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Lycan is a Mink from Zou and also a Pirate. Lycan also serves as the sixth division commander for the Black Widow Pirates under the leadership of the crew's captain one of the current four Yonko Daddy L. Legs.


Lycan is a mink so his appearance are that of a wolf with some human characteristics like standing on two feet and such. Lycan is a large mink, a product of growing up in a not so mild environment. He is taller than most humans and most minks for that fact. He has a large body that is covered in a thick coating of light brown fur that makes for decent protection against some physical attacks. Being so large, his body is also built with durable muscles that give him most of his bulky build.


One of Lycan's first and most firm personality trait is his loyalty that he shows to people he considers friends. This is a trait that seemingly all minks have; the relationship the Minks have with the Kazuki Family was a testament to their loyalty. The mink's loyalty towards their friends runs as deep as sacrificing their life to protect their friend. Lycan is very similar to his mink kinsmen in that his loyalty is unwavering. This was shown when he decided to become a pirate with people he didn't know. Lycan at one point despised the action of pirates because of Jack's attack on his homeland of Zou. If it weren't for the actions of Jack he wouldn't have ever left Zou. However once he became one and had crew mates he cared abut his attitude towards pirates changed. Just like his passion and dream to return to his homeland he had, pirates had the same passions and dreams. Lycan simply got caught up in a life he enjoyed. His loyalty is so strong that he will do anything to prove this fact by getting his hands dirty whenever he needs to.

Along with Lycan's unwavering loyalty, he is a honorable person. However being a honorable person can be a positive and negative for Lycan as not all people have honor. Lycan's honorable trait will not allow him to strike down opponents while their back is turned to him or they have no desire to fight. Opponents Lycan faces are fought equally with Lycan usually having to hold back his power in order to fight opponents on equal grounds. Any person that attacks Lycan with his back turned or his lack of desire to fight he feels are cowards which angers him. So much so that he will act out irrationally in a fit of rage because of an honorableness opponent. In the world where people will do anything to get what they want, being honorable can be a negative trait to have. Lycan's unwillingness to fight people under certain circumstances can be a great hindrance. Many opponents will take opportunities where they lie, the occasional opponent that attacks while their opponents guard is down and back is turned is too easy. Whenever Lycan fights an opponent of his caliber he expects the opponent to be just as honorable as his in the fight. Luckily for Lycan, his Kenbunshoku Haki can detect a person's fighting desire and blood thirst.


Being a Mink, Lycan has natural abilities that are far more enhanced than a human's capabilities. Lycan's physical capabilities such as strength, speed, and agility are enhanced and are noted as something almost all minks usually possess. Training and life as a pirate has increased his physical abilities to be greater than that of an average mink. With continued training and battles against opponents, Lycan's physical capabilities grew to staggering potential when he started his life as a pirate. On the island he was washed up on that was deserted and had nothing but wild life that were far more physically superior than Lycan, he was able to conquer. That alone boosted his capabilities to levels of minks such as Pedro. Lycan at that time was a capable fighter of his pirate crew and could very well battle against multiple people at once. It was noted then that his greatest physical ability was his strength as he could produce enough power to stop a large cannon ball from moving by catching it with a single hand. Lycan is a host for every physical capability a mink possesses. The agility to quickly traverse through areas or maneuver around opponents in a graceful fashion. Possessing an incredible leaping ability that allows for several additional movements. Incredible strength that can hold its own against a Yonko's right hand. Lastly, stealth capabilities that can get the best of a proficient user of Kenbunshoku Haki like the former pirate king Monkey D. Luffy. All of these physical abilities of Lycan's made him a great fit for a commander of a Yonko's crew. It however took him years to reach such physical capabilities in which he was faced with highly difficult situations. Once Lycan got through them however, his capabilities improved every time until they reached the level they are at now.

Lycan's strength is the forefront of his physical capabilities, his other physical abilities are extraordinary as well but his strength is at an entirely different level. After living on Silver Moon Island with the Fenrir Pack for 20 years, Lycan's strength rocketed to heights that far exceeded any mink including one like Nekomamushi and Inurashi. Not many beings in the world can produce such amazing strength, only those gifted and that have made it through tough circumstanced can withstand the strength of Lycan. With the addition of Haki embedded into his strikes, Lycan's strength creates destruction in his path as his attacks are increased ten fold. Brute strength is indeed a potential for an unstoppable force however there are fighters that can easily counter Lycan's strength. Because of this, he pulls his punches in all battles with the exception of known opponents or information. Lycan has faced many people that have easily been able to get around his incredible strength, because of this he looks for ways to counter this and one way is by not showing off his brute strength. Nonetheless Lycan's strength is a credible force to be reckoned with no mater the opponent.

