perfect in almost everyway; although, this opinion could simply be biased depending on how these subjects feel about Niu. Antoinetta's noble status —as mentioned many times before— is heavily reflected on by her appearance itself; however, the most apparent of these would easily be her clothing choice and overall wardrobe. Antoinetta's wardrobe consists entirely of dresses and associated formal attire, ranging from ballgowns to kimonos which she wears at her own discretion depending on what the situation would call for. Despite these formalities however, Antoinetta is fond of wearing armor plating whenever she may be outside of the castle, as she finds it rather bothersome to have a guard hovering over her at all times and finds that armor would give roughly the same protection as an average bodyguard. However, like many others, Antoinetta seems to favor one outfit over the others in particular. The outfit in question consists mainly of a maroon-colored mini dress that is cut to her lower thigh, and consits of a maroon body with a white trim along the bottom and a white necked collar with an orange ribbon fastened around. Antoinetta wears a white corset with golden fastenings around her waist, and as mentioned before is commonly fond of wearing brass armor whenever she may be in public, which she dons on her chest and shoulders in the form of pauldrons; while wearing armor, she also frequently wears black bandoleers around her waist.

As a part of her consistent grooming all throughout her childhood, Antoinetta was forbidden to stuff herself during mealtimes and was expected only to eat the healthiest of foods with a solemn chance for sweets. It is for this reason, among others, that Antoinetta has retained a healthy bodily figure throughout her life, which in turn gives her a rather appealing vibe. She is slightly taller than the average human female, but is absolutely dwarfed by the common male pirate and similar people; as such, she has a rather light mass. A word that can easily describe Antoinetta's figure is "hourglass", because it encompasses the larger parts of her body both literally and figuratively; she has a large plump breasts and a slim curved waist, as well as wide hips and full thighs. One Antoinetta's most admired traits is her delicate and nearly porcelain-looking skin, that is seemingly free of any blemishes and very smooth to the touch, a trait commonly associated with femininity. Antoinetta has a rounded heart-shaped head with a set of admirable features highly sought after in terms of potential suitors. She has wide deep brown eyes with long effeminate eyelashes, as well as a small rounded nose and full, pouted lips; much like her body, Antoinetta's face is free of any blemishes like acne or scarring, and is overall very smooth. Another one of Antoinetta's more notable traits is her shoulder-length sangria-colored hair, visibly thick and full even when it is held into the formal ponytail that it is commonly seen in, which allows two strands of her hair to frame her face while the rest lies in a perfect tail on the back of her head.


Antoinetta Serious
From years of relentless conditioning, Antoinetta is truly conformed to the standards of her mother and behaves exactly like a lady should, in Antoinetta's words.To put it simply, Antoinetta is obedient and is shaped perfectly into the metaphorical shape of a woman, an elegant and decorous masterpiece. At nearly all times, Antoinetta is quiet and reserved, gently folding her hands across herself until the moment she is spoken to and responds in a soft and matronly tone. She normally appears rather stoic, with a blank and emotionless expression plastered onto her face at most times, unless she experiences some sort of unexpected occurrence, which isn't often inside of the well-structured and carefully scheduled everyday life of a princess. Antoinetta takes partially after the cold nature of her mother, and has expressed no interest in jokes or other things that could be found immature and often refuses to participate in such activities even in the occurrence that it would make her appear rude. In the event that she is required to talk from a person of a higher standings, Antoientta reserves her words and speaks with an air of nobility as she speaks only as much as she is required, ignoring lengthy sentences and the likes; when she speaks her tone is flat and rather disinterested, even if the latter isn't true in the case.

Antoinetta Reassuring
Due to a lifestyle that is directly focused on constantly being surrounded by people and often their interests, Antoinetta hasn't had much personal development in one-on-one conversations or being around less that three people in general. Contrasting against her calm and reserved persona under normal circumstances, Antoientta adopts a somewhat antisocial personality while with a single other person, and she begins to display traits of a socially awkward teen rather than an experienced princess and the daughter of a fierce monarch. These traits often stem form her inability to create coherent sentances, which is either because she cannot enunciate her words because of extensive stammering or she simply doesn't connect words into a comprehensible form. While one-on-one Antoinetta often either says something she doesn't mean or didn't wish to say, because she feels that being silent wouldn't appear as though she were a shrewd diplomat and conversationalist like her mother would want her to be.




Devil FruitEdit

Yota Yota no Mi (ヨタヨタの実, Drunk-Drunk Fruit) is the name of a Logia-type Devil Fruit that was eaten by Antoinetta. The Yota Yota no Mi, as the name might let on, allows the user to create, manipulate, and take on the properties of any type of alcohol that they so chose; when harnessing these abilities, the user becomes an Alcohol Human (アルコール人間, Arukooru Ningen). The Yota Yota no Mi, although it may not first sound as such, is an infamously powerful fruit with often deadly abilities unlike any other. As mentioned briefly before, the Yota Yota no Mi allows its eater to create, manipulate and embody all aspects of any type of alcohol that they so please; like all Logia, the latter-most aspect is the Yota Yota no Mi's trademark and the one that users most often use in battle. The trademark in question being their ability to turn either parts or the entirety of their body into alcohol, making them intangible to any attacks whether they be blunt, bladed, or anything in between; even flames, which are normally considered to be a direct antithesis to the Yota Yota no Mi, are ineffective against it and if anything give the user more power as they are turned into a mass of flames and boiling alcohol. Much like many other Logia, the main offensive maneuvers of the Yota Yota no Mi involve often-pressurized barrages of beams made of alcohol, and many other variations of this technique, each with their own varying effects.

A unique effect that the Yota Yota no Mi possesses is one that is kindred with alcohol; intoxication. It is this effect that the Yota Yota no Mi gains most of its power from, and one that it is named directly after; while the time it takes to get a person drunk varies depending on the drink's alcohol/volume ratio, the alcohols derived from the Yota Yota no Mi can have their alcohol/volume ratio altered to be extremely low to the point where it is comparable to water or extremely high to the point where it is able to cause alcohol poisoning and even death. As mentioned various times before, the Yota Yota no Mi's intangibility capabilities are the ones that are most often used in the midst of battle, as is the case with many Logia users. However, this effect goes beyond allowing objects and attacks to go directly through their body, as shown various times when users turn the lower half of their body into a rapidly spinning variations of their element —in the Yota Yota no Mi's case, alcohol— and creating a whirlwind that lifts them off of the ground and grants them limited flight abilities. This ability is extremely versatile, and is considered a direct antithesis to one of the main Devil Fruit weakness, water; water can be simply avoided by using this technique and simply flying or hovering over bodies of water rather than crossing them otherwise.


Kenbunshoku Haki (見聞色の覇気, Kenbun-shoku no Haki, lit. "Observation Haki")


  • Her appearance is based off of Pina Co Lada of the Gate franchise
  • Antoinetta is the feminine form of Antoine, which means "Of a Higher Standing"
  • If Antoinetta lived in a real-world country, it'd be Spain
  • Antoinetta's favorite food is lobster thermidor
  • Antoinetta has gone through more than 5 image revisions because the author is an indecisive asshat


  1. Children of the Queen: Antoinetta is revealed to be Niu's daughter

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