Role-Play Name: Crossing Debts
Date Started: 21 January, 2018
Date Completed: Ongoing
Previous Role-Play: N/A
Users Involved: User:DamonDraco, User:Ash9876, User:Jakyou, User:Dal101
Setting: Mariejois
Characters Involved: Qasarhog Yanbaal, Lancaster Hecate, Bimore O. Jack, Ascalon, Crowley Alistair, Nerthus Freyja

Lords of War Edit

Qasarhog Yanbaal sighed unhappily, despite the grin on his face, as he walked towards the Government's building admist the city of Mariejois. His crew couldn't come, and thus, he left the Astronaut behind, not that he should be too preocuppied with them. Yan had failed yet again to make business with Veno, since they all got shuffled in that mess with the blonde girl. Most people in the Underworld didn't even have any closeness with the Public Enemy, so, Yan had figured he should meet the man himself, and destroy his incorporation from the insides.

But, of course the Government opted to send a Cipher Pol agent, the Bishop. Maybe Yan played around too much, but, this was indeed one of the few times he didn't complete the job. Yes, he would be fine. Coming to such a conclusion, his smile was genuine now, and it grew even wider as he saw he had arrived to the meeting room.

After all, even with his fail, he still gathered data at Nassau and Elbaf.

Yan wondered who would come, it had been some time since the last one, such that he couldn't properly remember it. Opening the door, he stepped in.

A resounding yawn could be heard from the room which Yanbaal had just entered. There was, surprisingly, a figure there before him. A silver-haired woman clad in a suit, wearing a small eyepatch and with a green mechanical arm, was seen sprawled about and lying on one of the larger couches in the room.

Lancaster Hecate, despite being a Shichibukai, was given far more autonomy than the others due to her finnicky abilities and personality, making her difficult to deal with. Often times, she'd be independently going out to fight Pirates here and there, and all other times she'd be asleep out of boredom. Today, she planned to do the same, until she heard news of Yanbaal wishing to have a meeting with the other Shichibukai. While she normally had no interest in these sorts of events, Yanbaal often had an enjoyable game lined up from all the information he gathered, so she reluctantly took part.

"Yanba!" Hecate exclaimed, somewhat sluggishly, as she barely flopped around to turn over at the new arrival. "Hey hey, you have a new game for me to play with soon, right?!" Hecate said, her tone obviously excited, but muffled by the sounds of a half-awake voice. "I can't wait! Dokekekekeke!" Hecate laughed, but continued to lie down. It was quite hard to tell whether she was being serious or not.

Bimore O. Jack was the latecomer, having seen Yan enter the building right as he turned onto the street. He didn't normally care about the various comings and goings of the Shichibukai, being mostly a loner. However, one calling a meeting was rare enough, and mildly interesting. Combined with his usual residence of Saobody Archipelago, this made the mild curiously enough to warrant a visit to Mariejois, a mere hour's walk away.

He walked up to the room shortly after Yan, having heard the excited voice inside. It appears that one Miss Lancaster had shown up as well.

As he entered the room with a light breeze, he observed the other two inside. "Well, Well, Well. How long has it been since this many warlords have been in the same room. A pleasure to meet you both again." he politely spoke out with a slight bow. "So, Yan, what is this discovery of yours, my interest has been piqued."

"Dear Paper!!!" Yan squealed at the sight of Hecate bombarding him with talk. She seemed to be bored, not that it was a surprise to him, in fact, it put another big smile on his face. Yan liked her, she was honest about her feelings and openly had fun, not being afraid to voice herself and helping the Government just like he did.

Opening his arms, Yan responded, "CATE!" He shook his head in delight and pointed his right index at her. "Of course I do! KAKAKA" Yan crossed his arms, which happened just as another shichibukai, Jack as Yan recognized, entered the room. This one was a bit weirder than Hecate, or at least Yan thought, too disciplined. He thought Jack should try having more fun.

"Aaaaah, Jack-chan! A lot of time!" Yan's eyes widened and a smirk appeared on top of his smile, "Yes yes, in fact, this funsie' thing is the result of my most recent expedition!" He sat on a chair and table which stood adjacent to Hecate's couch. Crossing one leg over the other, Yan leaned a bit forward to glare at both of his companions, "What I know... involves one of the Yonko, the clown known as Michael D. Shiguma!" He cocked both eyebrows when mentioning him.

Not waiting for their reactions, Yan licked his lips and continued, "I've been sent to Nassau by some Government agents to gather intel about Veno... ended up on some fun trip to Elbaf though!" He smirked once again, but went back to it, "Turns out, the people there know a looot about the world around them, with Elbaf being on neutral grounds. All the Yonkos continue to move their chess pieces across the globe-" Yan had a sudden idea, cooing at it and then summoning a good amount of paper from his hands.