With a bulky body, Lycan possess the agility of a slim fit human. Dodging attacks and getting around opponents is effortless for Lycan. With his agility, Lycan can keep up with anything he faces without missing a beat.

Lycan like other minks has enhanced senses which allow him to track opponents easily without having to use Haki. His sense of smell, sight, and hearing are his the most enhanced. He can smell the scent of opponents from several miles away, see in the dark which allows for an advantage over opponents who not only have the inability to see but do not have Kenbunshoku Haki. His hearing is precise and keen which allows Lycan to easily react to surprise attacks and anything of such nature.

Fighting StyleEdit


The ability to produce electricity through his body is the trademark ability of Lycan. Minks are all known from a young age to have the ability to produce electricity from their body and use it to shock anything they touch. Before Lycan fell off of Zunisha, he learned Electro and was highly proficient with it. His skill using Electro was to be on par with the adult minks on Zou before he fell off. Even after he fell off Lycan continued his use of Electro and mastered it to amazing extents. Many times Lycan's use of Electro is mistaken as a devil fruit ability because of how he's mastered it. His mastery of Electro extends to not only a simple channeled amount of electricity but entire coatings of electricity. that are able to produce constructions of electricity.

Lycan's continued use of Electro has even had an effect on his body. Lightning has no affect on his body at all however he isn't completely immune. Any time he needs to in cases of paralysis or similar cases, Lycan can use Electro to reverse effects such as paralysis caused by an external source. Any form of electricity used on Lycan can also jump start his electro without him having to charge it for specific attacks. Lycan can use electro in combination with his Haki and swordsmanship to boost attacks. A interesting phenomena occurs when his Haki clashes with an opponents Haki of the same caliber. The lightning produced from the clashing instantly forms around Lycan and starts up his Electro. For a limited amount of time, Lycan's electo turns black and has an increase in power that can even have an effect on devil fruit users.

  • Armor of Zeus:In order to use certain attacks, Lycan must charge up electro to create these attacks. By charging up electricity around his entire body Lycan create an armor of electricity that acts as both an armor and weapon. As an armor anything that comes within a certain range of him is electrocuted making him nearly impervious to some attacks. The armor has no defensive properties at all such as a hardened body or damage reduction and is instead a large amount of free flowing electricity. The electricity greatly affects his body heightening his senses especially reflexes. The electricity affects both his muscle and nervous system giving him the ability of speed up to the speed of lightning and immense amounts of raw strength. With big and burly mink body, Lycan faces no consequences from the use of this technique.


Lycan trained himself in swordsmanship after simply finding a sword and becoming attached to it. Lycan's already powerful muscle structure allowed for sword attacks that caused a lot of damage to opponents and structures. His slashing attacks are capable of carving through tough structures such as ships and hard substances such as steel with relative ease. Being a pretty skilled swordsman through teaching himself, Lycan's swordsmanship can battle on par with swordsmen who were taught to wield a sword. The more he fights various sword styles, the more he improves on his own. The use of Haki, Electro, or both at the same time gives Lycan's swordsmanship more potent attacks that react to certain things differently depending on what he adds to his attacks. Lycan carries a generic sword that he found in great shape. To keep it from being damaged he usually coats his sword in a thin invisible layer of Haki that allows for damage against devil fruit users and protection against attacks.

  • Wolf Fang Sword Style:Lycan thought he could possibly focus the power of his sword attacks to one point to be able to slice through stronger objects with ease. The problem was that he couldn't do it at the time, his slashes would always be outspread and cause what seemed to be crushing damage instead of slashing. The only way his sword attacks caused slashing damage was with direct contact with said object. He found potential in this odd style of swordsmanship and harnessed it creating the Wolf Fang Sword Style. Upon impact with an object, Lycan's sword slashes cause a crushing impact against objects instead of slashing which in some cases ca be better. This crushing impact can bend, break, or shatter objects with ease compared to slashing attacks. Against swordsmen, when they try to block this projection it simply fold around the sword and hits the opponent.

