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— Connor.
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Longinus Connor (ロンギヌス・コナー Ronginusu Konā) is the second son of Dressrosa's Royal Family, the Longinus Family.[3] Son to a notable gladiator and Longinus Niu, Connor was forcefully trained since a very young age to be a fighter like his father, the only person whom he'd fully love. Paranoic due to having lived almost all of his life in a Coliseum, Connor has also grown to deeply dislike his mother, Niu, nevertheless caring out most of her orders as a Soldier of the Royal Army.

Appearance Edit

Unsurprisingly, Connor is described by many as having an intimidating appearance and aura. Being taller than any of his familiars by a certain margin, towering at 7'5" feet, certainly helps with his imposing factor. His eyes are as black as his hair which is long enough to reach his neck, having a wavy yet messy style to it. Connor's skin is quite light-toned, despite the sun in Dressrosa, giving it a contrast with his hair. His body is also well-built, result of his constant training as a Gladiator.

Connor's attire is rather simple in general. He wears a black t-shirt with 1/4 sleeves, long black gloves which are fingerless and reach his elbows, the forearm being wrapped by many dark red belts. Connor has a red scarf, long enough to even reach his hips, wrapped around his neck, given to him by his late father, being large enough to cover the lower part of his head. His pants are dark and have a leather texture to them, the thigh area having many dark red belts wrapped around it, the pants are held by a large red belt with a silver skull buckle. Connor's boots are a simple pair of dark ones which reach just below his knee.

Losing his left eye during the final tournament in the Coliseum, Connor wears a black eyepatch over it, although it doesn't cover the entirety of the vertical scar.

Personality Edit

A defining trait of Connor is him being very cautious either when around people or when completely alone, making him somehow paranoid.[4] Despite being alone with his brother, Judas, at the Corrida II, Connor often scanned the area around them. Even when reassuring himself out loud that they were alone, Connor continued to do it. It stretches to the point Connor observes a person's mannerisms, being capable of reading their actions without the aid of his Kenbunshoku.[5] After resolving things with his brother Judas, Connor has since gained a better control of his emotions, shown when he didn't stammer and maintained a cold glare even if he was berating someone else. Though, he admits that he hasn't achieved full control as of yet.[6]

Although he heavily dislikes his mother, to the point of not even referring to her as "Mom", Connor is willing to help out with the Kingdom's affairs, doing so as an Officer and Soldier of the Royal Army.[7] As everyone prepared for the new Dressrosa Tournament, Connor made sure to stay as close as possible to Niu for reasons yet unknown.[8]

Relationships Edit

Longinus Niu:

Longinus Cedric:

Longinus Judas: Due to his behavior and actions in the past, Connor regards Judas as a weak-willed person. He is willing to confront him about Yeshua being killed and also about his extreme submission to their King.[9] Although he can read most people with his eye alone, Connor can't tell how Judas truly feels. Ironically, Judas has proven to be the one most accustomed to Connor's habits, being capable of telling what Connor feels even when he has a blank expression.[10]

After their fight, Connor seems to immensely trust Judas, gradually throwing out his animosity towards the older sibling. He would go as far as to defend him from Avelina during the Royal Dinner. He was also relieved to see that Judas was back and succeeded in his objective.[11]

Longinus Yeshua: Connor seems to regard his late brother with respect, confronting his other brother, Judas, about his death.[12]

Other Siblings: Connor says that his siblings don't talk much to him and wouldn't miss him even if he died.[13]

Powers & Abilities Edit

As the Second Child of the Longinus Family, Connor has a certain degree of control over the military and the royal servants. Being the Best Soldier of the Dressrosan Army, he is somewhat treated like Spriggan's Right-Hand Man and highly respected.

Physical Abilities Edit

  • Immense Strength: Connor seems to hold immense amounts of physical strength, capable of swing around a sword which is three times his size. Later on, he showed that he could wield said sword with only one hand.[14]

Ways of Combat Edit

Expert Swordsmanship Specialist:

Devil Fruit Edit

Main article: Namu Namu no Mi

Connor ate the Namu Namu no Mi, a Logia type of Devil Fruit which lets him produce and become Napalm. The substance takes on a dark color with red tones through it, being quite sticky and highly flammable, both properties which Connor uses to his advantage.[15]

Haki Edit

Haki (覇気 Haki lit. Ambition) is shown to be a mysterious power that dwells supposedly in every living being, however people either don't awaken or notice it. Haki is said to originate from one's mind/will. It should be noted one is capable of awakening it through training or even in a situation of extreme shock, though there have been stances where people unconsciously used it. It is divided into three basic types that are dubbed as Colors (色 Shoku), two of which are obtainable through training.

Being a resident of the New World, it is no surprise that Connor has learned Haki, having discovered the basics due to the help of his father who sought to prepare him for the battles in the Coliseum. It was first hinted when he said that his mother has incredible willpower.

  • Kenbunshoku Haki (見聞色の覇気 Kenbunshoku no Haki lit. Ambition of the Color of Observation)[16]: Often known as the second type of Haki, this one allows Connor to sense other people's presences as if they were auras in his mind despite not seeing them physically. It is said that Connor has had extreme training in this Haki, being capable of sensing everything around the entirety of the country. Even when restraining himself, Connor could sense around the entire area of the Corrida Coliseum II. He has enough skill to even pick up the emotions of every single person in there, with the exception of one.[17]

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History Edit

Fangs Bared, Hunter Flared:

Blood and Wine:

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Major Battles Edit

Trivia Edit

  • He is based on Date Masamune from the Sengoku BASARA Series.
  • Connor is the tallest amongst his siblings, being more than one foot taller than the second most, Tabart.[18]
  • He is named after the english pirate Christopher "Connor" Condent.
    • His powers also reference the above pirate who died consumed in flames and sank.
    • Connor's birthday (16th day of the 9th month) alludes to the decade Christopher had been born (1690).
  • The name Connor comes from Irish and means "Wolf Kin", which is somewhat ironic given the character's nature to work alone. His surname references the spear Longinus used to stab Jesus during his crucifixion.
  • Connor's swordsmanship techniques are based on the names of various birds.[19]

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