His arms opened wide, giving room for even more paper, which began to take form and shape upon Yan's command: "Story Fold" He mused, the paper also acquiring color and standing as some sort of platform between the three Shichibukais. In fact, they had taken the form of a common tavern to the land of Elbaf, with many giants sitting at its tables and drinking and eating whatever was on their respective tables. This technique allowed for Yan, with the use of his fruit and Kenbunshoku, to play out memories piece by piece.

Yan could be seen leaning on a pillar, close to a certain table. One of the Giants from such table began to talk, "Did'ja hear?" Another giant shook his head and he continued, "That big blueberry- oooh, such a fine piece- has come to our land!" The other giant gave him a puzzling look, opening his arms, but the first giant laughed. "I'm talkin' 'bout that Yonko maaan~"

"You mean, Daddy? Don't tell me she's here to get Sigma-" Yan's face straightened at hearing such a name, truly it couldn't be one of the greatest pirates around-

"Ney! She's 'ere for that wedding, y'know- Wait, what's that about that other Yonko? Shiguma?!" His voice got a bit high, but the other giant motioned with his hand for him to lower it, "Right... wha' about him, man? Don't tell me Sig is on debt with her too..." The first giant didn't even need a response, due to the second's reaction.

So, it really was Shiguma, Yan didn't need to hear or feel anything else through his aura. The scene concluded and the paper folded over and disappeared almost into air, as Yan waited for the reactions of the others present in the room.

"Hey Jack-Jack!" Hecate responded to Jack's entrance, nodding at Jack's question. She soon saw Yanba unfold a large quantity of paper, which soon began to turn into a video of sorts.

"Ah, storytime!" Hecate got out of her slouching position and clapped her hands in excitement. Her left eye widened, as she really enjoyed when Yanba showed her stories. Listening to the random Pirates talk about Legs, she could only laugh as they called her a "big blueberry."

"Ahahahaha! They're calling Leggy a blueberry! Oh I have to tell her that next time!" Hecate commented, nearly missing the crucial information of the projection. Then talk of Shiguma popped up, and her expression went — surprisingly — serious for a few moments. "Ooooh, he owes Leggy something? Leggy won't let him off easy...But I wanna play with him first!! I wonder if I'll have to ask Leggy first..."

Hecate drifted off into her own absent-minded thoughts as the story concluded.

Jack nodded to the greetings before listening to Yan's tale, leaning up against the wall as the story unfolded.

"Well, isn't that amusing. One of the four emperors has run up a list of debtors." Jack said with a smile. "No wonder none of the other three hold him in in high regards."

"It would also explain why unlike the others, no representative of his would show up on Elbaf for the wedding. So, plan on doing anything with this? Find a list of his debtors and get them to all call him at once?"

Yan closed his eyes, "Mhmhmhmhmhmhmmmmmm~" He murmured and used his left hand to rub his chin. Those giants were indeed audacious for calling Legs that, but, she wasn't around, so it was fine. Or so, he supposed. Yan glanced at Hecate with a smirk, "Just make sure to not go too away from your duties, li'l girl." He patted her head with his right hand.

"Indeed, Jack-chan, a list which consists mostly of the... other Yonkos!" This time, Yan said while turning at Jack. Glancing at both Shichibukais, Yan smirked and voiced his idea, "I do have a plan, actually, kakaka!" He got up and walked around, placing both his hands behind his back "What if... US-" Yan stopped abruptly, and opened his arms and legs. "-Government Workers go on to reduce Shiguma's strength?! I don't know if we can deal with all his crew as it is, modesty apart." He spat at nowhere.

"However, if we focus on... maybe a single island or territory of his, we could spark some kind of conflict!" Yan said, clenching his fists and shaking them in the air.

"Hoooo~" Hecate sat in awe as Yanba came up with his — simple — yet grand plan. "Let's do it!!" Hecate cheered, clapping. "Leggy and the others should play a bit too!" At the mention of conflict, Hecate's emotions reached their peak. She was born into, and molded by conflict as a game. To her, a war of this scale was nothing but a game on a bigger scale, and she'd relish it for as long as she could.

"Uhhh." Hecate then began to wonder, "But where will we attack?"