Kenbunshoku HakiEdit

Kenbunshoku Haki is more of an ability that is an enhancement to his natural animal characteristics. As a wolf species of Mink, Lycan five senses are already enhanced especially sight, hearing, and smell. The ability to not only sense the presence of other but as well as predict attacks makes Lycan a tough opponent to actually hit. Its nearly impossible for opponents to conceal themselves from Lycan because of his his enhanced senses along with his Haki.

Lycan's Kenbunshoku Haki has the ability to determine the person's blood thirst and fighting desire, which is something every living being displays when in a hostile confrontation. This ability of his Haki protects him for sneak attacks from opponents that are skilled at concealing their presence enough to mask themselves from Lycan. As well as opponents that can attack using unpredictable attacks. However there are those that are skilled enough to even mask their presence so much that Lycan cannot detect their blood thirst or fighting desire. This was an additional ability he came to possess later in his life during his life as a pirate under continued use of Kenbunshoku Haki.

Busoshoku HakiEdit

Busoshoku Haki gives Lycan the ability to create an invisible armor around himself to increase damage or boost defensive effort. A larger concentration of his spirit life force to an area causes the said area to turn black which does more damage and boosts defense much more than the invisible layer. Lycan figured out how to use Busoshoku Haki during his time on a deserted island fighting against beasts much larger than himself. This was during the time period after he fell off Zunisha and before he became a pirate so he was young at the time. The constant fighting against these beast on a daily basis grew tiresome and brought Lycan to the brink of death numerous times until one day his will manifested in an invisible armor that he used to defeat these beasts. From then on he used Haki in all his battles which increased his proficiency in it. Defeat also helped his Haki grow in power especially the loss against opponents who easily broke through his Haki. With the notable limit on Busoshoku Haki, Lycan does not overuse this Haki and rather uses it when he needs too. Being a key member of a Yonko's crew, Lycan's Haki is expected to hold a high potency that can overpower weaker opponents.

Human Beast Spirit Transformation Edit

When Lycan was the captain of the Sea Wolf Pirates, he had the opportunity to return to his homeland of Zou much sooner than he did. Onn that day he would find his hopes and dreams crushed by the marine duo Warren D. Ralph and Brown D. Newton. Lycan traveled to an area that Zunisha was believed to pass around according to sources however, Lycan was captured by the duo and prevented from reaching his homeland of Zou. To make matters worse for Lycan, Zunisha passed through the area where he went in the first place to meet the elephant and get to his homeland. Out of numerous emotions; anger, sorrow, resentment, regret, joy, and much more, his Human Beast spirit awakened.

Speical Ability

Lycan's Human Beast Transformation

Lycan was aware of the sudden out pouring of power however he was so focused on getting to his homeland he didn't care to figure out what it was. It wasn't until he got to Silver Moon Island and the Fenrir Pack identified his special ability that he was able to manipulate it. The Human Beast Spirit Transformation is Lycan's special ability, something that all minks possess. Lycan's specific special ability turns him from a Mink to a human-mink or beast hybrid that gives Lycan access to incredible abilities.

With this transformation Lycan has many bodily enhancements that make this transformation so formidable. Lycan's physical abilities are enhanced to extraordinary levels allowing him to go head on with versatile opponents. Lycan can close distances in mere seconds which can overwhelm opponents even with Kenbunshoku Haki. With such extreme speed that eclipses that of Soru several times over, this transformation can match the augmented speed of others. The strength factor in this transformation is just as formidable as well. The sheer power of his muscles can easily create strong gusts of winds from a simple punch or kick.

In this transformation, Lycan becomes immune to things that affects his body such as poisons or sicknesses that would affect the average person or mink in his case. Lycan's senses are greatly enhanced, he can see further during the night, smell a scent from miles away, and even the ability to sense a person's body heat.

In this form, Lycan has increased healing abilities that almost mimic devil fruit abilities. With added healing abilities thanks to this transformation, Lycan can absorb attacks that cause mounds of damage and is instead healed within seconds. This allows for Lycan to last longer in combat against tough opponents and possibly figure out ways to claim victory. This healing has a limit however. Cuts, bullet holes, burns, and even small explosions can all be healed by this ability. However entire limb separations are the healing factors limit as Lycan can't regenerate and entire arm or leg. The only way he can obtain that limb is for it to be reattached to his body in which his healing ability will do such a thing. Another limit for this ability is that it stems from the life force of Lycan. The closer he is to death or the more fatigued he is the lesser the healing and its abilities.


