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Longinus Cedric (ろんぎぬす・せっどりっく, Ronginusu Seddorikku) is a member of the Dressrosa Royal Family and the oldest brother of Queen Camellia, and a Consort to King Niu. As the father of several of the Princes and Princesses of the Royal Family, Cedric caught the interest of the reigning monarch through his unusually good looks and diplomatic acumen. As he was suitable consort in order to breed daughters with the best of both worlds, possessing both intelligence, strength and beauty.

Before the current King rose to power, Cedric Longinus served as the outer face of the Royal Family; travelling throughout the kingdom hosting celebrations and festivities for the locals to enjoy. He received much love and adoration from the public for these acts, which often involved fine food and entertainment to the masses. Following the rise of Niu however, most of the funds went to building many collisseums in which to hone her children's fighting capabilities. Leaving Cedric with little to do aside from waiting around for the King to notice him.

With little else to do, Cedric has devoted himself to the role of parenthood; attempting to shield the children as best he can from the horrors of their mother. Given how many of the children's fathers have perished in the Collisseum, Cedric has taken it upon himself to ensure that all of them feel loved and valued by him. To ensure there can be no doubt, Cedric often goes to extraordinary lengths to make his children feel appreciated, such making all of them highly organized and delicious bentos, and arranging large scale cheerleading squads to cheer on the sons in the arena. Often leading the squad himself, due to his love of attention.

Cedric has fathered the twins Longinus Judas and Yeshua. Although tragically, the latter perished in a duel to the death with his own brother over who would become the heir to Dressrosa, a fight commanded by the current reigning King and the twins own mother. He also fathered a single daughter, the lovely Princess Antoinetta.




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