"Could try Annunaki, it's an island relatively rich with gold and other valuable materials." Jack responded, he had studied a lot of New World islands before he had become a warlord, because ultimately that was his final destination on his journey. Continuing in a softer tone of voice to the older woman, "It's pretty much one of the closest islands you can find to lawful territory that belongs the the Xros. That and considering it's wealth, you'd probably have a lot of soldiers to play with Hecate. I know you love having that. Should also satisfy any needs you have Yan, knowing or having a hold over the owners of the mine is probably something you'd find valuable."

Yan smirked once again at Hecate's thrill to go and do it. He knew how much she liked it, "Now, that's a good question-" He mused, closing his eyes, only to have them wide open as Jack spoke. "Well well, looks like someone is doing their homework, kakakaka!" Bringing his hand to his face, Yan scratched his chin, "That... that actually sounds like the best option! I assume that if me and Hecate gang up on whoever is in charge of this island, we could likely win."

A glint in Yan's eyes could be seen, the glint of someone who saw an opportunity in sight. It seemed not only one of the Yonko would get weakened, but, each of them could take personal and wide profit of this. To get which they sought, and to become even more on the Government's good side.

"Are we going to plan an Attack Strategy, or what?" Yan said, clearly out of his previous thoughts as he crossed his arms.

"Haaaah! We're going to take over an island! It's been a while since I did that..." Hecate thought to herself, reflecting on her days moving through the New World, conquering one territory at a time. "Plan? Who needs a plan! We'll win and come back!"

"I won't be able to join you two unfortunately. I do have prior obligations. However I would assume you two would be enough for anything you may find on that island." Jack calmly interjected after Hecate's outburst. "That being said, I am heading that direction. I was asked to take over the guarding of one of the deeper marine bases in the New World while the Vice-Admiral in charge is attending some meeting. So I could probably give you two a lift."

Yan's smirk widened even more, "Mhmhmhmhm! I knew we wouldn't need to make this much complex than it is." He clapped his hands slowly and interviened his fingers. "We'll formulate a simple attack plan and go with it, retreat if possible, of course, kakakaka!" Yan then glanced at Jack, "That would be really helpful of you, though, it's a shame you won't make it easier!" He said, truly thinking that the swordsman's presence would make things easier than they would be.

"It is settled!" Yan said and got up from his seat, "Me and Cate shall do however much destruction we can muster!" Then, he turned to the door of the room. "I assume we only need to notify the higher ups of the Government and set sail right away!" His smirk was wide and showed much of his positivity in a situation such as this.

"You know just as well as I do that there is no way they'll approve of our involvement. Better in this case to ask for forgiveness than to ask for permission," was Jack's response. "Least that's my opinion."

Yan cupped his chin, "Hmmm, I suppose... they won't notice our absence, kakakaka!" He said, raising his index finger as he stared at nowhere. "Now then, off we go!" Yan moved to the entrance door, not needing anything else, as everything had been in his ship.

"Yaaaay!" Hecate cheerfully exclaimed, jumping out of her seat and following Yanbaal's trail with excitement.

Isle of Genesis Edit

Far North towards within the New World located closer towards the Western Hemisphere of the treacherous sea is an Island that many of the new world call the Gem of the sea, due to its abundance of Gold, Diamond and other valuable minerals that are ever present thanks to the rich mineral deposit sitting atop a underwater Volcano located under the island.

This island is known as Annunaki, and it is one of the major territories of the Xros Pirates lead by one of the Yonko, Michael D. Shiguma.

Leaning atop the balcony railings atop the large castle like structure over looking the majority of the town spread out along the center of the island and the partial a large human-like Lion cannbe seen tiredly rubs away any sigh of sleep from his golden eyes as he prepares himself for the day to come.

"Although the Luxury here is something unique to me, I still would rather be out on the sea Plundering and pillaging the way a Pirate should not sitting around on a throne listening to people complaing about their lives." He muttered in his growling voice without turning to face his ever present shadow that he knew was idly relaxing within the shade of the balcony relatively out of site sipping some beverage as she watches his frustration with amusement.

"Now, now is that any way for a Commander of the "Mighty" Xros Pirates should act "King of Beasts" Ascalon." Spoke the woman in a bemused yet slightly playfully mocking tone of voice as he giggles at the large Lions frustration.

Slumping and blushing slightly at the mention of his Epithet Ascalon merly glances back towards her with a slight glare. "There was no need to bring up my Epithet, besides-". spoke Ascalon as he turns and walks towards the woman before leaning against the wall towards her right further blocking her from the view from site. "We both know Just "WHO" between us is the Xros Commander, Freyja". Spoke Ascalon as he moves his eyes from the amused expression of Freyja towards the balcony entrance as his enchanted hearing picked up footsteps and his nose caught the sent of a very familiar sent.