Early LifeEdit

Lycan was born in Zou during the time period of the former Pirate King Monkey D. Luffy. Around the time the right hand man of former Yonko Jack attacked Mokomo Dukedom Lycan was a very young mink. Unfortunately both of Lycan's parents were killed during that attack and Lycan was injured. However being a young mink at the time, before Jack and his crew left Lycan mustered up the power to attempt to tail them off of Zou and follow them. Lycan's goal was to kill Jack however he passed out before being able to climb down Zunisha and during one of Zunisha's showers Lycan was washed off and into the sea all while being unconscious.

Miraculously Lycan was washed up on a nearby island that Zunisha was passing by at the time. The island was however deserted and so wild life thrived on the island. Since Lycan was a mink however, he was able to survive on the island using what he was taught on Mokomo Dukedom. Lycan heritage was that of a Wolf, both his mother and father had the resemblance and behavior of a wolf and this was the case for Lycan. On that island were a pack of wolves that Lycan somehow had the ability to communicate with. At that time Lycan had no clue how he was able to communicate with these wolves however it was a benefit for him at that moment in his life because that was how he survived the struggles of that island. Lycan became the alpha of the pack and together they ruled the island for an entire decade. In that decade Lycan was able to awaken Armament and Observation Haki because of the difficulty of living on that island.

Eventually a pirate crew came to the island to bury treasure and encountered Lycan and his pack of wolves. Lycan instantly attacked because the last memory of humans he had was Jack and his crew attacking his homeland. He was stuck on that island for an entire decade with nothing but animals that tried to eat him so as a result Lycan became a savage. His hair was long, dirty, and matted. His claws were long, chipped and very sharp. Lycan looked like any other beast on that island however when fighting the pirates he used Electro and that gave an indication to what he was. The pirate was once a slave trader and during his time as a slave trader he remembered the difficult time he would have transporting Minks because of their strength and Electro technique. The pirate crew were only their to bury treasure they had accumulated and fighting wasn't in their plan nor was killing especially a being like a Mink.

They fought to instead restrain Lycan and attempt to convince him to join their crew. They were successful in restraining Lycan however the difficult thing was getting him to join their crew. Lycan opened up a bit to these pirates and told them what happened on his homeland. Lycan was not on Zou long after Jack attacked so he did not know of the Straw Hat Pirates action in aiding the Minks back to health. Lycan believed his people were all dead which is why he held a grudge specifically against pirates. Once these pirates told Lycan of what happened he was relieved. They cleaned Lycan up and he agreed to join the pirate crew. He parted ways with his pack of wolves and set on a journey with his pirate crew.

Early AdventuresEdit

Having the fighting strength of several men with the addition of Haki, Lycan was a key fighter in this crew. He needed to be if they expected to sail the New World and hold their own against pirates, marines, and other beings who thrived in the New World for years. Lycan's goal was to return to Zou and be reunited with his people and learn more about his family. He informed his crew that once he did so that he would more than likely leave the crew to be with his people and possibly achieve an even higher goal of becoming the leader of Mokomo Dukedom. The journey would be a task that would prove difficult in its own aspect along with the fact that Zou wasn't like any ordinary island that stayed in one spot. Being on the back of a giant elephant that moved, navigating to Zou would be just about impossible. Lycan would have to rely on information from other people in order to get to his homeland. Lycan swore to himself that he would do absolutely anything in order to get to his homeland.

Lycan was nonetheless a pirate with a pirate crew that had an accumulative bounty of over Beli Small500,000,000 berries. Lycan wasn't informed of what his crew did before finding him; whatever it was Lycan would aid in doing if it meant being one step closer to his home. Lycan found out soon enough what his crew did in order to reach such notoriety. One of their first stops was an island not to far from where they picked up Lycan that was inhabited by people. There were several small towns on the island's outskirts and a large mine inland. This was the crew's initial destination before the stop at the island Lycan was located. The reason they were coming to this island was because of the talk of large amounts of gold that the island held. The goal was to simply kill the elderly, enslave the women as prostitutes, and have the kids and men work in the mines to extract gold. Lycan and his crew succeeded in doing this and took the island for themselves. Lycan didn't hesitate whatsoever in killing anyone his captain instructed him to or any task. Unknowing to the crew, the island was a very important resource for a family of nobles and once word of the hostile takeover was heard they send the Marines after them.

