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Longinus Nyssa is one of the various children of the King of Dressrosa, Longinus Niu, as well as one of the four princesses of the kingdom. Nyssa is, by and large, the "weakest" of the princesses, according to Niu herself, spending the majority of her time indoors, at least until she recieves a bodyguard in the form of Clara to watch over her.

In reality, Nyssa is not blood-related to the Longinus Family whatsoever, rather, is an adopted child, much like Longinus Akuji, albeit in much different circumstances. Nyssa's true heritage is a carrier of the initial D., with her only parent, Calico D. Jack, being the one responsible for her current life as a Longinus child, although the exact details remain unclear.



Princess Nyssa


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  • Nyssa is the second adopted child in the Longinus Family, the first being Longinus Akuji. Chronologically speaking, however,, she was the first to be adopted, due to being the younger sibling.
  • She is the only member of the family to carry the Will of D.