While patrolling the sea around the island his crew had now inhabited, Lycan encounter two warships with more than 30 marine officers on board including a Rear Admiral. Lycan and the men under his disposal engaged the Marines in a battle that lasted for hours resulting in the destruction of the two Marine warships and the death of the Rear Admiral leading them. The news of this swiftly reached marine headquarters and Lycan was given a bounty of Beli Small80,000,000 berries. Lycan started to get caught up in the life of being a pirate. It was easy for Lycan. Everything Lycan did was done without a second thought, he had never ever been a pirate before being recruited into this crew and ironically what he hated he started to love. Lycan's battles with strong opponents, fleeing from the marines, looting islands was panning out to be exhilarating to Lycan.

Lycan's drive was recognized by his captain and he became the right hand to the crew, with that status came a larger bounty as well. Though all of this however, returning to his homeland Zou was still in his mind. Although pirate life was easy, nothing was actually easy. Everyday was a struggle for survival in the New World. If no one was trying to kill Lycan or capture him, the environment of the New World was pressing for the death of Lycan and his crew it seemed. However hard it seemed Lycan and his crew mates managed. A few years passed on and Lycan was getting stronger and stronger in terms of power. At most, he could battle against marine warship and a rear admiral all on his own and win. Lycan knew the extend of his power and so did the members of the crew. All of the battles they fought Lycan was at the forefront instead of their current captain. Lycan did all the difficult tasks while the captain ordered from behind the scenes and seemingly cowered away from confrontation. Lycan did the only sensible thing there was to do, he killed the captain and took leadership of the crew and renamed them into the Sea Wolf Pirates.

Sea Wolf PiratesEdit

Upon taking leadership, things changed. Lycan either exiled or killed members not needed in his crew and targeted marines more and more. The reputation of the Sea Wolf Pirates became well known among the New World and their tactics in spreading their influence were not something the world had seen much of. Lycan didn't just simply terrorize people, loot towns, or even make an attempt to go for the one piece like many other pirates. He would forcefully take over territories, pirate crews, and even Marines. Somehow he would change the will of people to his own and that was how he grew to power in such a fast and very effective way. At one point the government raised his bounty because they believed he had a devil fruit that could control the mind of others to whatever he wanted. What was so eerie was that completely good people would go from their caring personality to a violent and savage person that seemed to enjoy what they did. Lycan still would have his dream of setting foot on his homeland in his mind.

The New World wasn't the only place the Sea Wolf Pirates had influence in. Lycan's influence had even reached parts of Paradise through his dealings in the Underworld. Lycan got into the underworld a little after his spike in reputation in the New World. His specific dealings were arms between nations that would fuel the fire to wars fought. When a nation was defeated using the weapons brought by Lycan, he would get a large profit out of it and would also claim that land as his territory. He did the same thing in the New World, however it was easier in Paradise. The Sea Wolf Pirates were a crew that could be compared to some of the greatest pirate crews known to the world and to do so in such a short time was extraordinary. Lycan was even offered a spot as one of the seven Shichibukai but he of course turned it down.

Lycan was enjoying things that were transpiring around him and eventually he got a lead on where Zunisha was which was where his homeland was. Lycan took off to where this location was and on the way he would run into two marines who like Lycan reputation rose quickly. At that time, Commodore Brown D. Newton and Rear Admiral Warren D. Ralph were tasked in taking on Lycan head on. Lycan had got reports of a couple of marines that were running through several of his territories and relieving them of his hold on them and they had run into him.

The point where they met up was an area that was reported to Lycan that Zunisha was supposedly going to pass by however in his path were two marines that weren't going to let him go. Before Ralph and Newton, Lycan had no trouble with any marine he faced with and he underestimated the two marines power and faced great consequences because of his carelessness. Ralph had a far greater superior Haki compared to Lycan's own and Newton's mixture of Haki and devil fruit powers completely overwhelmed him. The battle between Lycan and the marine brothers lasted an entire day before Lycan was defeated and captured by the brothers. The brothers called for a transport because their ship was damaged from the battle and wasn't capable of transporting such a powerful opponent over a long distance along with their weakened state was too dangerous. Right as they were transporting Lycan to the requested ship, Zunisha was passing through their area. Lycan pleaded and begged that he be let go, even opening up about his dream about stepping foot on his homeland once again. However, Ralph and Newton upheld their beliefs in "Justice" and prevented Lycan from stepping foot on his homeland. Lycan was overwhelmed with emotion and in an outburst of unknown he knocked out all the marines on the transport ship including a weakened Ralph and Newton. He took went back to his ship which was also nearly destroyed by the battle with Ralph and Newton and attempted to sail to Zunisha to reach his homeland of Zou before a Sea King came up and swallowed the ship Lycan was on whole.

Silver Moon IslandEdit

Lycan was swallowed by the large Sea King but survived the bite and transition to the sea kings stomach. From Ralph perspective before he was knocked unconciouns by Lycan's power, he saw him get swallowed and though he was dead. In the stomach of the sea king Lycan just lied on a piece of wood from the ship surrounded by the bodies of living and dead marines. Lycan was waiting to die from the stomach acids of the sea king because of his dream seemingly being ripped away from him. Lycan sat there and thought about all the things in his life that he had done and thought of the "what if's" of his decisions and how it would have affected his life. He could do nothing by weep and wait to die.

Days passed on and Lycan was still in that same spot waiting. Any marine that woke up he killed to try and sooth the anger he had along with the many other emotions. After 4 days of being in the sea kings stomach on that 4th day the sea king started thrashing abnormally as if it was being attack from Lycan's perspective in its stomach. His suspicions of the sea king being attacked were answered when large teeth pierced the inner wall of the sea king. Whatever just killed the sea king was not only larger than it but stronger. Lycan was still in a dying mood and didn't care what it was that killed the sea king. It only took a few minutes for Lycan to get his answers when what killed the sea king was visible, a large wolf.

The wolf caught sight of Lycan and howled which brought over an entire pack of wolves. However one wolf stood out from the rest, the distinctive scars on its face was evidence of battles against tough opponents. What also stood out to Lycan was that every other wolf seemed to submit to this specific wolf, meaning it was the alpha of the pack of wolves. What made Lycan's situation even more bizarre was that the wolf spoke in a language that Lycan could clearly understand and they could understand Lycan. The wolf said to Lycan "True Alpha.....King..." and knelled to Lycan in a submissive manner like the other wolves did to the alpha wolf.

Lycan was intrigued by what as transpiring and wondered what it meant, Lycan was so interested that dying wasn't something so pressing on his mind until he found out what the meaning of True Alpha meant and why it was him. The alpha wolf took Lycan to a place inland on the island they were on. On the way there, Lycan noticed that there were hundreds if not thousands of wolves varying in different sizes all throughout the island. Each wolf looked at Lycan and submitted to him. When they got to their destination a wolf appeared out of the darkness that was different from all the others, even the alpha wolf. The wolf was noticeably older, and Lycan could feel the power it had using his Haki. However that wasn't the wolf the alpha wolf wanted Lycan to meet it seemed. The wolf that had appeared out of the darkness motioned for Lycan to enter the darkness which was a cave that lead to what he was intended to meet. Lycan dubbed the wolf the Elder Wolf upon greeting this wolf.

The elder wolf explained everything to Lycan, their history and the meaning of True Alpha. Once Lycan understood everything, his will to die was erased and he would recommit to his quest of returning to his homeland. However before he did this he had the urge to control this power the Elder Wolf called Lycan's inner beast. To do so it would take years to do so, a total of an entire 20 years to be exact.

In those 20 years Lycan grew in every aspect possible. His mind was different, Lycan was wiser and things he did or would have done back then are things he won't do now. He understood things from the perspectives of other people and considers options instead of one simple things. His abilities obviously improved with new techniques and abilities that he learned, created, and mastered himself. Once he felt that he was ready, he decided to reembark on his journey to reach his homeland. However it would be more difficult because one his 20 year hiatus his entire crew dispersed. They either died, were captured, defected to another pirate crew, or stopped being pirates. All the territories he owned were also gone, taken by a fellow mink of his raced named Taiga and now under his influence through his dealings in the underworld. Lycan was though to be dead so he didn't exist. There was no bounty, nothing about him whatsoever in this world.